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  1. True, he does not. h3h3 is obviously the true lord and savior of YouTube that deserves to be given a platform. It's why Gnomestar (AKA biggest backstabbing scum of the Earth) gave him the golden opportunity to defend himself on the "Baited" podcast tomorrow morning! Gosh, the irony is so lethal I swear I have oxidation poisoning. The one who tweeted that another YouTuber shouldn't have a platform to defend himself is invited to defend himself by the backstabbing cunt who'd previously acted like an asshole to everyone. Only on YouTube, ladies and gents. Next person has absolutely no c
  2. I haven't got to the ending of DG2 yet, naturally, but the whole friendship theme of the ending just felt... oh, I don't know - incredibly stupid. It's not even funny-stupid. There was no satirical intention behind it as far as I can tell. To be clear, I don't really hate the ending; I just merely found it dull, that there's nothing to like (or really hate) about it. It wasn't insulting to my intelligence or anything because it didn't try to act like some deep, meaningful story, so there's no reason for there to be a deep, meaningful ending either. But that said, nothing to like or hate i
  3. I would just like to add a minor correction to my previous post - turning something serious into comedy can work. I wasn't trying to say that you have to go to extremity everytime. The problem is, when you don't have enough dosage of a single ingredient in a mixed concoction, the flavor isn't strong enough to make that ingredient appealing. More importantly, some stories work when seriousness is mixed with humor, some don't - DR, to me personally, falls under the latter. To list an example: Filthy Frank. He's a YouTuber who always likes to turn serious topics like suicide and cancer into
  4. Yeah, I can't argue with that. A few years ago, I might have enjoyed the simplicity behind such humor, just acting goofy and nonsensical for the sake of it. I could compare it to something like watching pre-2015 Spongebob, where the two idiots just act like idiots for the lulz, and I would laugh my ass off all day long. Buuut I guess two years can really change you, man, turning you into a bitter, hollow version of your former self as you watch Oprah and cry yourself to sleep about a wrecked marriage and ungrateful grandchildren. Honestly, being 26 is just such a wretched life. Someone kill m
  5. When the waitress asks that you pay for something you never asked for.
  6. Oh, okay. Since the topic is going in that direction: Rhythm games suck. Filthy plebians with their P4D. Style over substance is such a subjective form of enjoyment IMO, because unlike stories with substance, the attributing factor for the audience's enjoyment comes from the kind of taste you have, not your level of intellect. With didactic stories, you could at least comprehend the message behind them and appreciate what they had to say, but with style, everyone has their own individual choice of style. Funny enough, I'm a fan of hyperbole and over-exaggerated style. I'm a
  7. I found the ending unsatisfying. I get that it's part of a trilogy, but that ending contributed to my lack of enjoyment of the game. The main factor, however, was definitely the comedy that you got a kick out of. It didn't work for me, and I found it to be cheesy and stupid. Some of the morbid humor works, and I'm a fan of morbid humor myself, but most of it just came off as lame. The characters are shallow, and not very interesting. My 'best gurl' was the swimsuit girl whom I don't even bother to remember her name; I only like her because I'm into tomboys, and let's face it, she's hot.
  8. It's a bit better so far (just completed Chapter 1) in terms of its story. Its gameplay, however, is still as frustrating.
  9. I don't really see the point of going through the inconvenience of holding a book in your hands as opposed to reading it on your computer. Even when you compare reading it on your iPad, the zooming function would still make it far more useful than reading it from a book, not to mention screen-capping and sharing a particular panel from the comic on the Internet. Digital just have more functions and is more useful than old paper and page. I guess you can be nostalgic about it, talking on a primetime talkshow for washed up retired 60 year old men with dementia how digital manga just lack th
  10. Danganronpa 2. So tiring, the first class trial. Reminds me why I didn't like the first game very much. The logic behind the deduction seems like an ass-pull too IMO. The confession isn't too bad, I guess. Seems more well-written than those in the first game. The twists are actually more interesting this time round too. Still, I'm really considering turning the difficulty down because I really don't like this rhythm gameplay. My reaction sucks.
  11. Danganronpa 2 on the Vita. Bought it and just finished downloading it. I have low expectations, but until I finished playing Corpse Party and Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, I don't really any other game I could buy on the Vita right now, so this is the best I could come up with for now. Fingers crossed, hope for the best, all that jazz... Thank god it's a cheap purchase.
  12. Maybe. Next person will tell me if I'm correct.
  13. So false it's not even funny. I couldn't even sing normal Japanese songs. Next person could sing the PPAP song.
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