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    I like lolis, making someone jelous exites me (I'm a little strange), visual novels, manga, anime, 2d girls with white hair, and real 3d girls (don't judge me, I like 3d girls too! and I prefer them to sleep alone with dakimakuras!)

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  1. But after all I want audrey I'm gonna be her boyfriend and you will be our pet Buahahahaha
  2. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! so scary
  3. I don't really understand nothing about being member of the Audrey fanclub, If someone can explain me I would be very grateful. I just can say she's an angel like mitchhamilton said
  4. Help with eroges

    wtf that girl is kirito?
  5. Help with eroges

    thanks for your comment, but no thank you I don't want to be spoiled, I'm reading it since yesterday....hehehe.............
  6. Help with eroges

    the first sex scene is before the first two choises
  7. Help with eroges

    it was from 10 to 15 minutes I don't remember. Saya starts making it with fuminori I don't want to remember about yesterday I'll call her apologizing
  8. Help with eroges

    She's 21
  9. Help with eroges

    And saya's like 15 years old so it is child abuse
  10. Help with eroges

    Yes, I'm going to apologize Is not swam song it's saya's song or saya no uto
  11. Help with eroges

    wtf? so he does that?
  12. Help with eroges

    Should I apologize? ..but she called it child abuse, well it was hehe The thing that I don't understand is that she reads game of thrones (a book full of rape and child abuse) Girls are like the japanese I don't understand them
  13. Help with eroges

    Now I'm dying
  14. Help with eroges

    Shit.. it gone wrong...I don't really want to talk about it but ok.. I invited her she accepted we were playing the game she found the first 10 minutes interesting but then....the first sex scene She said "I don't like porn I don't care if they're cartoons or something like that, I respect you and everything but this is unacceptable!" Then she went downstairs to tell my mother that I was playing eroge that she called "child abuse" my mother anwsered "that's nothing new he had been playing those games 2 years ago" that was very embarrasing! Uhhhhuuu in front of my mother! I told Nicole "if you say that you love me but you don't accept my hobbies you're not worth of me!" Then she anwsered "how dare you!" and slapped my left chick! It still hurts I don't know what I'm going to do Shit
  15. Help with eroges

    She arrived See ya later guys wish me luck