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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from Dreamysyu in Getting into rpg?   
    Evenicle 2 is also about to be released soon.
    And no VN/RPG hybrid suggestion with Eushully classic Kamidori Alchemy Meister of course and Kami no Rhapsody just got recently translated.
    And then there are the old Xuse classics The Spirit of Eternity Sword 1 & 2.
    There's also one title of the Venus Blood series translated: Frontier. Soon to be followed by Hypno. But those are apparently very tentacle rapy, so those are more for peole with such fetish interests.
    There's also another series, but I can't remember the name at the moment. Rapey protag minus the tentacles. - a bit like Rance but not as popular.
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Dreamysyu in SaDistic BlooD released now!   
    Whenever I look at Black Cyc VN entries on vndb, I have very conflicting feelings about them. On one hand, most of them seem unique enough to make me actually want to play them. On the other hand....
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    ChaosRaven reacted to eplipswich in Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project (Partial Patch is Out!)   
    It is done. The translation is officially 100% done 😃
    Progress will now move on to post-translation, where there's TLC and QC to be done. I'm hoping to finish everything else and release the patch by end 2020 (unlikely, but hey, you never know). If not, then at least get the TLC done by end 2020. So do refer to the TLC tab of the sheet for progress on the TLC.
    I will save my translation remarks for after the patch is fully released. For now though, rejoice that the translation is done! Yay!
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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from Silvz in Flowers 3 is out now!   
    Yes, it's certainly a different type of visual novel with its main focus on romance. Still, I really hope KnS3 will be finally released this year and translated to English as well. It's been about 5 years since the last one and nobody else makes VN's with that unique style and quality.
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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from Silvz in Flowers 3 is out now!   
    The previous two titles didn't exactly blow me away, but they did have a certain charme. I'll certainly read this one, because it focuses on my favorite characters. At last, Yuzuriha gets her romance arc now. 
    I also hope, they improved the quality of the mystery plot for a change and toned down the meaningless choices a bit. But we'll see...
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Silvz in Flowers 3 is out now!   
    Part 3 of Innocent Grey's Flowers is finnaly out! For those who don't know, it is a lighthearted mystery yuri series. The story is split in four games [three released in English], each focusing in one girl and her love interests.
    You can buy it here: https://jastusa.com/flowers-le-volume-sur-automne
    and here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1238730/Flowers_Le_volume_sur_automne/
    What are your opinions on the series? Are you going to read this game?
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    ChaosRaven reacted to littleshogun in Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel is now available on the MangaGamer store and Steam!   
    As for the all age version, apparently there's still some 18+ CG left behind in the all age (ie Steam) version. Here's the post in question from Reddit, and I'll quote it below.
    The screenshot if you need some more proof.
    I guess I can say that Valve did really check Bokuten thoroughly (Probably including using GARbro), so that they decided to give the ban. What I can say is that while I did comment that Bokuten's plot is like soap opera (Especially at Yuri's route), it's still not right to outright banned it. Although if I may give some more speculation, seeing the middle school girl uniform (Even though the middle schooler in question is as evil as soap opera villains) and rape surely give Valve some alarm to check on Bokuten, although whether it's caused by some troll who report on Bokuten or not is another matter (Some did speculate that the ban was caused by the report).
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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from yelsha57 in Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel is now available on the MangaGamer store and Steam!   
    The ban is quite odd, considering all the H-content was removed and it was so long on Steam already. I assume it was reported by some VN haters and Valve banned it as a reaction. However, I don't really get why the same doesn't happen to other titles with a lot more questionable content. Evenicle 2 in particular seems to have some pretty rough scenes and it was actually banned in Germany some time ago at least. It's hard to believe that such a title was spared from attacks. Popular titles like Nekopara also seem to be immune to such attacks, even if their characters look very young.
    I actually wouldn't be surprised if there's an automatism in play, that bans a title if the number of malicious reports exceeds a certain percentage of its owners. That would explain why the actual publishers are not explicitly informed about the ban by a Steam employee, and also why popular titles seem to be almost immune against such bans. So the victims would be mostly niche VN titles with few sales.
    I'm still not sure why some titles are only banned in some regions, while others get banned everywhere. On the other hand, since Germany forced green blood into Command & Conquer more than 20 years ago, I suppose no other country takes them serious anymore concerning censoring stuff.  Though, it could have been also when we started censoring Harry Potter movies, that we just lost all credibility. 
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    ChaosRaven reacted to flamepaladin in Kami no Rhapsody Translation by Rhapsody Translation (Full patch released)   
    Hello everyone,
    It's been a while, but I'm back with another update, and probably the last one for KnR.
    As this is the last update, you've probably guessed what this means... All the images have been edited and the full patch has been released! (Yay)
    Here's the link to the full patch: https://mega.nz/folder/MstRHI6S#bQVaRTSLnwQPNjYuCJKfpw
    This is the same link as the one in the op. You can use either one to get the patch.
    Since this is the full patch, all of the Japanese texts have been translated... or so I'd like to say. But unfortunately, there are still some minor texts that I couldn't find, so they're still untranslated. With that said, they're just some minor texts and won't impact your experience with the game.
    I hope that our patch will be useful for you as you enjoy this game ^^.
    Now, with the release of this patch, we won't be focusing on KnR anymore. The patch also won't get update unless there are some game-breaking bugs. Instead, we'll now focus on our other projects.
    As for those projects... The next game we've decided to work on is Fuukan no Grasesta. Alongside that, we've also decided to work on our own interface patch for Tenmei no Conquista. I'll go into details in the projects' threads (once I create them XD).
    That's it for now. Thank you very much for supporting and sticking with us in this journey. We really appreciate it.
    See you in our next project's thread ^^!
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Mr Poltroon in What are you playing?   
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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in What are you playing?   
    I finally finished Ouka Sabaki (aka Master Magistrate) and it was a very nice read overall. The combination of a murder mystery with a past Japan Bakumatsu setting, staring the Shinsengumi, was certainly quite unique. It was also the first time I've played a VN with Phoenix Wright style court gameplay. That said, I'm not sure if the gameplay really worked in favor of the VN or against it. While it was certainly interesting, I had the feeling that its somewhat comical execution with the whole 'talking down' and 'showdown' stuff, lessened the dramatic impact of the story a bit. Though that might be just personal preference.
    The plot structure of the VN reminded me a bit of Sakura no Mori † Dreamers. There's a very long common route with several connected cases and the heroine routes are more or less just tagged on. The plot itself was actually pretty good. There are four major cases, although the first one could be considered more a tutorial case to learn the gameplay mechanics. What was definitively impressive was how interconnected the cases were. Some events I first thought were relevant for a former case, actually got important in a later case. And some later cases were a direct consequence of the outcome or events of the former cases. That was definitely better as in Sakura no Mori † Dreamers, where the cases had a bit too much of a 'monster of the week' pattern.
    Another thing I really liked was the rather large cast of well-made side characters. Almost every case introduced new characters and existing characters could play a different role in the new cases. I was particularly impressed about the voice acting. Not only were all and not just the main characters voiced, the overall quality of it was also pretty good, even the male characters. I'm actually a bit curious about the voice acting royalties of this VN.
    That said, not everying was gold. While the character sprites were quite decent for the most part, I can't really say the same for the backgrounds. There weren't too much and most of them looked a bit bland. Ironically, that actually helped to find certain key items in the investigation scenes. XD
    The CG's were also a bit of a hit and miss. The black and white sketch CG's didn't really fit to the overly bright and colorful backgrounds, and I would have vastly preferred less but fully colored ones.
    The audio tracks also felt a bit sparse and repetitive. This combined with the bland backgrounds and the focus on the court gameplay made the VN frequently feel a bit dry.
    In general, the VN felt a bit too light for a murder mystery. Though, on a positive note that also means that I'd recommend this VN to people who don't want a full gloom and doom murder mystery like Kara no Shoujo. But for me personally Sakura no Mori had a stronger emotional impact even if the story of Master Magistrate was objectively better. The routes also felt a bit weaker here, the ones of Sakura no Mori at least had a final epilogue case.
    The gameplay nature of this VN also made the matter of prove a bit difficult in some cases. If there's definitive prove to convict a suspect, it can make the case too easy to solve. But if almost everything is guess-work it can be pretty hard to prove. I think the first three major cases had a good balance, but the last one? Sorry, I think if the culprit wouldn't have rewarded every correct guess with a willing confession, a conviction would have been almost impossible without further investigation. Nevertheless, most conclusions and actions felt logical, there was only one thing I simply didn't understand:
    Nevertheless, with the exception of the short and tagged on wannabe routes, I enjoyed the VN quite a bit.
    Heroine ranking: Iroha > Rimu = Sakura > Koume >> Shino
    Final rating: 7.5/10
    I think I enjoyed it as much as Sakura no Mori † Dreamers, so I decided to give it the same rating. Both had rather different strengths and weaknesses though, so the experience itself was different.
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Zakamutt in How do you think will be the future VNs?   
    wake up, sheeple

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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from Silvz in How do you think will be the future VNs?   
    I didn't want to deal with too many categories, so I've put nakige under the moege umbrella as the more drama-heavy branch of it. And since the major sub-studios of Visual Arts are either moege or nakige, it was the most fitting place for it. Key is admittedly a bit of an edge case, because I'd consider at least Rewrite and Angel Beats as story VN's. But the majority of their titles are still what they are famous for: Nakiges. So even if Key would be separate form Visual Arts, I'd have probably included them in the moege section as well.
    BTW, it wouldn't have been necessary to quote the whole text wall again. Just the relevant part, like Plk_Lesiak did, would have been enough. 
    Oh, the never ending story about the mysterious Tsukihime remake, they apparently want to release some day in the far future. Well, I believe it if I see it. 
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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from joshopit in How do you think will be the future VNs?   
    Guess I will also try some crystal balling... 
    Overall, I expect Japan to stay the dominant force for visual novels with 2D art, while I expect the west to take the lead for visual novels with 3D render art. I think the latter is already the case with DrPinkCake (Being a DIK, Acting Lessons) and PhylliGames (Depraved Awakening, upcoming City of Broken Dreamers) probably being the most successful 3D VN producers on Steam. I don't really count Japanese Illusion in that category, since they use real time 3D engines and their titles barely qualify as VN.
    Anyway, I think visual novels will stay a niche, but a stable one with several established producers and a sleeper hit from a no-name studio from time to time. The most successful company's will be the ones that manage to establish a solid fan base around their franchises, extending the pure VN sales to merchandising articles, animes and mobile & game spin-offs. The most successful titles will also not be pure VN's, but JRPG and gacha game hybrids. Bigger companies with several franchises and sub-studios that can afford a few failures are obviously favored.
    Personal prediction of which companies will stand out here the most:
    Visual Arts: With studios like Key, Saga Planets and tone work's under their belt, they certainly won't go down easily.
    Nexton: They have two successful franchises with BaseSon's Koihime series & Azarashi Soft's Amakano series, and they also have a reasonable successful nukige studio with Liquid.
    Yuzusoft: Although they are still an independent studio, they seem to do a lot of things right for quite some time now. They are highly popular in Japan and on the best way to get a similar status in the west. If they continue like that, I expect them to grow and take over other studios sooner or later.
    Lilith: They are pretty good at milking the Taimanin cow with their Battle Arena game (no idea how they got that on Steam), tons of merchandising articles and H-animes. And their unique Kagami style adult art is more or less out of competition.
    Atelier Kaguya: They have two of the most popular nukige studios with Bare & Bunny & HonkeyTonk Pumpkin. One excels in static art and the other in animation. And the third studio CheshireCat is also slowly getting more popular. Although they aren't big in merchandising yet, I see them at a strong technological advantage with top artists in static and animated art. (Choco Chip & Yoppy)
    Alice-Soft: They have a strong foothold both in Japan and the west with their gameplay titles, and an iconic franchise with Rance. They also produce some rather high quality milf nukiges from time to time, so they aren't just a one-trick pony.
    Eushully: Although the ratings of their games seem to have declined in recent years, I still see them in a stable position. Maybe because they still don't give the slightest fuck about the west. Apparently they can afford it - their titles are still top sellers in Japan. Besides full JRPG's their only serious contender seems to be AliceSoft anyway. 
    Type-Moon: Ha ha, I know... wouldn't it be nice if the studio that probably has more money than the rest of the bunch together, would actually create a new VN again? 
    Innocent Grey: Would I like to write... but unfortunately, I just can't see them as a save and future proof studio. 
    But seriously, after Light went down (or not?!), I don't even consider Nitroplus a save contender anymore. Pure story VN's are far too hit & miss to be a save investment. Hybrids are the way to go now and probably also in the future. Moege/Nukige/Gameplay with 'some' story is way safer.
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Formlose Gestalt in Light is considering to translate Silverio Vendetta and Senshinkan   
    Silverio Ragnarok (the 3rd game in the series) was already in production when the parent company of Light Greenwood went under. Even in the statement of closing down they alluded to a plan to still finish Silverio Ragnarok, and that came true with the help of Ares, the parent company of Windmill. (They are also listed on the page for 1st and 2nd game but I don't what role they played back then, possible the All Age console releases?) At some point apparently also Nexton got involved in getting Silverio Ragnarok out. Silverio Raganarok released this year in April a year after Greenwood closed down and the Twitter account has been active all this time to promote Silverio Raganrok. We also know that the store of Light has been handled by Akabei Soft since Greenwood closed down. (That was in the statement when they closed down.)
    So in the end we don't really know who holds the licenses for Light games and who we are talking to on Twitter, but Light as we know it doesn't exist anymore. Masada and G Yuusuke are working on Avestan, the story that was supposed to become Pantheon. I don't know if the team behind the Silverio series is still around after finishing Raganrok for example.
    My guess is that we talked to someone from the Ares side of the Business that probably have the Silverio rights (maybe not alone who knows) and that's why the person said:
    That sounds like the rights to Senshinkan series are in different hands and that company doesn't have the means to do a translation. (In contrast to the Silverio series). But who knows. That is only my interpretation.

    At least we know that the rights to Silverio and Senshinkan are in someone's hands and they are considering translating them and looking for feedback. That is at least better than what we knew before and the rights don't look they are in limbo or in the hands of company that doesn't want to do anything with them. Of course that doesn't mean that anything comes out of this.
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Formlose Gestalt in Anime Expo News Replacements   
    Anime Expo is usually the place where a lot of the VN Publishers drop their news, but this year AX is cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. But that doesn't mean that there are no news to share.
    The first round of news came from Âge the creators of Muv Luv. They had an event live stream on July 1st that you can watch here:
    Muv-Luv Photonmelodies♮
    Release: Summer 2020
    Muv-Luv Unlimited - The Day After
    Release: 2020
    I guess that this is Alternative Chronicles Vol.1-4 but I can't quite confirm that since I couldn't catch the live stream. Besides that they also announced the translation of the Muv-Luv Alternative manga.
    Jast USA
    Jast and Ninetail announced a Kickstarter for Venus Blood -Hypno- named VenusBlood HOLLOW for the international release.
    The Kickstarter should launch this Autumm.
    You can find more information on the official website: http://www.ninetail.tk/tde12/index.html
    Mangagamer announced an expansion for Steam Prison centering around Fin.

    Jeanne at the Clock Tower ~Jeanne a la tour d’horloge~ from Liar-Soft
    Here is the website for more information: http://mangagamer.org/jeanne/
    Sekai Project
    Sekai Project had a panel at the online convention KuroCon on this Twitch channel. (Maybe there will be a VOD later on the channel?)
    Here are the news posts on Sekai Projects website: https://sekaiproject.com/blogs/news/kurocon-2020-updates-announcements
    And on Denpasoft: https://denpasoft.com/blogs/news/kurocon-2020-updates-announcements
    Announcement 1:
    9-nine-:Episode 4
    They hope to have Episode 4 quicker than the wait between Ep.2 and Ep.3
    Announcement 2:
    Karakara 3
    Announcement 3:
    Slobbish Dragon Princess the newest VN by Whirlpool
    They are aiming for similar release window as the Japanese release this October.
    Announcement 4:
    Please be Happy by Studio Élan 
    Official website: https://vnstudioelan.com/games/please-be-happy/
    They also showed an free HD Update for Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- and it's Fandisc Hoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart-.
    Since this news round will be a lot less centralized than usual I am certain that I will miss some news, so please post what ever news I miss in this thread!
    I don't think Nekonyan had planned to attend AX, so I am unsure if there will be any news from them.
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Silvz in Anime Expo News Replacements   
    I'm so happy to see another Liar-Soft game! And this one has "normal" art? That's something.
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Mr Poltroon in What are you playing?   
    I've just played Chapter 4 of Master Magistrate. Extremely satisfied with the outcome of this mystery game! Still have a couple of epilogues to go through, though.
    Chapter 4 thoughts (spoilers):
    Sakura's Route
    Okita's Chapter
    Rimu's Route
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    ChaosRaven reacted to NowItsAngeTime in Visual Novel Monthly Recap - June 2020 Releases and Community News (ft. ATRI)   
    Feel free to leave any feedback you have, positive or negative, in the comments.
    Ko-Fi Donation Link:
    Notable Links (all SFW):
    Sol Press blog post about dropping Future Radio and other Laplacian titles - https://solpress.co/blog/846/news-regarding-laplacians-the-future-radio-and-the-artificial-pigeons MangaGamer releases Beat Angel Escalayer R- https://twitter.com/MangaGamer/status/1270930887165739008?s=20 Information on Re:ZERO The Prophecy of the Throne - https://www.crunchyroll.com/en-gb/anime-news/2020/06/09/rezero-the-prophecy-of-the-throne-game-confirmed-for-the-west Master Magistrate on Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1066630/Master_Magistrate/ Master Magistrate 18+ Patch - https://mega.nz/file/bJdgVIZR#pck5Wn8KaHtQ0rWisFzPGug9iyEj1AAj6RsatQVie9w Aokana Extra 2 Japanese announcement - https://sprite.org/information/2020/06/16/id-1453/ Mahoutsukai no Yoru English Patch Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf-9w9O5B7o Aokana PS4 Scene Modification Announcement - https://twitter.com/PQubeGames/status/1273539684946325504 ATRI -My Dear Moments- on Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1230140/ATRI_My_Dear_Moments/ Adabana Odd Tales on Steam (blocked in EU) - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1094820/Adabana_Odd_Tales/?curator_clanid=36936933 Maitetsu Anime announcement (JP) - https://twitter.com/rail_romanesque/status/1275715557300547586?s=20 Tomoyo After Switch Announcement site - https://www.prot.co.jp/switch/tomoyoafter/index.html GRISAIA PHANTOM TRIGGER 01&02 Switch eShop - https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/grisaia-phantom-trigger-01and02-switch/ Alka Translations Monthly Status Report July 2020 - https://alkatranslations.com/alka-translations-status-report-july-2020/ Trailer and information on fault milestone two side: below - https://www.projectwritten.com/post-en/fault-ms2b-new-short-pv Gin'iro Haruka Momoji Route Patch - https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/giniro-haruka-update-30-momiji-route-patch/ Props to AndrewBlackSwordsman for the theme rendition in the intro. Follow him here:
    Social Media you can find/contact me at:
    NowItsAngeTime👉 👌#5392
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    ChaosRaven reacted to Clephas in What is your least favorite type of route plot?   
    I absolutely loathe the variation where the protagonist ends up spending the entire game as a coach without ever really getting back on his feet.  What's the point of a recovery that isn't a recovery?  It's one of the three reasons I hate Aokana (along with the protagonist's reason for quitting being pathetic and all but one of the heroines being boring).  It's one thing to find another way in life, but in that case, I want them to make a complete severing from the activity entirely.  I don't want to see an entire route where he keeps looking back on the good 'ol days and wondering about what-ifs.  
    About the only VNs that use this trope well are Walkure Romanze and Fake Azure Arcology (where the protagonist actually has a huge heap of traumas that make it feel real).
    Edit: Oh, the protag of Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha is really solidly behind his own decision to give up competing.  It was a decision he made for the right reasons and is mostly at peace with.  However, it isn't quite the same thing, lol.
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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from Restifik in VN like Master Magistrate ( Ouka Sabaki )   
    I'm currently playing it as well. 
    I heard it's similar to the Phoenix Wrigth series, so maybe you can have a look at those. Never read them myself though, but they seem pretty popular.
    Danganronpa series might also fit the bill, but I didn't play those either yet. But they are also pretty popular. I think both series are also available on Steam.
    Kara no Shoujo series also has investigations.
    Though none of those have a shogunate era setting.
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    ChaosRaven got a reaction from BigBoiMarkus in ANY NEWS ON Lovely x Cation?   
    Nothing official, but there's a fan translation project for Pretty x Cation: 
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