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  1. Hey everyone! Check out the trailer either censored on our YT: or uncensored on our vimeo: https://vimeo.com/198615330 Hope you like it!
  2. Check out the trailer!: Inspired by the likes of Dark Souls, Earthbound, and various tabletop RPGs, Karmasutra is an intense, erotic hybrid RPG/Visual Novel taking place in a rich, detailed, open world. Karmasutra takes place in the world of Tattva - a mysterious, heavenly realm that acts as the final challenge for sinners who seek the call of Nirvana in other worlds. Once home to ancient, sacred civilizations, these eras have now passed; in the wake of this passing, the realm has become an afterlife, a final challenge for restless wandering souls who commit sins in other worlds. As our protagonist awakes in this strange land, he's quickly introduced to concept of Samsara; the journey across Tattva that all "Wanderers" must undergo to cleanse themselves of sin. Confused by this sudden pitch, our Wanderer also learns that this so-called "call of Nirvana" is not absolute; in fact, there are some Wanderers that choose to ignore the call in exchange for the infinite sexual & material pleasures - and dangers - that this mysterious afterlife seems to offer. In this foreign realm however, Wanderers are not the only residents. From the sacred gurus who guide Wanderers and the demonic Asurian tricksters to the monstrous manifestations of sin and the Gods themselves, Tattva is never truly what it seems. But in this mysterious world, where both the path of Sin and the path Merit seem to lead to their own rewards and consequences, which path is truly correct? And more importantly, which path will you, the Wanderer, choose? Karmasutra is a hybrid VN; it plays as an RPG, and interactions with NPCs are done in typical visual novel form.It takes place in Tattva, a large world, filled with many, many unique NPCs - all with h-scnes - and various smaller events and interactions that can be pursued in parallel to the main story. Some features include a morality system, which will change the way characters interact with you and dictate certain events across the world of Tattva, a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired tabletop exploration system, featuring a number of interesting and unique locations, and a turn-based combat system with a unique twist - instead of just fighting, enemies can also be conversed with, randomly generated with one of many possible personalities per-type of enemy. And last but not least, here are a few more peaks at some of the game's characters during visual novel scenes: And some more character art for fun: There's monster girls too! Progress The game is currently scheduled for first quarter of this year, a lot of it is currently finished and holding for art. We're considering a crowdfunding campaign, but nothing is confirmed. Other You can always follow us on Twitter for future updates and stuff: https://twitter.com/TopHatStudiosEN