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  1. Haha
    Okarin reacted to Freestyle80 in Why male protagonists in most 18+ games have no voices?   
    I dont think its all self-insert reasons though, like Grisaia's protag dont have anything and no way in hell anyone can self-insert into him with how multi-talented he is.
    hate those MCs, big reason I stopped reading Chaos Child halfway (even after buying it on my Vita!) 
    lots of games does it like Dragon Age and Persona series to name a few.
    Everyone voiced is nice but guessing budget doesnt allow for it 
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    Okarin got a reaction from ShiruoX in How to translate visual novels?   
    Well, you have to take into account that in Spain most people don't understand more than really basic English. A nerd into geeky things like me could be an exception, but in the end, I speak decently because I started to learn the language at 6 (my parents made the effort to send me to private class). A lot of people navigate through English classes at secondary and high school with no real grasp of the language, and they manage to get the pass somehow. Even universities only ask for B2 level.
    It's not really a bilingual country, I don't know about Latin America (but I'd guess in some countries like Argentina people care more for English). So, translating from English is not stupid for people who don't understand Japanese and don't care to learn it. And like I said there's a strong need for videogames translated into Spanish, let alone VNs.
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    Okarin got a reaction from yelsha57 in Worst VN of The Decade?   
    Why would you be interested in worst VN? I don't like to play bad games, so unless it's to keep away from them, I'm not finding much use to this discussion.
    That said, everyone should use VNDB to see if a VN suits them, and if you don't, just ask for recommendations!
  4. Haha
    Okarin reacted to Fiddle in Noble Works: Is This VN Overrated Or Is There Something I'm Not Getting?   
    Well, I'll spare you from too much detail, since the full story would be a book (and, like Noble☆Works, it might be a book with a higher word count than Ulysses).
    But allow me to validate your point about the scenarists: I had some early inklings that the producers lazily divided routes among different writers, but this fact became all too clear once I embarked upon Shizuru's route. I quickly noticed an obscene overuse of em dashes, and had to force myself to diverge from the Japanese text's style and use alternative forms of syntax—but this soon became the least of our team's problems, as every aspect of the Shizuru route writer's prose was simply aberrant. I'm sure you've noticed that the route's story itself is strange compared to the others, but more importantly from my perspective, the text's grammatical structure, word choice, flow, etc. were all a mess. This might be all well and good for somebody willing to take great liberties in translation; unfortunately, having been influenced by the chorus of translation puritans that characterized that era, I was not willing to take those much-needed liberties. As such, the translation surely ended up unnecessarily stilted and lacked the flow that a dialogue-heavy work so badly wants, and for that I apologize.
    Now, my comment above was actually half-sarcastic. The thing is, I can barely finish a single medium-length visual novel before undergoing an acute sense of repetition. You might imagine, then, that I—somebody who's almost certainly "played" (as in, had open while paying some attention to) Noble☆Works longer than any other human—would become a bit sick of the game. Indeed, I myself cannot say to what degree my opinion of the game should be untethered from the trauma it wreaks upon my mind.
    But regardless, I'm pretty sure it kind of sucks.
  5. Haha
    Okarin reacted to Fiddle in Noble Works: Is This VN Overrated Or Is There Something I'm Not Getting?   
    I translated that game and I hate it.
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    Okarin got a reaction from Leonor in Somewhat new to VN's and had a question about multiple routes.   
    Well, I think that the origin of multiple routes was offering a girl archetype for different people... so as to cover more bases, and make the game sell better.
    For example, if at one point tsunderes are popular, put a tsundere character in there, but also put some more experimental character, and so on. Who really knows the inscrutable ways of moe?
    There are also completionists like me, who only consider a game done when I've finished all routes. If not I consider it "dropped" and it possibly tired me. People like that get the most of their games, playing them to the fullest. But this is not guaranteed, and there's a type of player who tends to do only one or a couple of routes, so they have to cover more bases.
    I WILL NOT get interested in a game that's the umpteenth attempt at generic moege, with meh art (in my eyes) and probably the old trite sex. For example, My Fair Princess, or Amatarasu Riddle Star. Sorry to all the people who love it, but this kind of game is a no-go in my book. I will have a lot more joy with some other type of game.
    The companies know this, and proceed accordingly depending on their target audience.
  7. Haha
    Okarin reacted to NowItsAngeTime in Being a Visual Novel Fan or in the Industry is Suffering   
    Its the most niche set of media among weebs not guaranteed to sell well or most people have even heard of most of them (outside DDLC) Being a Japanese company/writer sucks because if you want to write a story you care about, you basically have to insert porn just to make sure you game sells to the people willing to spend big yen Being a fantranslator gets you no pay, and if a localization company happens to get the license you're likely screwed unless you get lucky. Being a head localization company means you're at the mercy of deadlines, incredibly unhappy fans who hate kickstarters and (lack of) updates, and basically whatever demands JP company wants to throw at you. And you can't talk about anything publicly and risk PR despite the constant demand of updates. Being a worker in a localization company gets you very poor pay (varies depending on company apparently), so you're either stuck going full passion project, getting a secondary job, or just finding a better way to support yourself. If you're an (original) English Visual Novel Developer, unless you're in the 1% that makes if big (and even then...) you will get shunned/insulted for basically not being developed by a Japanese company. English only readers... waits between releases or even TL/Kickstarter/Backerkit updates can be frustrating with little to communication. Learning Japanese for certain releases you really want takes time and effort you may not actually have. Japanese only readers...having a much smaller pool of people to get people to read the stuff you like is hard when only a minority of readers can actually read visual novels in Japanese, let alone want to.
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    Okarin reacted to r0xm2n in Cuties with pink hair   
    * Sachi from Grisaia is an obvious pick. I just love her sensual voice and her NOT very subtle innuendos.
    * Yuzuyu from Fureraba. Yeah, she's a Tsundere, and an extremely verbally violent one at that. But all Tsunderes have their cute side.
    * Tamase from Muv-Luv series. She's about as DereDere as they come. She wears Neko accessories too.
    * Asahi from Sorcery Jokers. I absolutely adored her for her singing Christmas carols randomly. Not to mention her utter fearlessness....
    * Mihiro from Wagamama High Spec. For an Oppai Loli, she's cute. Her theme song is also super cute.
    * "Ruuko" from To Heart 2. She's certainly unique, that's for sure.
    * Rise from Princess Evangile. I liked her random jealous skits.
    * Kirari from Kira*Kira. Ever wanted to see an adorable punk rocker girl who changes her hair pink? Well here you go.
    * Hikari from Under One Wing. Like Sachi, she's rather prone to sexual jokes too.
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    Okarin got a reaction from cykaki in Cuties with pink hair   
    (These are more than your regular cuties.)
    (This is more like your regular cutie.)
  10. Haha
    Okarin reacted to solidbatman in Why Visual Novels?   
    I was wondering today, during my daily complain about how I hate VNs time, why do people read VNs? What do VNs offer that other entertainment mediums do not? For example, some visual novels are able to play with perspective in a unique way that other mediums cannot match to mess with how one interprets the story. Personally, I think many visual novels, if not nearly every single VN, fails to actually do anything with the medium itself and instead relies on tradition (for example, "VNs have always had X or Y so this VN has X in it too!") to push copies. Sometimes I see stories being pushed as a huge selling point for a VN, but that has me wondering often, why does it have to be a VN for the story to exist? Could the story work just as well as a novel/LN/manga? 

    So my main question isn't so much what is a VN but why is a VN a VN? Yes I know, stupid question but it is something I'm curious about. 
  11. Haha
    Okarin reacted to Ranzo in What are your thoughts on shared universe in visual novel?   
    I'm afraid the only thing that connects those vns are tears.
  12. Haha
    Okarin reacted to TexasDice in What are your thoughts on shared universe in visual novel?   
    Well, to make it even better, Deardrops could have ignored Curtain Call. Everyone would be better off if we just forgot Curtain Call ever happened.
  13. Haha
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    Okarin reacted to littleshogun in Another name left the scene - RIP minori   
    Speaking about minori, Mangagamer did write about this at their blog and saying that minori was still not bankrupted yet. Although it's true though that they ceased the operations, so we wouldn't know what will happen to minori in the future. Here's the blogpost from Mangagamer below if you want to read it.
    The Closure of Minori
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    Okarin got a reaction from Thunderbro in Another name left the scene - RIP minori   
    Ef is pretty decent, and a nakige, one of my favourite genres. So I can only recommend it.
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    Okarin got a reaction from yelsha57 in So, Trinoline's release date has been announced   
    It's tagged as "Nakige" with 3.0 at VNDB, so maybe...
    I expected it to release later in the year. Now, I want release dates for Farther than the blue sky and Maggot Baits.
  17. Haha
    Okarin reacted to namiultedjapanXD in How the hell do you guys deal with choosing with the millions of VNs out there?   
    take a bath with a toaster. Its really calming.
  18. Sad
    Okarin reacted to Satsuki in Another name left the scene - RIP minori   
    minori (ef, eden*, Supipara, Trinoline...) announced that they will cease all operations of the company.
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    Okarin reacted to Zander in Tenkiame here and gone before I noticed   
    It's a genuine machine translation, and illegible. The majority of it reads like utter nonsense, and you're not missing out on anything.
    I'm not sure why it's unavailable, though. It may have something to do with Valve's policies considering it has a clearly underage character, but I'm not sure.
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    Okarin reacted to ztrepzilius in Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press Funded at over 85k   
    Some companies used Kickstarter to fund physical merchandise rather than creation of the game or localization like Frontwing. Nekonyan is contemplating whether to use crowdfunding for physical like them.
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    Okarin got a reaction from adamstan in So, Trinoline's release date has been announced   
    It's tagged as "Nakige" with 3.0 at VNDB, so maybe...
    I expected it to release later in the year. Now, I want release dates for Farther than the blue sky and Maggot Baits.
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    Okarin reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press Funded at over 85k   
    Well, that sounds perfectly reasonable... Unlike throwing 800 dollars to a campaign and then living off instant noodles for the next two months.
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    Okarin reacted to Stormwolf in What's your favorite Key visual novel?   
    Little busters without a doubt.
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    Okarin reacted to Yammipon in What's your favorite Key visual novel?   
    I was just wondering what every ones favorite Key visual novel is, that is if you like their visual novels. I've just started playing vn's and since I've always been a fan of their anime adaptations i wanted to know which of their Vn's i should play! (My first VN is clannad by the way, i just bought it for ps4^^)
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    Okarin reacted to MaggieROBOT in It's Official, Almost 1 Year After it's Release Subarashiki Hibi One of the Best VN Ever Made Didn't Sell   
    Oh, I actually agree with you. I read that the CG only stays on screen for, what, a minute? I really can't stomach bestiality, but I can see myself bearing with it for a short while for the sake of a good plot.
    The thing is: not everyone is willing to do the same. What I tried to say is that a bestiality tag, sexualized or not, disgusting or not, just being there is enough to scare people away from it. More than that, if you have the bestiality tag blacklisted on VNDB, Subahibi even fails to appear in any search results. Because the tag is there.
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