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  1. Only thing I can say, is that Key's novels come packed with heroines (usually 5 and up) and that it's very hard for any novel, Key or not, to keep quality and a diverse audience hooked for the entirety of the routes. Tl; dr you'll like some routes and probably dislike or be overly neutral to others. Also tropes apply, so it can't be helped that some characters score with you and others don't.

  2. 20 hours ago, Abyssal Monkey said:

    I'm going to be the wet blanket. I hope this stops him from writing for awhile. This experience might make him write a more realistic plot for once.

    Yeah, he's only been repeating Kanon's idea for what, a decade and a half? True that Rewrite (and some other works, such as Planetarian) deviates from that model. But hoping for him to write a "realistic" plot is just insane. He's proven he's very comfortable with heavy fantasy elements in the plot. It's just not his style to write a Metal Gear Solid, but who knows, with all that special agent crap from Rewrite...

  3. I hear Kanon was pretty big in the years following its release... it's kinda big even after all this time. I may even have heard of it, but since I knew nothing of VNs I couldn't grasp it. I remember hearing about Girlfriend of Steel (a forgettable game), since I was an Evahead, and it featured on a local magazine about manga fandom. In that age of yet-to-be-full-blown internet, this kind of material was a dreamy thing.

    Ever 17 was the previous decade's Katawa Shoujo, since it was coveted and praised all over this side of Greenwich meridian. Japanese fans had Never 7, but it only became a full blown thing with this entry, and still stretches into the present with Zero Escape. Praise Uchikoshi.

    In 2004 a fellow student showed me about Divi-dead. It probably had some popularity back then to end up on my hands. But reconstructing the past is never easy work.

  4. Okay, I'll try to answer seriously, so here goes. Provided it was actually physical and not psychological (most issues related with dysfunctions are of the mind), your girlfriend is in for a treat, I don't mean to be crude, but you can let her finish first, and since she'll be grateful for the pleasure she received, the least she could do is keep at it until you're satisfied also. I personally consider it worse to be a premature shooter.

    It's harder if you're both teens, but for adults every hurdle can be overcome -with work and mutual push.

  5. 6 hours ago, Soulless Watcher said:

    I think he was assuming that I was putting up a "chunybo/emo" facade to gain attention. Like, "Oh look at me I'ma sooo dark and gritty and just like Batman!" type of thing. 

    My words were very clear, and didn't involve your person in any way, since I don't know shit about you. It's strange that you took them personally.

    I was talking about misanthropy, and gave out an example (Black Metal retards, where being "evil" is applauded).

    And indeed it isn't a cool thing, as you yourself agree ("I doubt the sanity of someone who admires my qualities" or something). Just don't expect to be taken too seriously. Like I guess no depression patient runs a successful enterprise.

    A person saying people = shit shouldn't be taken too seriously. Besides it's almost always just angst.

    As Barney says - "when I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead."

  6. Religion is positive as long as it gives you strength on your daily life, and in life's ordeals. Like any other thing, to be sure.

    I've long realized that religion by itself doesn't make a person better of worse: bad people will crook it and good people will be good with or without it. This explains why there are immoral priests and honest laymen.

    About the supernatural, no one really knows, and pretending otherwise is just arrogant. But you can believe what you choose to.

    Gender equality... meh, the same women who could bash eroge are the same who demand (or would really like to have) improbable partners with long hours of gym, salaries in the thirty thousands, and incapable of feeling stressed, or so much as being wrong.

  7. @Fred the Barber: Mass Effect 1 doesn't "prominently" feature sex. You spend the game romancing your chosen love interest from among 2 girls if I'm right, and that is altogether optional. Then, before the climactic final battle, you have some intimacy with your girl, and the *single* sex scene in the game happens. Of course, with Bioware having been accused of blatant SJW militancy in some internet dens, there's the reasonable option of being a girl MC and romancing men.

    I consider Mass Effect 1 to be a mediocre game, and don't want to be involved with its sequels, but that's an altogether different discussion, dealing with Bioware's stagnation and so.

    @Funyarinpa: religion is neutral if taken in moderation, it can even be a good thing for kids (to make them inclined to good and moral behavior). Religious person =/= bigot. Also, I'm not buying the argument that religion makes us embarrassed and guilty about sex. I was from primary education to high school in a religious school ran by priests (but the regular teachers were secular civilians), and my interest on sex developed naturally. Nobody was checking in on us to see what we thought about it. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that too much freedom isn't good, at least without information. Sex *should* be discussed openly, since accidental pregnancies and STDs are a very real possibility. Very young people could put their urges before the risks, and that isn't good. Also, young people need other things to focus on *besides* sex.

    About VNs perceivedly being for losers and all that... well, there are a bunch of "failed males" who can't get girlfriends (and the same is true for women I suppose), so once again, hiding the fact won't do any good to any party. Once again, aside from the fact that sex is beneficial and worthy, we find that there are more things in life besides it. It's all the more stupid when you find hikikomori that play regular videogames bashing hikikomori that play VNs. We should aim to include, not exclude.

  8. If my Heart had Wings is also available for Android on Play Store. You can even play it for free, but it has a point system that will probably get on your nerves. Still, the very real possibility of playing it on your medium-priced tablet, if you drop the bucks, is there.

    This fact is independent of its Steam sales, but it probably has added more popularity to the title.

  9. I think that Clannad is expensive, and really not worth the price. With its sheer length I would probably end up bored, because lengthier isn't more fun by itself. So I didn't buy it. I'm better off playing other Key titles that are mostly more of the same.

    On the other hand, I decided to support SonoHana with its first ever Steam release. 8 euros and the game barely covers for it. But it's an assumable price.

    For me assumable prices go up to 20 euros/dollars, but I'm not an student anymore, it should be harsher for them. For me, it's all reduced to how bad you wanna play it, not the nature of the game. Likewise I consider a blatant ripoff to charge 18 euros for a HD movie download on Google Play, but I'll probably crack the piggy bank open to buy Zootopia in due time, because I loved the movie, and want to support the product and the people who made it.

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