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    pual got a reaction from Strider in VN for Japanese version Windows   
    try LocaleEmu or change the actual windows language / timezone
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    pual got a reaction from Czero in Running Windows VNs on Linux?   
    Never tried proton, but most VN's run fine on wine. They might require japanese locale or some manual configuration, especially for opening videos (usually 32-bit gstreamer bad/ugly plugins is enough)  but many work out of the box. In rare cases you have to install some libraries from winetricks such as xact_jun2010 (Steins;Gate 0) and knowing what to install is not always straightforward if you don't have a hunch for it.
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    pual got a reaction from Okarin in Is Princess Evangile worth it?   
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    pual got a reaction from mitchhamilton in .   
    This kind of'ish fits your criteria, it's a company specializing in tentacle rape nukige. Protagonist joins the company and becomes sort of all-around helper. It's not very in-depth but the development process and product exhibitions, finding a publisher etc. is part of the story as it mostly takes place inside the company office. https://vndb.org/v4037
    I'm not familiar with Shirobako so maybe this is not what you're looking for.
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    pual reacted to Funyarinpa in What are the things that you hate the most in VNs?   
    Moege archetypes.
    They all act, look and sound incredibly fake to me.
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    pual reacted to TexasDice in What are the things that you hate the most in VNs?   
    What I mean by that, are homosexual characters which can't stop talking about how much gay they are and how desperate they are for more gay in every single scene they are in. (I actually say this both about the male side kick who keeps hitting on the protagonist, as well as the token lesbian girl who keeps groping all the heroines in the inevitable hot spring CG).
    What I like about Japanese writing is that they generally don't give any fucks whatsoever about social justice pandering or filling demographics for outraged twitter people. When the japs decide to write a gay character it's either an authentic, almost real person or a completely offensive stereotype. The latter of which not doing much for me.
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    pual reacted to Plk_Lesiak in (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey   
    Language and culture are not things you can separate from each other. They are strongly interconnected and when you try to imitate some nation's manner of speech with a foreign language you end up with a mess, that sounds neither like the source material nor like proper prose on the language you're translating to. Putting the absurd cases of cultural appropriation aside (like the infamous easily-recognizable rice balls turning into doughnuts in Pokemon), honorifics are something to be avoided whenever possible. Because unlike "rice balls", there's no place for them in the logic of English language and the prose that uses them in abundance will never flow well - and might be even hard to read for someone without basic knowledge of Japanese culture. And no, I don't see any reason to believe that you shouldn't be able to read English-localized VNs without being a weeb - the less confusion the text creates for a normally-educated English reader, the better, as long as we're not going against the source material or missing something really important.
    I guess I'm in the minority here though.
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    pual reacted to Stormwolf in (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey   
    A translator will just have to translate however he/she wants. A translator will never be able to satisfy everyone. Half wants a translation that's directly translated from its source language and the other half wants it tailored towards not only their language but their culture as well (which to me is incomprehensible, but that's my opinion).
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    pual reacted to Legendary No-Con in Snow Fan Translation RELAUNCHED   
    Hello friends! This is newly formed translation group Snowy Ryujin TL, and we have decided that after 18 years of going untranslated, we're gonna try our hand at developing a fan translation of the Studio Mebius VN, Snow
    My name's Rinny, and you might recognize me from being the Project Lead & Editor for the Summer Pockets, Angel Beats 1st Beat and Miazora Fine Days projects. If there's one VN I've been absolutely dying to not only read myself but bring to English ever since I entered the VN scene, it's this one.

    The Visual Novel:
    "The story of Snow starts when the main protagonist Izumo Kanata visits a small village called Ryujinmura (village of the dragon god) to help his cousin Tsugumi manage a local hotel with hot springs. In the village there is an old legend: In ancient times, the village is protected by the dragon goddess. However, one day the dragon goddesses fell in love with a human, which is strictly forbidden, and this incident finally caused the village to be always covered by snow after that. The game then tells the daily life of the protagonist in the village, and finally links the story to the legend of dragon goddess."
    The Project:
    Snow is a Nakige released way back in 2003, and has gained a bit of a reputation as an enigma. Many who have played it claim it is good, some even say one of the best, yet all these years later it is not only hard to acquire, but there's been next to nothing on any sort of fan translation. We aim to change that. This translation will also be of the "Plus Edition" of Snow, which contains full voices and an extra route. This is an 18+ version of the game.
    Team Members:
    The squad currently consists of myself, Mhmd, Takafumi and Waffletown. I'll be leading the project, handling PR and updates, as well as assisting with QC and text editing. Mhmd will be handling the translating, though we're absolutely open to more potential translators joining up to split the workload, since it's a big VN. Takafumi is our fearless image editor, as he's got plenty of RLDev and photo editing experience, and Waffletown will be handling the first run of QC and text editing.
    Overall - 5394/78154 || 6.9% Complete
    Common Route - 5394/13726 || 39.29% Complete
    Asahi Route - 0/10054 
    Sumino Route - 0/9922
    Legend Route - 0/8034
    Shigure Route - 0/10744
    Ouka Route - 0/15683
    Meiko Route - 0/9991
    Right now, we're open to a second translator joining the project, but for now, we're all set! 
    Contact Info:
    If you have questions or wish to join the project, you can message me here or contact me at LegendaryNoCon#0558 on Discord! The latter method is much more preferable, as I have the mobile app and will therefore be able to talk with people both at home and away. Right now we're only looking for anyone who might like to join as a second translator, so if you're interested, hit us up!
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    pual reacted to sanahtlig in SRPG eroge Venus Blood Frontier to get an English Kickstarter   
    How on earth would taking corruption scenes out of a game about sexual corruption be in any way satisfactory to the primary audience?  That's literally the main selling point.  It's a core gameplay mechanic and has entire story arcs devoted to it (optional, but incentivized by gameplay mechanics).  The gameplay is great but you can't just excise a major theme and claim it "wasn't important".
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    pual reacted to Clephas in Sects & cultivation   
    This one comes the closest, to my knowledge... though there are no religious connotations or death.  To be honest, I don't think any VN has yet done what you are asking for, since I immediately pictured this horrible MMO I played a few years ago, where the only fun part was that you could run up walls and kidnap offline  people to sell them as slaves.
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    pual reacted to Okarin in Sects & cultivation   
    I'm sure you've played Rewrite, however, I consider the handling of the secret organisations more than a tad clumsy, in a lot of aspects.
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    pual reacted to Kenshin_sama in Trying to remember name of anime   
    Oh, Star Driver. I remember sampling an episode of that once after hearing about similarities between that and Captain Earth. But when Captain Earth flopped towards the end, I kinda lost interest.
    Beautiful OST! Captain Earth had a few good ones too.
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    pual got a reaction from Kenshin_sama in Trying to remember name of anime   
    Found it
    The anime in question is Star Driver and song is actually from different scene as well, I was thinking of Monochrome in episode 7
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    pual got a reaction from Fiddle in I need a good Romance VN   
    Dracu-Riot actually is fully translated, it  just misses some edit work (to fix typos etc). I think it's pretty mediocre VN at best but you probably like it if Noble{STAR}Works is to your liking. 
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    pual got a reaction from PapaRabbi in which Key game?   
    Play Any Key to continue.
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    pual reacted to sanahtlig in Kyuuketsuki no Libra TL quality   
    It sounds like MiKandi JP had no connections in the English VN scene and ended up overpaying for the sort of contract English translation services you'd find in Japan.  Typical rookie error.  Rates for VN translation (and Japanese pop culture media in general) are especially low because fans are willing to work for far below market rates, and sometimes devote more energy to the work as well.  MiKandi Japan failed to leverage that to their advantage.
    This is disappointing and serves as a stark reminder that new publishers can't be trusted to meet even basic quality standards.  We've seen this over and over again from just about every new company to the business. 
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    pual got a reaction from Strike105X in Any linux users around, i want some advice   
    Searching around shows you need at least linux kernel 4.3 for this motherboard, which is pretty much everywhere by now (4.11 is most recent one). Your setup will most likely benefit from newer kernel and mesa since they bring lots of improvements to AMD graphics driver. Something like Antergos should do nicely ootb while Ubuntu ships outdated software you have to update after installation. Visual novels work using wine (not a virtual machine but lighter alternative) but getting videos work in older games can be tricky if you're new to linux. Virtualbox with HyperV backend runs what wine can't. Win XP and 8 run at near native speed once you install guest additions. mpv is great.  https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=25607
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    pual reacted to Asonn in MangaGamer commits to free uncensor patches for Steam releases   
    That is pretty nice. 
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    pual reacted to #YOLOGNAISWAGETTI in Help me pick my next backlog title!   
    Princess Evangeline was probably my favourite out of all of these, i would recommend that.
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    pual reacted to Mr Poltroon in What are you playing?   
    Yes. Unfortunately, in S.
    I say 'unfortunately' for S actually produced some of the worst routes -- not only short, they had an excessive focus on sex -- exempting a couple. Kokoro's is not one of the exceptions.
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    pual got a reaction from Akimoto Masato in Computer Hardware/Specs   
    I plan to upgrade to Ryzen, if it performs well. It would replace motherboard, CPU and RAM from i5 build.
    AMD Ryzen R5 1500 Kingston HyperX 2x8GB DDR4  (from discount, ram prices are ridiculous) AMD R9 285 ASRock AB350 / ASUS Prime B350 PLUS / BIOSTAR RACING B350 GT5 (needs more info) Possible cpu cooler if stock one sucks (no AM4 mount for current one) 2x 3TB Toshiba HDD, Intel 840 240gb , intel 60gb ssd 500W PSU Laptop: HP Pavilion DV2000 series. It's laptop I bought used in 2007 with 14.1" widescreen. Still works for light tasks.
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    pual got a reaction from havoc in Need a complete save of trails in the sky   
    Here's my save. It should have FC & SC completed on Hard and at least FC on normal.
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    pual reacted to Deep Blue in Double life   
    fate/stay night
    chaos;head (kinda)
    Dengeki stryker
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    pual reacted to Funnerific in Double life   
    In that case the already translated Fate/Stay Night should work just as well.
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