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  1. Hello everyone, I'm mostly going to use this thread as an introduction to my project and to go a bit more into detail about the development and team as we go along. First before I get started about the project itself I'd like to tell a bit more about the team. Our team, that I tend to jokingly call Y.R.S (Yuri Rescue Squad) is given its name primarily due to the fact a lot, if not most of the ideas we have tend to involve Yuri as a romantic background. However, even if this doesn't interest you, the Yuri element's presence often is different in strength from one story onto another so if you do
  2. Dutch Or to be more correct, Flemish (Vlaams) I guess ^^ Cause if I said I spoke Dutch instead of Flemish (or rather the Antwerps dialect) my parents would look oddly at me =3
  3. Yes, our beer is terrible (the reason I never even tasted a glass, but that's cause I dislike beer in general.) but when people hear about my country they often end up talking about its beer =P And of course you can \^_^ Brussels waffles for everyone~ (I really could go for one right now, but at midnight that's a bit late =P) The only thing you can't get is my waifu >_> ahem~ Thank you for the welcome ^^
  4. Hello everyone, First and foremost: Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this introduction thread, I would give you a cookie but sadly they were used as tributes for someone. My name is Bart, a 25 years old (gods it does start to sound old those days) man living in Belgium. While I'm not the best with introductions I'll try my best not to make everyone fall asleep. When we get onto real life subjects I'm afraid I won't be able to provide you with any exciting tales. I'm just an ordinary everyday person, trying to live life the way it goes, and chasing my childhood dreams. I'm sti
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