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  1. I m into Sora's route and its been quite a ride. Definitely ranking up there with my faves.
  2. Yep I totally bought it. Got the patch going just hit chapter 4
  3. Finished Baldr Force great read, fun combat, still doing Survival to see how far i can get last attempt was level 135 managed to make it to stage 175
  4. I may have agreed with your sentiment a few years ago, but these days we have official translations, and to be honest I d rather NOT have a translation than a bad one. Case in point the friggin Joke that is the White Album 2 "translation" that mess started 6 years ago bout 5 days after I made my vndb account and its a disaster! I am not so desperate for Visual novels to read that I m willing to stomach whatever shit show thrown my way and neither should anyone else.(mind you i've completed over 160 vns with no end in sight)
  5. Been taking time off to do other things but I am just about finished with Baldr Force, an incredible vn so far Liang best girl
  6. Been an while since I ve put something on hold, but I decided to stall out on Noble Works. Its just so.... mediocre. I liked Dracu Riot much more in terms of cast, and story, the setting is more interesting in Dracu Riot, so I've decided to start up Trample on Schatten
  7. So I have hit a visual novel milestone for myself, after finishing Magical Marriage Lunatics(which was absolutely medicore the heroines all deserved to be in a better vn) and The House in Fata Morgana (Simply beautiful vn. ) I ve hit 150 completed VN's.
  8. Finished Evenicle which was incredibly fun, Aster is a great MC and the Wives were pretty great as well I liked all 10 which is odd with a cast that big you d think there d be at least one bad apple in the bunch but nope! Also finished Chaos;Child which was a dark, somber, sometimes terrifying but overall bittersweet experience, was a great read over all.
  9. Made it to Chapter 5 in Evenicle, what a fun little game, Astrerix's cast of wives are great decent story too
  10. Finished up Da Capo 3, which was VERY enjoyable, started on Evenicle, and I m awaiting Maitetsu and Chaos;Child.
  11. I think thats exactly what it means. But we'll see how that plays out quite a leap from Suspending Operations to Overseas release in such a short time span though.
  12. Started up Da Capo 3, I ve managed to finish Himeno, Ricca, and Sara's route, honestly the vn is simply gorgeous and while a bit repetitive at times about certain details, Its a really enjjoyable read especially compared to DC 1 and 2
  13. Recently finished Subahibi and Karakara2, Subahibi was a great read, though I still am rather perturbed by looking glass insects, overall its a great experience, Karakara 2 while short was pretty enjoyable though I admit I am a bit annoyed about the cliffhanger ending.
  14. Finished Dies Irae, that was a hell of a ride, cant even begin to put into words how awesome that was. Thinking about breaking for the day and then finishing up the Grisaia trilogy
  15. I just started Dies Irae, I've waited 5 years for this VN, been curious in it since I started reading em anyways back to it
  16. So I recently finished Nekopara Volume 3, Maple is freaking adorable, so is Cinnamon... and man the hscenes this time around were on point (usually I m rather neutral when it comes to hscenes in general) , I've also started Hatsukoi 1/1 which I am still in the common route, but it looks to be pretty promising so far. Also finally loaded up Chrono Clock. Still really early into that one too.
  17. I'd agree with that sentiment except that being that this was a crowdfunded game those people kinda footed some of the bill.
  18. Finished up Himawari, now I am trying to decide what I want to read next, I bought Rance 5D and Rance VI got to Chapter 2 in 5d and I am still early into 6
  19. Now that Rance 5D and Rance VI are in English, anyone happened to have any kind of cheat table/ssg for them? I seen a link at the beginning of the thread but it has long since expired....
  20. Oh man.... you are just starting to get to where it gets real Finished up Aries and 2048(the space section) in Himawari, its been a surprisingly emotional ride.
  21. Finished up 11eyes, really wish we had more chuuni in English I enjoyed it quite a bit, I ve now moved on to Himawari, still in the common route but, Aqua best girl imo
  22. I loved Rose Guns Days, its a really good read overall and the music is top notch, It only gets better in each additional season
  23. Picked up 11eyes, really enjoying it thus far, the music is amazing, the Production values are quite high too ie animated sprites and what not
  24. I started The House of Fata Morgana, I m at the beginning of chapter three, its a pretty interesting read thus far. Good music as well.
  25. Just finished off Rose Guns Days, that was enjoyable in a diferent way than Umineko and Higurashi, great read.
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