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  1. >Me before reading Bible Black >Me after reading Bible Black Porn gets you to man the fuck up.
  2. Great job! It's seems I'll wait for a fan patch before considering to buy it.. I was about to buy it two weeks ago.. Good thing I was broke. I think fan translation usually fare much better than official licensed translations because they take much more time, are done in small skilled groups who just don't take any project, and are usually done by real fans for other fans with no deadline in sight in a hurry to get cash.
  3. I'll also go with Grisaia and Fate/stay night UBW (TV) as my most anticipated and the must watched.
  4. It's already the 3rd of April here... any news if this was legit?
  5. The ending was a combination of TTGL+Sonic Adventure 2+Ecchi nude fun. I loved every boob of it. Damn it Senketsu, why did you have to perish like that. You were the best KlK...
  6. Grisaia's Suou Amane. Though I wouldn't call it exactly just reading... (;
  7. Sup Kenshin_sama. It's good to see you here too, enjoy your stay. (:
  8. After all this trolling, Insem expects the community not to be rude? It's a matter of give and get.
  9. Currently: Protagonist: Okabe Rintarou Antagonist: Spoiler for those who didn't finish Danganronpa:
  10. http://myanimelist.net/animelist/DeadIEnd
  11. >Liking Satone Mah man. But Rikka is cool too imo. Though Now I kinda lost my motivation to finish Ren because it has only 12 episodes with so many fillers. They're probably going to rush the ending like mad dogs. I wish it was 2 cour...
  12. I can fap to both. But the Hentai industry is really harmless, whilst the Porn industry is harming many women who participate in it.
  13. Oh, a Black Cyc VN! I'll read it alongside Gore Screaming Show and Gun Katana someday. Thanks (:
  14. Where is the cheapest place to buy S;G LE online? Maybe my friend will buy me S;G LE for my birthday, but I have to confirm the price first.
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