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  1. Wow, she must be from China,right? Typical chinese style of teaching, very intense. Did you learn Chinese faster because of her? I think learning Chinese first will help you understand Japanese faster, especially those Kanjis, which have similar meaning in Chinese.
  2. Good, now let's do another thread: If you were a college professor to teach a course about a VN, which one would you choose and what would you teach? Good question huh?
  3. I just finished Cross + Channel in Japanese,and I couldn't agree more with its high rating in Japan. Though including SF elements in the story, the main focus of this VN, in my opinion, is to depict and reflect a style of interpersonal relationship that is more easily resonated by Asian readers. I believe readers from societies of collectivism will sense more than the westerners. What do you think of the culture gap in VNs?
  4. White Album 2 It is said that a university in Japan set up an optional course about White Album 2, though I have no idea of what they taught. And fans of White Album 2 tend to support one heroin while blaming the other at the same time, which is not common in VN history. You can still find fans from two sides quarreling on forums and blogs. I don't think any other VNs in the history(and in the future) would do better than White Album 2 on romance triangles.
  5. On PS4/PSVita platform. A VN originated from a well received animation. I didn't watch the animation, I am looking forward to that because of the script writer, Urobuchi Gen, also the writer of Saya no Uta..
  6. 3 風雨来記3 Fuuraiki 3 Bishojou and Scenery, Love and Travelling, photogragh and motor-cycling. That's the theme of Fuuraiki3, The latest in the series. It is first released on PC and then on PS Vita this year. This time you are a photographer who is in pusuit of "the greatest picture" to win a contest. So you are here in Hokkaido, the northest island of Japan, travelling on your motorcycle with your camera. You will enjoy the beautiful real-life scenery of the island famous for tourism, and have bittersweet memories with animated girls you will meet during the journey. For a VN fan who dream
  7. Now I have played S;G 0 (PS Vita)over 4 hours. It is a nice sequel. My Japanese is not fluent. But I know a lot of Kanji, so I guess through the game. I think it is a double win. Fans love more stories, 5pb makes more money. It's just unfair that we compare the sequel with the first one. I do feel the Sincerity from 5pb,so no complains.
  8. About text hook: I don't know why they are not hookable. As far as I know, Kamaitachi no Yoru and Machi(psone download version) have been translated in Chinese.So people there can enjoy them on PSP and of course PPSSPP too.I heard someone is also working on KnY2 in China. Psp has been cracked for a long time,many wonderful exclusive VNs are waiting to be translated. About 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~: Another great Sound Novel, which inherited the spirit of Machi. It's good that you have read it. About Machi in Hyperdimension Neptunia V: This is interesting ,Japanese is good at those little
  9. 2、街 ~運命の交差点~Machi - Unmei no Kosaten Tokubetsu Hen (street : crossing of destiny) 17years ago,this masterpiece was released on SegaSaturn. Now you can play it on PSP or PS Vita(download in JP region). It is a very important VN in the history, with 6000 photos of real-life scenes ,400 characters in it. It stayed on the list of Famitsu's top ten game for over five years!! You will be very involved in this game, like you were in Japan yourself in 1990s You share the destiny of the characters when reading this VN, somehow decide their destiny and then think about your own desti
  10. I never know this! I am not very familiar with iOS, or Android port. And the name....it seems to ruin the mysterious eastern flavor of the masterpiece. KnY is just the beginning. Now I'd like to talk about KnY2 and Shin.KnY (I haven't read KnY3) before I continue to next VN series. KnY 2 The children's folk rhymes on the Jail Island First released for Playstation2 on 2002/7/18. Famitsu reviewed 36/40, which is fairly high. It is almost the same style(thriller/mistery, sometimes fun)with same characters from the first one. I have just finished it. I prefer KnY 2 to the first one. The reaso
  11. Hi guys, I am new here. After my signing up, I have browsed the threads about those wonderful popular VNs. Still I would like to talk about some unique VNs that fans in the west seldom mention. Trust me they are really great VNs. Some of them may be among the top list,though they have never been translated into English. 1.かまいたちの夜 Kamaitachi no Yoru First released on 1994/11/25 for nintendo's SFC(later named SNES in US ),and later on playstation and gameboy. This is not a date sim game but a thriller/mistery VN. At that time people call it a"sound novel". Different version of this VN sold
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