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  1. I'm translating a line where a character talks about an evil gothic chick: それにしても、あの子ホント怖いね きっと、もう妖怪みたいなもんだよ。 歴代イッキの彼女に対する怨念を 抱えて柳の下とかに立ってるんだ とりあえずさっきの番号は 『妖怪女』とでも登録しとこ。 で、着信拒否設定。うん I don't get the second line... What does 柳の下とかに立ってる mean? (Aside the obvious.) Other notes: Ikki is a male character who's got a fanclub, and あの子 is the president. Help?
  2. @delapropia: Have you ever been a leader of a group of randomly selected people? It's rather difficult to achieve anything in a timely manner when every member has a completely different level of skills.
  3. I actually managed to put text back! But hkki doesn't save the edited file properly, like you said... Following your advice I also used ct2 to edit text and now the game runs! I still wish hkki could save the DiaLovers files properly, because there's not much I can do when the text space is limited...
  4. Don't worry, your English is okay! What I did: 1. Decrypted install.dns 2. Unpacked the decrypted dns (either with utf tab special or the x-cpk bms script) 3. Modified one line using hkki. 4. Tried to pack it back with cri file maker, but it didn't work properly: my original file was about 125 MB, but the outcome file was 250 MB. 5. As expected, the game crashed as soon as I reached the dialogue screen. I don't have access to my computer now, but I'll check that cri maker you mentioned soon. Thank you for the tip!
  5. Diabolik Lovers. Unpacks gracefully, but no tools to pack it back
  6. I have same problem. I've got tools to unpack encrypted cpk files from otomate games, but no tools to repack them. I've managed to find a modified bms script to unpack encrypted cpk files: http://www.pujia8.com/topic/585/ Maybe this will help someone?
  7. This doesn't work for Diabolik Lovers...
  8. @Kelebek Yeah... I'll try unpacking the cpk with py scripts from cpk tools and if this doesn't work... But first I need to figure out how to actually run those scripts on a file ('~')
  9. I tried to use that cpk python script on Amnesia's instal.cpk but failed miserably... It's because I don't know how to python... Anyone knows some idiot-proof tutorial on running py scripts? I tried googling it, but I couldn't understand any of the answers (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
  10. Yes, I'm sure. The file is indeed PGD. JPCSP handles those files well. It's not really an issue of unpacking cpk files... The question is how to pack them back.
  11. I tried, but it's rather complicated... Unless someone makes a tool for unpacking and repacking CPK files from that game, it's not possible.
  12. Recruiting translators and tl- checkers for "Wand of Fortune Portable" and "Hiiro no Kakera DS". Hacking is going to be done by yours truly for now. Special requirements: patience. You can contact me through here or at my tumblr: ogtproject.tumblr.com
  13. GHP scripts: http://vocaotome.tumblr.com/game-resources As for Shinobi, try googling it. It's a breadmasterlee-approved game, so I think at least one person or two tried extracting scripts from it. If there aren't any on the web, it's still faster to extract them yourself then wait for someone to do it. Use hkki to convert scripts.
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