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  1. I find all that kind of criticism kind of ridiculous considering how Fairy Tail has always been about the power of friendship, bonds and love being able to defeat any evil. Always. No good character dies (except in flashbacks). It has been like this since the very beggining. If you were able to read through more than 500 chapters and only now you start to complain about this things, I have to say you were pretty much not actually reading it. Fairy Tail is good for what it is. Some decent to uninspired battles, a little bit of romance, ecchi, development of character bonds, repeatedly exposure of the same popular characters (and probably the Author's favorites too), etc. Having read previous Hiro Mashima's works, and considering the fanbase that this kind of works aims for (kids and teenagers), I knew exaclty what I was getting into. I do think that this final arc has been pretty bad, but I don't agree with a lot of the criticism that is being made. Most things that people say are flaws have always been there since the beggining, imo. I'm just waiting for the perfect and happy ending.
  2. Aishiteruze Baby - the anime itself isn't really good, but I thought it was really enjoyable. Busou Renkin - from the same author that did Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X in the West). It's pretty loyal to the manga. The story itself has some flaws, but it's decent overall. Oh, be aware that it is action oriented. InuYasha - if we consider the Kanketsu-hen that was only produced 6 years after the ending of the first season. It is also action oriented. Love Hina - although the anime's ending didn't really have a closure, the OVA that followed it (Love Hina Again), although rushed, put an ending to the story. I still prefer the manga's ending, though. All of those anime's endings fall under the kind of ending you described in the OP, imo.
  3. MangaGamer forums - I was pretty active there. It was by that time that I was actually reading VNs and wanted to talk about it, since I'd just learned Japanese. I still feel sad that it suddenly vanished. ULMF - I'm more of a lurker in there just like I'm here on Fuwanovel. Not much to talk about since I usually don't play the games that are being discussed over. But I do enjoy reading the discussions, just like here. Anime-sharing - there is only one thread that I used to post (not anymore), that being the Netorare General Discussion Thread. But I don't go over there anymore since I'm not a fan of how netorare became popular and I also find the most recent VNs released pretty terrible that I don't even consider them netorare. I also don't like the opinions of the guys over there. The people that I used to enjoy talking with seem to have the same opinion as mine, in which that the most recent netorare visual novels fail terribly at it. Oh, I also haven't gotten over elf's closure. I considered elf the mothership of the netorare genre. Bleach Asylum - I used to be a huge Bleach fan, but I dropped it before its ending. Although Bleach Asylum is almost dead by now after Bleach's ending, I still enjoy going over there and talking with some users. I don't talk about Bleach anymore, but I'm always around games, other mangas, movies and sports threads.
  4. Out of all the NTR visual novels that Atelier Sakura has, the one that gets picked is the one that doesn't have any kind of netorare behind it, at all. My hate for netorase (yeah, with "s", not "r". Yeah, they're different) has only increased after this. Not that Atelier Sakura has any good netorare title, but at least they have their moments.
  5. I'm playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, Horizon Zero Dawn and Tales of Berseria. I'm enjoying all three of them.
  6. I believe it is both. Worthy of its honours, but at the same time really overrated. If you see my VNDB list, you'll see that I gave it a 10/10. But all the VNs there are graded for how I felt about them at the first time I read them and I don't plan to change their votes (1. Because I think the first reading is the most important. 2. Because I think that after reading other people's opinions, I might change my view about them too). If I were to change the grade now, I'd probably give it a 7/10. But even though I don't think it's as good as I first thought it was, it made a huge impression on me as my first VN I've ever read. The main problem with Clannad is that it's probably impossible to be done with it without a walkthrough. But it still holds a special place at my heart and I always read again certain routes almost every year (and I cry every sigle time). I don't dislike any heroine in particular. About it being overrated, well, I guess almost every work worshipped anywhere about anything is probably overrated (which doesn't change the fact that it's probably really good). Examples that comes to mind about VNs that are good, but extremelly overrated are, besides Clannad, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Island, Majikoi, Kara no Shoujo, etc. In fact, there are only two VNs that I've read that I really think are at the same time good and not overrated: Boku no Kanojo wa Gatenkei and Dies irae.
  7. I'll start by saying that I loved Mass Effect 3's ending. Now that it's out of the way, here are my impressions of Andromeda so far: Most of the characters are well written and interesting; the gameplay is much more engaging than the original trilogy; exploring a total new universe is an intriguing experience and this game is doing it extremelly well. I've read all the criticism this game is receiving and I don't agree with them. The characters here are better introduced than how the characters of the original trilogy were introduced in ME 1. Really, they all just became unforgettable characters after ME 2. I'm laughing so hard at some of the comic moments of the game. Most of the VAs do an exceptional job on the characters' voices. Currently playing as a Male Ryder. The so talked bugs are just animation bugs that Bioware is already making a patch for (they already made a patch, I'm not sure what for). I'm still to play a game that is released with zero bugs. Mass Effect: Andromeda is no exception to this. Oh, and I haven't encountered any game breaking bugs. I see a lot of people criticizing this game without even playing it. Really, play it yourself and make your own conclusions about it. Don't let people that haven't played it discourage you. This game is really battling against The Witcher 3 for the position of my favorite game in PS4. I really hope Bioware will be able to expand this new Andromeda universe.
  8. Since I really (I mean, really) enjoyed Zestiria, I plan to play Berseria. I'm just afraid to play it and enjoy it even more than the former, since it'll probably mean that I'll end up caring a lot more for its protagonists, and we all know what happened to some of them (Eizen) or at least some are mentioned, and they didn't end up well in Zestiria. Sorry for making an off-topic question, but since I've only played Zestiria and both Xillia, I have to ask: is Tales of Symphonia Chronicles any good or interesting? I found it at a store and I'm considering buying it, but I have no idea if it would be worth my money.
  9. This is actually the first Tales game that I've played and I really enjoyed it. One day I was at a game store and saw this Tales of Zestiria. I haven't read anything about this games, haven't seen any trailer or read any reviews. But I was interested in its cover and it wasn't expensive, so I decided to buy it. To my surprise (I'm not really a fan of JRPGs - I didn't like any FF game), I really enjoyed this Tales. I felt the battle system was easy enough to handle by myself, the grinding (that's my main gripe against RPGs in general) wasn't tedious and I really enjoyed the characters, specially Sorey. I don't know how it was received in Japan, but I don't agree with the huge criticism it received from Western players and I agree with most of your points here. Specially about the protagonist. I think Sorey went through a huge character development during the game. I could relate a bit with his struggles. As for Alisha, since I didn't know anything about this game before buying it, I didn't care about her. And I thought that she, among Sorey's group, was the worst and most uninteresting character. I can see how people would be mad about her not being hugely involved in the game for how she might've been played in advertisements and trailers, but, in the end, I just think Rose was a better choice of character. The only problem I really had with Tales of Zestiria was with the camera during the battles. After playing Tales of Zestiria, I decided to play both Tales of Xillia. Let's just say that I think the first one wasn't really bad, while the sequel was a waste of my time. I'm now planning to play Tales of Berseria and, perhaps, the old Tales of Symphonia Chronicles.
  10. Best: Natsu no Kusari Worst: Kenka ga Tsuyokute Cool de Tsuyoki no Furyou Kanojo ga Yowai Boku o Kabatte Yogosaremasu
  11. The first time I read G-Senjou, I was like "wow, this is a masterpiece, the best VN I've ever read. Definetely a 10/10". My second playthrough I was more like "oh, this VN really is good, but not as amazing as I first thought it was". The third time "well, why did I enjoy this VN so much before? I mean, I still enjoyed reading it again, but I would've prefered to waste my time reading another VN". And now, I'm planning to read it for the fourth time. Lol, what can I say? In the end, I'm a big fan of G-Senjou. Sharin no Kuni is a rare case in which I really enjoyed from beggining to end and I really am a fan of the twist there. I didn't read it 3 times like I did with G-Senjou and I'm not planning on reading it again, but I enjoyed my two readings of it and its fandisk. A Profile is an interesting case. I didn't enjoy it on my first reading. But at the end of the last year I decided to read it again and my opinion of it kind of changed. I still see some flaws in it and there're somethings that still bothers me, but this time, I had a fun time reading it. The routes weren't as bad as I first thought they were. As for Boku no Hitori, I didn't read it. I had no plans to read it after reading some negative reviews about it, but after reading this one perhaps I'll give it a shot sometime.
  12. Gore Screaming Show. You can read reviews about it here and here.
  13. I have to say that this VN is amazing. Actually, this must be the first Clockup VN that I've truly enjoyed (I think Clockup is one of the most overrated companies out there, but that's another story). I'm a fan of forced sex in VNs, so, I planned to play it for fap purpose. In the end, I didn't fap to any scene because I was just so concentrated on what was going on in there and I was in awe seeing how amazingly well-written the eroge, specially the protagonist, was written. Sadly, we probably won't ever see Natasu no Kusari translated into English because of pure prejudice against this VN theme. That's such a shame, since that's precisely the same reason we probably won't ever see Boku no Kanojo wa Gatenkei... in English.
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