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  1. There is a term for this, it's "shovelware". Shovelware is ushered into the market to create a flood of products, so inevitably someone will buy them. That's the scheme with Sakura games, and was just the thing happening with Bioware for some time, as Electronic Arts was milking them for money, money, *money*. The burnout is inevitable. It's a tendency we see a lot today in modern videogames. Games hitting the market almost broken with bugs, or generally incomplete. You may deceive a customer or two but in the long term you're gonna lose.

    Oh, and another thing: it's worth noting that this was a Kickstarter project. In videogames, KS has failed spectacularly (the new Torment game will be almost certainly shit), but not only in videogames... most projects on KS fail miserably. I guess it's hard to keep every backer content. If anything I think that the thing that matters for KS is the money grab... but for devs, not customers, of course.

  2. 5 hours ago, littleshogun said:

    For Katawa Shoujo, comparing to this game it was definitely the winner in term of production time (1 year for NOBY vs 5 years for Katawa Shoujo), and longer production time meaning that the writers for Katawa Shoujo had time to refine the routes. So, if NOBY was given same time as Katawa Shoujo, does it mean that it will be as good as Katawa Shoujo? Maybe, but I think even with longer time in Katawa Shoujo development, there was still some divisive one (Shizune route for example). But I agree that Katawa Shoujo team was more successful to deliver the game compared to this one (And I think to make Katawa Shoujo even better was to add famous Japanese voice actor, but that just me. And please don't turn this thread to Katawa Shoujo discussion, okay). Sorry if you didn't agree, and I just want to express my opinion here.

    Bioware syndrome... I don't know if you'll follow, but since being purchased by EA most Bioware games are little polished and tend to mess up, they have put out games within 2 years, the point being that a long development time indeed helps the game (and any kind of project). But there's just no need to rush... maybe Unwonted will pull a polished game in the future, but with these antecedents it's hard to hope for it.

  3. The past is what makes you the person you are. It's your foundations. You should live in a way that makes you regret nothing later... but it's very hard. If anything being honest with yourself and the other people helps on this account. And good memories should be treasured. But they will die one day. You just have to keep making new ones.

    The present, though, is what gives balance. Concentrating in the present moment soothes the mind. Probably the here and now it's the most important stage of your life. You should start things now to have them completed tomorrow. The worst is when you're sad or worried; it can ruin your present moment, since it takes some time to shift to a different feeling. But eventually, everything passes.

    There are some people who put more value into the past, I think it's completely normal. As long as it doesn't make you feel bad.

  4. 17 hours ago, Ariurotl said:

    Oh man, Yukina's route. That was just... weird. Period is weird in general, what with mysteries never getting resolved at all.

    The director/writer/dunno may just have a preference for lolis. Not only Yukina's route (it disturbed me, frankly), but also Tsuzumi's lolification at the end of her route. It just bummed me.

    To clarify, I'm OK with lolis, but turning a non-loli character into one feels a little too much.

  5. Now this is totally offtopic, but they sould make a study about why geeks* such as otaku or VN consumers tend to be drawn to the dark/rough side of metal. I'm a rock person and like melodic music, so I just ain't keen on Black, Death and most Thrash... unless they're melodic like some tracks from Dimmu Borgir. A little rough is fine, however, such as edgy heavy metal (Primal Fear for example).


    * No offense, geek myself.

  6. 11 minutes ago, VirginSmasher said:

    It sucks to hear than Angel Beats really wasn't that great. I was excited for an English release, but it's sad to hear that's it's basically repeating the anime, flaws and all. I hope they don't pull out that stupid twist like they did in the anime just to drag feels out of people.


    Sorry, don't be misled -I was talking about the anime. It was my first ever Key work, back in 2010, when I didn't know anything about VNs. The anime was much expected, so I went with the hype, and what I found was a work with a lot of ups and downs.

    The novel probably improves upon it... right, Key? I loved the music from Girls DeMo though.

    As for Kanon, I only know that the H scenes are terrible and thrown in there with no regards... but at a point where you haven't seen lots of them and are craving for it, they could be okay -¡gimme tits!.

  7. It's not a VN, but it's a Key work, and potentially can be made into a VN (though, I don't see how).

    It tells a lot that you're not much into nakige and still defend Charlotte... because it lacked any competent emotional scenes (the most dramatic you get is the protagonist falling into a life of decadence and then miraculously getting on his feet with some words by the series' domina/bitch. He never defied her even when her attitude was pretty distant often).

  8. 8 minutes ago, john 'mr. customer' smith said:

    i haven't read a lot of them yet though, i'd be kind of interested to try a good one that isn't made by key

    An interesting one is "Ano Hana" (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai), but I didn't like the anime that much. Interesting characters full of shit, however. I think it doesn't have a translation yet, plus it was released for PSP. [https://vndb.org/v10109]

    Another is the fabled "ef - a fairy tale of the two" but tends to incorporate utsuge elements, especially in the bad ends.

  9. I love my drama. I acknowledge Key as the legit masters of nakige. It nonwithstanding that their works tend to be full of blemishes.

    From Key, I like routes and tidbits rather than whole games -they are so lengthy... but they are probably worth it. From "Kanon" my favorite are Shiori, Makoto and Ayu. Some people probably can't stand Makoto -or Ayu, for that matter- but I liked them. I watched the anime before the novel, so I think that the novel has less impact, especially on Ayu. But that may just be wrong.

    "Planetarian" was probably the better example of nakige -full feelz, no comedy. It just didn't move me as much as most people. Not bad, however.

    "Angel Beats" the anime was a mess, foreshadowing the disaster of "Charlotte" -their weakest work I've consumed-, but I salvage Yui's episode, I liked it a lot.

    Somehow I prefer when the drama involves a significant other, so I don't buy much into strong friendships, but "Little Busters" was well done. It drove me to tears at a certain moment. The routes were mostly okay, enjoyable, but not memorable. Most accurate description was that they were alright save for a glaring aspect or were derailed. The ones I liked the less were Haruka and Kud, but they were alright in the common route -and Kud's romance was not bad, it's just the rest. Komari, is just an appetizer into the game that can set the mood.

    I've yet to complete "Rewrite" and then some day I may get into "Clannad".

  10. If you like frontal assault/direct approach to picking up girls, I quite liked Never 7's Izumi route. She's an attractive girl, and at one moment the protagonist just asks whether she has a boyfriend. This is just the not beating around the bush thing you should do often IRL. Other routes in the game could give you cancer though (Saki ugh), and I think Izumi is locked.

  11. This talk about mankind ruining their own place has me interested, at the very least it's a modern-day X/1999 rehash. It's just that I played Lucia's route first and it tired me endlessly. Also the thing never seemed to end.

    I like Key shit but quite often I harbor mixed feelings with the uneven writing.

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