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  1. Compatibility problem on Yogusa no Sora

    He said it's the old fuwanovel one so it doesn't have discs and stuff. Ah my apologies, wasn't aware that version didn't have that. Well then. This is more of a shot in the dark, but my friend had some trouble launching patched VNs on his windows 8.1 computer, and that was fixed after changing his text format to Japanese, (so not just the locale.) If you haven't already done that, might be worth a shot. I doubt its the root of the problem, but it doesn't hurt giving it a try. Haha your shot in the dark actually hit bulls eye. It works!! Thanks a lot I was thinking of that too but hesitated cuz I thought it would change the interface of my windows
  2. Hi I downloaded this VN from fuwanovel. Heard from everybody that windows 8 is ok to run. However I downloaded this game, changed region to japan and everything yet the game refused to open. I double clicked on yogusa.exe and nothing happens. After that I troubleshooted and the windows only told me "compatibility problem" and no solution is given. I have tried to play around with the compatibility and tried all the possible options but still no luck. Anybody has an answer?