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  1. From Ao no Kiseki prestory. クロスベルの闇は深い。->The darkness in Crossbell runs deep. 昔からこの地に根付き、甘い汁を吸い上げてきた帝国寄りのマフィア《ルバーチェ商会》。 ->Long ago, the <Revache Company>, a mafia group affilliated with the Empire took root in this land, sucking out its goodness. そして共和国からやってきた巨大犯罪組織《黒月》── ->And from the Republic came <Heiyue>, a large crime syndicate. さまざまな因縁を取り込んで、闇はうごめき始める。->???, and the darkness began to writhe like a worm.
  2. Posted my TL help request. But no help to be found... *sadface* http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/1888-japanese-help-thread/?do=findComment&comment=363484 I looked for threads on Japanese learning. No real recent posts in them though. Any recommendations on JA learning? I found this: http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/2792-learning-japanese-useful-resources/
  3. 「相手のことは、とりあえずしゃべってみて決めることにしてる」 These are really difficult. This one is "For now, I've decided to talk to the opponent." The others are too difficult for me. JA likes repeating things. 決める and にする both mean "decide," you only need to write this once. 相手 is the "opponent." Like, the other person who is not you when talking to someone, or the other person who is not you in some kind of relationship. Or an actual opponent in some kind of competition. @mitchhamilton do you have proper dumps? It seems like you have a lot of questions. Is there a thread for your project?
  4. Help me translate: (note: it's a greatsword item name & description, game=Ys vs Sora no Kiseki PSP) ペンドラゴン 旅人の落し物。折れてなお長大な、聖剣の柄。 Translation so far: Pendragon A traveler's lost property. ???
  5. I hang out at gbatemp.net psp section and also http://www.heroesoflegend.org/forums/ I do hacking and translation. I don't really like light novels. I like my games to have gameplay in them. Visual novel with gameplay is OK, but I don't like the story-only ones, which is most of them. I came because I need help improving my Japanese skills. And maybe later, recruit some talent for our projects, possibly. My current projects are Zero no Kiseki (PC+PSP) and Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos. And a bunch more inactive ones. And currently playing Trails of Cold Steel on PS3. Grea
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