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  1. Here is what mine looks like: debug = 2 if debug=1 then money_set 300000000,0 #デバッグ用 if debug=2 then money_set 999999999,0 Also note that this cheat can ONLY be used by starting a new game, no previous save will load it. You won't notice it till you get to make the first schedule with Mikan. and yes I know that means fast forwarding through a lot of dialog to check. I don't know if the spaces matter or not I am not a programmer.
  2. /selfslap Of course! That is H-Games 101. I forgot that when I reinstalled windows this last time I didn't set it to Japanese again! Thanks RauroFalls.
  3. So I have run into a bug. All of the text shows up weird after loading any game save. The name shows up like this > Mikan,A01634 The text is still in English, but smooshed a bit with hearts in-between words, and the different colored text and text bubbles are now just white text on a black bubble for all characters. Edit: just tested with all saves and is now happening with all of them.
  4. By any chance does anyone know how to edit the save files for the HD version? They are a weird .tskfce file I have never run into before. I was hoping to do a bit of cheating money wise but no idea how to open those to edit them. Edit: Never mind, I dug through the files and found out I can use the money cheat from the original. For anyone wondering the file you need to edit is in: main game install folder/ MusumakerHD/ Eng/ Scripts/ Open the Main.txt file and search for debug = 0 if debug=1 then money_set 300000000,0 Then change the debug = 0 to debug = 2 and add in the following line: if debug=2 then money_set 999999999,0 Your finished edit should look like this: debug = 2 if debug=1 then money_set 300000000,0 #デバッグ用 if debug=2 then money_set 999999999,0 This is a useful cheat if you have played the game already and just want to rush a specific ending, such as the pain the in ass to get harem ending. Note that you will have to start a new game for this cheat to take effect, you will know when you get to 1/14 and can set the schedule for the first time.
  5. I agree, it is easy enough to save at each schedule. Better to focus on the translation and maybe someone will fix the save bug somewhere down the road. Just add a note to the patch download about it to prevent people saturating the posts about it.
  6. Ya sorry to report I tried to load a save during a scene and it won't load properly for me either. Windows 8.1 with region set to Japanese. Update: I tried to use Local Emulator to load and still no luck. Same error as all above. Oh but if I hit "Continue" it actually loads ok. Update 2: After using continue I tried to make a save then load it, load failed, same error as loading from main menu.
  7. Just tested it out on Windows 8.1 so far so good! Congrats on releasing the first playable patch, looks really good! I will post if I run into any bugs/errors along the way.
  8. At least we get the routes that are translated so far, that will be a nice bit to chew on till the rest is translated. I actually played all of the English content in the original version of the game and that %15 from the patch was actually a decent amount of content, so %56 is a lot indeed.
  9. Agreed, Please be patient, and be happy it's going to be finished at all, so many TL's die out before completion, and a lot of work went into this one from those involved. Tymmur actually created tools from scratch to help things along and worked with artists for de-censoring, and the translation, editing. and testing also no doubt took a great deal of personal time from all.
  10. That would be really cool, I know many people are still poking their heads in here hoping for a patch. I am not sure if Tymmur is still around as his last post was in September but I hope he is. I'm sure he put a lot of work into those tools.
  11. Even if you guys haven't finished it yet I personally would love a patch for the currently done routes. Some translation is always better than no translation at least for me. If you or Tymmur are still working on this though, I will wait patiently for the finished patch.
  12. Sorry to hear things aren't going well, I hope whatever is wrong gets resolved with as little stress as possible. I really hope no one has had the arrogance to tell you guys not to be lazy when your taking time out of your own lives to do this project for all of us who love this game. Glad to hear that work is continuing though, I think most of the people watching this are more than happy to be patient and wait for news when you feel up to releasing it. "we could use more translators, editors and graphic artists." I'm afraid I am none of the above but I will post in a few forums I know of to see if I can encourage some to come this way.