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  1. Living in Japan as a foreigner - AMA

    Can you share some tips for us who gonna go to japan for the first time? What should i bring? what shouldn't? and general tips for cheap stuffs (eating, hotel, buying some merch, etc) And i'm curious if they gonna check my smartphones/laptop when I arrived there.
  2. One of my favorite developer and VN (eden*)... maybe it's time to start to read less VN and eventually stop. I haven't really hooked by recent releases and moved to mobage instead on my free time.
  3. Looking for recommendations

    Thanks guys, gonna read narcissu then harmonia. Have a good day
  4. Hi hi~ Looking for some VN recommendation that got similar feel/theme like: Eden* Swan Song I Walk Among Zombies Cheers!
  5. So... uhhh what's the point of this discussions? At this point i'm just reading official/fan TL.. pretty sure i'm not hardcore who read so many vn, i just enjoy it as a side hobby. Honestly, Fuwa has fallen to became this low.. you guys should put a huge banner when enter this forum saying: "You should learn the original language or we bash you" or "No Machine TL, No Fan TL, No Official TL, ORIGINAL LANGUAGE or BUST" Look at the banner, "Make visual novel popular in the west" by what? by forcing people to learn and bash who for whatever reason didn't? This display of superiority and elitism is disgusting. *Don't get me wrong, i do respect for whoever actually learn and mastered japanese to read their favorite VN's, but please stop with that attitude.
  6. Goodluck! That vndb synopsis.. *prepared myself to cry over & over*
  7. Chrono Clock Discussion!!

    Finished long ago, Cro is like true route for me compared to Miu
  8. D.S. Dal Segno (Now Available)

    Finished 3 of 5 heroine route, my opinion: Himari Hazuki Noeri
  9. Help! (VNDB link included)

    Never interested in these 2 title but looking forward to play Umineko Will wait for 18+ Dies Irae for sure! Also will read tokyo babel if got spare time I remember seeing comyu when i was still newbie and ignored it (when i was starting read vn only looking for moe girls, kms) Will try comyu someday, deardrops is good but dropped it long ago Saya no Uta is already in my list and it was great, as expected from Urobutcher. About ef, while it's from minori i didn't quite like the vn, looking forward to trinoline (hopefully this year) i'm not a fan of steins gate art but will put it in my to-read list, hopefully story is good as people told me That vn is so old, i remember back then 2010/11, so few translated vn and yume miru kusuri is one of the recommended vn (tho i ignore it bc i was only looking for moe & sex not story) Back the when i play it (but unisntalled after few min lol), im still newbie to 'vn' world but now after years of hardship i'm ready to tackle this vn!!!
  10. Hiya! Can anyone suggest up to 3 visual novels for me that not included in my list? rejected: majikoi, fate, muvluv I prefer translated or soon-to-be-translated vn's, easy to grab either with pirating or bought via steam/etc also resolution higher than 800x600 My personal favorite including eden* and swan song (life & death situation), grisaia series (near death situation, survival, psychological, trauma, mystery). hatsukoi 1/1, koi senkyo choco (pure love story, not something like dracu-riot. koisuru last resort & kono oozora is good but romance not deep enough.. i hope koisaku is decent on the romance aspect). I can say that i like serious vn with moe/pretty girls, not the one with sharp eyes & mouth, tomboyish girls vndb link: https://vndb.org/u104065/list
  11. Yes, and they helped me with that Finally can play this game
  12. I've played Kajitsu back then (fanTL) with same laptop and screen resolution (3840 x 2160) and it can play fullscreen very well Now Meikyuu (sekai project) can't, if no fullscreen it just stay small at middle of my screen Fullscreen just same size but it stays at topleft corner of my screen Will provide screenshot if needed Thanks Edit: Change/reducing my resolution won't help either, it's still small af
  13. @Book Lover Will try ef since review kinda good (finished vn long ago) ..must find a working torrent For shigatsu already seen it, thanks for your recommendations
  14. I really like anime that have settings like nagi no asukara / yosuga no sora / non-non biyori rural area, become one with nature... ahhh giff me somethin will ya PS: don't have MAL account so if list animes i already watched here it'll be a mess.