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  1. Need help! SOS!

    Have not, I'll read up on these. I tried LeyLine a bit (the first one), I should probably try reading it again, I got stuck on the pink haired girl's part and don't remember going forward. Here's a tentative list for the moment, it's kind of all over the place but maybe can give you guys a general idea https://vndb.org/u4447/list
  2. Need help! SOS!

    You guys are right, I'll get around to setting that up and checking out the stuff you guys recommended already, thanks a bunch. As to why I got stuck on Hello! Lady it was, yes because I got a bit bored with it, even though I did like the setting.
  3. Need help! SOS!

    Need a recommendation on something new to read, doesn't matter the language, can read fluently. I've been skimming through a whole lot of titles as of late but nothing really catches my eye, the last VN that really caught me was Reminiscence (and before that Rewrite), I don't even think it was amazing but it got me pulling all-nighters which I had not done in a while. Recently also finished watching the UBW anime that really gave me some feels from back when I read F/SN, but I can't bring myself to read it again. I'm not even sure myself what I'm looking for but I just want a VN that really grabs my attention and keeps me stuck on the screen for a while. Stuff I've read include G-sen, CLANNAD, Rewrite, Halo! Lady (I got stuck midway, looking to go back to it again sometime but not sure when), a lot of Akatsuki/Akabei works including the classics (G-sen, Sharin etc.), Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head, the list is pretty long but I'm looking for something "somewhat" recent. Currently have Grisaia installed too but the amount of random filler scenes in the routes is really bogging me down. Need to read something that really gets me into VNs again, just throw titles at me you'd think I'd like so I can read up on them.