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  1. Weak humans... Just stahp sleeping and get to work already! Translate it before this week's end or else!!! OK, jokes aside. GET TO TRANSLATING THIS ROUTE FOR ME, SENPAIS!
  2. Well, I'm dissapointed. Only 50% of translation of ONE route and they still didn't finish it... And here I'm close to finish my first route... Bois, u r certainly not the fastest!
  3. Well, I'm still hoping that u will finish it before this week ends... Good Luck!
  4. Well, he just need to translate 50% of one route, not big deal - he should ends it before this weekend ends (hopefully ). Still, I want to believe!
  5. Yup, this translation is legit. Sadly menu isn't still translated but it's minor problem... Real problem though is Miu's 50% translated route. What is wrong about this girl anyway? I heard plenty implications that this route is "bad" in some way but I still don't know in what way. Can anyone explain me what is wrong about this route, what is wrong with this heroine? @EDIT Are they any chances for her route translation in the future?
  6. I'm very sorry for double post but I decided that there are two diffrent problems so it have sense to seperate them. Turned out that that problems above are real only if I install the game WITH Japanese Locale. Basically all what I mentioned before is happening however if I simply install game the problem is diffrent. First of all when I'm installing without locale there is no kanji, the path is Dictionary\–Ť\‚˘‚«‚Č‚č‚ ‚Č‚˝‚É—ö‚µ‚Ä‚˘‚é - where with Locale there are proper Kanji. However the problem is that I can't install any updates and what's more important - No DVD patch. So simply saying I'm stuck with 1503 error. No DVD patch is working perfectly when I'm doing everything with locale but I can't turn it on when I won't it with that. I heard that to run this patch compatibility with win 95 is needed but I don't know how I can do this. Why? Because there is no Compatibility via properties and when I'm manually forcing it via Control Panel the oldest version of windows it tries is XP with service pack 3. So once again - Windows 10 Magic. I hope that someone can help me in one of two way (installation with or without Locale).
  7. Hi bois and girlz! I'm new here, or rather I've just officially joined this community, so I hope that we will get along. What's more I'd like to apologize for any gramatical mistakes I'm going to make. Anyway, I'm looking for some help right now. After I read most of the best VN in English I could get I found out about this little game. After really endless fight with installing this thing with or without patch (yes, it were troublesome even to start vanilla version of this) I finally thought that I rigged it, but it was only the dream. Turned out that I'm unable to save my progress (either with or withouth English patch). The only way to save my progress is Quick Save and it's only temporary solution - it works until I will leave the game. Basically I can load until I'm out. What's more every single shutdown always ends with "No Respond" error (just it, nothing else shows) and when I open the game next time there is no memory about my Quick Save. All progress lost. I figured that it might be one of 3, but I can be completely wrong here: 1. Windows 10 magic (yes, I'm using it now). 2. Authorization problems (but I have no idea what else I can do expect running it as administrator). 3. My path - since my name has letter from my native alphabet (I'm Polish) it sometimes causing to making VN running wildly but every single time there was created "fake" user with this letter replaced by other thing (currently I have 3 of them and every single one were created by system automatically, only for this purpose and inside user data are only files from programs with this issue). But still not in single one of my user folder are files from Ikinari. Then again, the only way I can bypass this is to install this game as administrator or use special user which I'd rather not to do for obvious reasons (creating special user only for one game which may or may not run is kinda overkill and last solution). Anyway, I'm stuck and I'd gladly accept any help. I hope for fast reply.
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