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  1. Plenty. But, easily without thinking: Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer.) I bought the Blu-ray for $30 without knowing anything about it & fell in love with the series almost instantly.
  2. I think I only bought one game through MangaGamer. Their website seemed pretty dodgy to me. But I know they have a decent reputation?
  3. Most of the Key/Visual Arts Anime adaptions come to mind. For example, Clannad, Kanon & Air. Definitely not series like Rewrite though. I'm not a huge fan of Little Busters either.
  4. Hmmm, possibly. Though I just picked up Steins;Gate through the Steam Summer Sale. Will probably pick up Little Busters at some stage too.
  5. I love the series. Sure, it's got it's Shonen cliches, but I really adore the Black Bulls. I think my one major issue with it is that in my opinion, certain arcs happened way too early on. The Water Temple stuff is an example of this. The series needs more world-building too.
  6. Black Clover. I read it as the volumes come out though. (Which isn't good, because the Anime is very close behind to where I'm up to.) I plan to read One Piece hopefully this year or next. I've been up to date with the Anime since 2014 but it's just not the same when you catch up.
  7. Plenty. Got a pretty significant backlog to get through. I recently watched Shiki & No.6. Both new favourites I think.
  8. it's just my opinion. I'm entitled to have one. No harm in commenting.
  9. Hahaha! Awesome! You are the first one who recognised my avatar. Absolutely love Rozen Maiden.
  10. Hello. I've been a member of these forums for a few years now but might been on here more regularly.
  11. Playing through Shiori's route on Kanon currently.
  12. I was close to dropping Doki Doki Literature Club. Overrated in my opinion.
  13. Ones that weren't listed that I personally want officially translated: Kanon & Air.
  14. The only VN I've put time into is Kanon. But I think I'll give Steins;Gate a go next.
  15. I recently watched the Steins;Gate Anime & enjoyed it thoroughly. But, as a Visual Novel & being the original source material I think it'd be even better. For those who have experienced both...what's your take?
  16. Yeah. I think there's been projects in the past but no one has followed through with them. I'm honestly surprised that Kanon & Air have neither been released onto Steam yet. Most of the other Key/Visual Arts titles are available.
  17. So did I! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to hold off until an official English release comes around. (In hopes that it's fully voiced.)
  18. Do you know if I'd be able to copy the audio files for Yuuichi and place them into the PC games audio folders?
  19. EDIT: After researching...I'm pretty sure the PSP game included Yuuichi's voice?
  20. Before I start this topic I'd like to say that I have purchased a copy of Kanon Standard Edition for the PC. I also recently downloaded the "Ultimate Kanon Voice Patch." This patch allows you to listen & play with the original voices from the Dreamcast version of the game (including Yuuichi's.) But, I have noticed that there's one issue with it. From January 13th onwards Yuuichi's voice no longer has audio. If you want an idea, I'm aiming to complete Makoto's route first. My question is...if I were to purchase a copy of the Dreamcast game...would I be able to potentially copy t
  21. I managed to solve the issue by changing my monitors settings from wide to original. Many thanks though
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