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  1. Hi guys! It's my first time here in this particular thread. I've been trying to open a certain game(Iwaihime - 祝姫) and get the scripts out of it, unfortunately, the .cpk extractors all over the internet doesn't seem to be of use on this kind of cpk. I've seen that most of it works on DBZ and some psp games, this looks like a new kind/version of cpk too. Though, I can unpack them using the DBZ cpk extractor, the problem is, they're all dumped file. I can't determine their real extensions(yet). I'm also a noob on this part, so I just want to hear some advices on how I should even progress through this. Thanks in advance! EDIT: So I've tried to extract some files again, this time I went to open the files on a pad editor. It turns out that the files extracted have an xtx extension. I'm currently reading some posts here on this thread since I saw someone mentioned xtx. EDIT: Currently, I'm trying this kind of extraction here. As far as the first extraction of sys.cpk, it showed these type of files. 000.dat - 007.dat, 009.dat, 008.pbo, 00a.dat, and 00b.dat I'm going to try and extract more files so I can find the scripts. Oh yeah, I just have the demo version for now.
  2. I also wanted to practice a bit of my programming skills. Lels, thanks for this, I'll look into it.
  3. Wow, thanks for everyones answers. I really appreciate it! Especially that incest link... ooh yeah... I'm gonna dig in those links tomorrow, it's quite late here. Keep up the links and titles!!!
  4. Nice, nice... Very nice list. I'll look into it... Kadenz looks like a really lengthy game, I think I'll want to check it out. EDIT: I checked out on Iwaihime, it looks promising to me... I think I'll check this out first.
  5. Oh, nice! Thanks, I thought vndb posts the ones that are released.
  6. I'm looking for newly released VNs for this year, or at least the ones that are going to be released this year. I'm not sure on where should I search, so I think I should ask around here if someone's anticipating a new release(untranslated). I prefer the non-translated, even demos so I can at least see what I can get. If you're going to ask me why, I feel like doing a translation to whichever I'd fancy. Here's my preference: No Yaoi Nukiges would be fine too. A lengthy story would be very great. Any company would do. If there's a new twincest... that would be totally great! Lolis are fine... To people who won't get what I want, here's the VNs that so far, made it to my favorites: Kara no Shoujo(1/2) Deardrops Edelweiss Little Busters ANY TYPEMOON game. KiraKira Yosuga no Sora Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate Ef Phenomeno(Yep, even the books were great!) Da Capo(1-3) Saya no Uta SoniComi Etc. I'll wait for everyone's answer then. There's just too many of them, though I forgot about some. Any untranslated games would be great too(the ones with no patch).
  7. Lol, we actually talk with people on IRC if someone asks something. It's been a long time ever since I posted in a forum about the project though. I think I can take Motoka if I'm not busy after doing the TLC on the common route and on Sora's route. Not to mention, Motoka sounds more of a Onee-san route as well.
  8. Nice to see people looking forward for our translation. I might just add in a little bit of hope for those waiting for a nicely edited version and fully translated version. Since I'm checking the translation on Nao's route(I also translated it), I'll also be checking the translation on the common route and for Sora as well. Then, I might move to doing other routes if the TL would want me to take over their script. As for now, I'll just do my best to finish TLC'ing Nao's route. Onee-san route is life!
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