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  1. Washio Rin Maiki Hoshikawa Kana Takamine Bring a script of happiness Accompanying Toya Shopping ◆ Save 01 ■ RIN ■ RIN ■ RIN ■ RIN Leave to Rena-sensei ■ RIN Open eyes ■ RIN ■ RIN ■ RIN Refrain ■ RIN Do it yourself ◆ Save 02 ■ RIN ■ KANA Carry by yourself ■ MAIKI ■ HITOMI ■ AYAME Find another place (Stop it) Talk to the public Have you come Go to meet niece Rin END ◆ From save 01 ■ MAIKI ■ MAIKI ■ MAIKI ■ MAIKI Leave to Rena-sensei ■ MAIKI Open eyes ■ MAIKI ■ MAIKI ■ MAIKI Refrain ■ MAIKI Leave to Hoshikawa ■ MAIKI ■ RIN Carry by yourself ■ AYAME ■
  2. Here is a more sensible walkthrough: https://www.steamah.com/nanairo-reincarnation-walkthrough-for-all-endings/
  3. What are the correct choices in Himaris choice event?
  4. Did MangaGamer started working on the fandisk?
  5. I can only agree to that. I almost cried at maia and alice true end.
  6. Just found solution. Go to translators and enable them(not just the lines that contain "japanese-english" but the ones above those too) because the first line is translated by an user and only that. But if you go to translators you can see that every one of them is deactivated by default.
  7. Hello, i have a little problem with this too. When i start the game and vnr everything works until i try to read a route. It translates the first line but nothing after that.
  8. Haah... I would like to help this and so many other projects but unfortunetly my japanese language knowledge is just a few basic words and lines they use on a daily basis right now. Anyone know a good way to learn the language (especialy the kanji reading) alone to help out projects like this one?
  9. Cheer up friend. I know how you feel, two years ago I had an accident while working(as a student because i was only 18) on a construction site and a broken beam which had a nail stcking out of it hit my thigh and pierced it trough till it reached my thigh bone and broke it(Most unfortunate is that the flat half went through my leg so it left quite a wide hole). I had to take off 1 months of school and 5 months of work. I had to take the same medications like you and I felt like I wasn't even half awake 5 hours after getting out of bed. Don't worry after a few months it's gonna be just a b
  10. I hope a TL team picks this vn up and translates it. Because with the little japanese i have mastered i got some really teasing crumbs of information about the whole vn from my japanese friend who already read it.
  11. I have a little problem. If i use Mednafen then the game is not translated. I have everything in tha same folder, and if i try to patch the .iso or .cue files(onli one or both) then it's gives me a sector error on the buttom of the emulator. How can i fix that?
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