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  1. Are Waffle's new releases using new engine?. Because for some reason I can't hook 巨乳ファンタジー外伝2 after. https://vndb.org/r46846
  2. Hmm, I think you can't cause the one they're using is the jap version.
  3. Good luck to your project here and looking forward to the complete patch.
  4. Welcome to fuwa ! Hope you have a great time here
  5. I enjoyed it a lot. It has an interesting plot, each heroine route really enjoyable. Hope MangaGamer licenses the sequels.
  6. Love the new site guys, really dope!!!! Hope the project goes smoothly and best of luck to you guys.
  7. Nice man!!! Best of luck guys and ganbare~
  8. 18+ all the waaaay. Plus I don't even have a console and the most important thing is console doesn't even have the permission to sell the 18+ VN at all.
  9. Congrats on the 500 mark. As a fellow Indonesian I'm really proud of you reaching the 500 mark and I hope can reach that 500 mark too hahahaha. And I have a few question for you : 1. What VN are you playing right now??? 2. Who is your fav character???
  10. Alright then I'm gonna give it a try... Thanks man...
  11. Nothing excited about SP announcement... What an interesting title from MG new game "Funbag Fantasy", really funny
  12. Is Koutetsujou no Kabaneri worth watching??? I heard from someone this anime is a carbon copy from SnK...
  13. Damn this thread made me drool and here have some Asian food "satay/sate" :
  14. Hmm looks interesting, I'm gonna give it a try to read it... Looks like Derg spreading his love for yuri to everyone hahaha
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