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  1. Hahaha I've just recently finished watching both season 1 and 2 of Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend! At first I expected it to be just a typical harem, comedy romance sort of anime, however it was one heck of a roller coaster ride! The first season was filled with happy moments and the occasional fanservice and sexually suggestive stuff. It's pretty much about a certain guy who drags other attractive girls to help him create a visual novel and form a indie or doujin group of sorts... Things get serious on the second season their main illustrator undergo a slump in her drawing capabili
  2. Salutations! And welcome to Fuwa! Hope you'll find your stay here a enjoyable one!
  3. Ouch.... sorry to hear about your laptop being damage. Well for me, its much practical and cheaper in the long run in just buying a new laptop to save yourself from the trouble. Laptop LCD/LED screens tend to degrade overtime as you use it often be it for work or gaming... It's something we cannot avoid like death itself Humans and Machines ain't that different I suggest salvaging whatever usable parts your old laptop has, like the hard drive, take it out of the laptop and convert it into a external hard drive... Repairing your laptop is only a waste of time and money unless its
  4. Well I suppose that make sense, the first game ending was kind of ahem.... However at the very least its free at both Steam and GOG but prefer the GOG version since I could store the installer on my Flash Drive and play it on our office heheh Yeah ever since Loren The Amazon, they've learned a lot from it and eventually improve their games, they even produced a expansion of Loren The Amazon, I somehow forget the name... Season Of The Wolves has somehow decent RPG gameplay compared to Loren also it does have a DLC too so I guess its successful to some extent... Try checking games
  5. Still a better game than Loren The Amazon and other half bake EVN VN hybrids haven't finished the game yet however I did had fun playing it! Hope to see a sequel soon enough XD Also this game is now available in GOG.COM! Please also advertise the GOG.COM page as well! Steam Sucks balls anyways!
  6. Its one of few decent titles available at winterwolves and this title is their very first VN hybrid if I remember it correctly, I played with it a couple but wasn't able to finish it then I've stopped halfway... Perhaps I got bored with it since the whole RPG mechanics seems kinda repetitive and clunky, however I do like the art in this VN but it wasn't enough to keep my interest up high to continue investing on playing the game... Well it was nice and all... I had more fun playing Aselia The Eternal and Yumina.... Sundrider is a better option, the first game being free and all!!!
  7. Hmm... I believe the protagonist in Hanachirasu is rather a very vicious character raping female enemies before mercy killing them Tsuki Possession and Virgin Roster has despicable, evil protagonist as you would prefer
  8. I've just recently finished watching Shagri-la, such a unusual anime that has some Ergo Proxy vibe to it... the art seemed to be decent enough, the story was somehow "believable" at certain point having a Post-Apocalypse setting, carbon emission indexing totally replaced the stock market or works similar to it. Still pretty confuse about it but the good kind in a way! I had some time actually contemplating my life's purpose whoa! Now I'm going to watch Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend and see if it's any good!
  9. Hmm......... Norton by Symantec... Well not a really comprehensive Anti-Malware app and I personally wouldn't recommend that software to my clients alongside with Avast, Avira, McAfee, ESET, and other under-performing Anti-Malware/Virus apps or software. Norton consumes too much Memory/Processes even its just running the background... Tried using it in clearing a infected client's PC, didn't get the job done... As for Lastpass, yeah it does provide some partial measure of protection but utterly useless if your PC is already infected with Malwares, Viruses, or worse, Rootkit and botne
  10. I suppose so since its free and all, however that's just a add on extension for a browser which doesn't provide any real protection against phishing and other cyber attack from Hackers or from malwares and viruses which are the main causes of security breaches from most people. Google Chrome Incognito could be effective in a some ways since it does not save your browsing history but I wouldn't rely on that for most of the time, I rather use a VPN software if I desire full protection from the Internet... Anyways if you don't mind me asking, what kind of Anti-Virus/Anti Malware apps/so
  11. It's pretty safe to purchase games from Depasoft since they're a legit digital store for Visual Novels, same goes with Mangagamer and JAST USA... Heck Depasoft has their own custom made installers for their games/VNs similar to JAST USA DRM free installers and GOG.com For security purposes on both your privacy and banking/payment aspects, I suggest you use HitmanPro Alert Anti Malware while making your purchases online. That software literally protects your keystrokes while you type your password and other sensitive information... Plus its scanner may permanently delete the stored cooki
  12. Hmm... I'll stick my money with GOG.COM, not gonna spend anything on Steam anytime soon.
  13. Time is cruel sometimes, nothing last forever in this earth. Change will always take place for better or worse... Well I'm a kind of guy who discovered Visual Novels by playing OELVNS, Long Live The Queen being my first one and totally transitioned into those original, true Japanese VNs as I learned how awesome the medium was! And I ended up here in Fuwanovel in my pursuit of searching the best VNs in existence! No one knows what the future may bring, however as long as there are Visual Novels, Fuwanovel will always be a relevant site for both newbies and veterans alike. I'm glad t
  14. Yes... I kind of notice that too.. How could they missed it? Anyways thank you for the clarification! Oh that would be nice! Also why did VNDB removed it from the first place? Do they not like the game?! And many thanks for the clarification! Keep up the great work!!!
  15. Hmm... I didn't see Long Live The Queen and Hatoful Boyfriend in the list? Is it possible to add them?
  16. Long Live The Queen is a game about choices since most of the decision that are presented might led you straight to the grave Just take a look of many awful ways that my princess died in picking the wrong choices While more of a simulator than a actual Visual Novel, its still pretty nice to play from time to time
  17. Umm... Is that so? Well at least I tried Machiavelli and Sun Tsu principles and writings, while highly efficient in the area of politics, business and the military. However its somehow very pragmatic, cold, ruthless, necessary evil. Love is illogical since emotions couldn't be measure by practical, conventional means. Certain conditions must be met if you want to achieve love and happiness... You already know that for your a highly intelligent, academic individual... Keep in mind your also a human being with a living soul whether you believe in the Gods or whatsoever that requi
  18. I understand your predicament, however let me ask you something... What do you expect to get out of your education or masters degree once you completed them all and such? What's your endgame or if there's any in the first place? What's the purpose of all the time spend on your education? Is it worth it? If you end up loathing yourself? Why do you have to subject yourself to suffering in such a way? Was it your choice? Does it give meaning to your existence? The behaviors that you exhibit is often a sign for people who lack ambition, or sense of purpose and direction in their lives.
  19. Your very much welcome! Just PM me whenever you wish discuss something! I also welcome the company of others lol And one more thing, since your a gal or whatever your profile suggest, I also recommend playing Long Live The Queen and Hatoful Boyfriend being few of my first Visual Novels that I read! You'll be totally surprised what they really are!
  20. Greetings! and welcome to the community! Your English seems alright and presentable, no need to be so hard on yourself Anyways my recommendations would be the Fault Milestone which is one of the best Visual Novels for beginners and a very recent title to boot! The third entry is still under production and delayed Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius Is a free western visual novel with some gameplay aspect, try getting the GOG.com version, its much better than the steam ones since it allows you to carry the installer on any given media storage and install the game in any number of PC that you
  21. Saku Saku: Love blooms with the cherry blossoms and Gaokao.Love.100Days are somehow similar to Fureraba and Princess Evangile as the setting is a High School romance drama of sorts so I'll think you like it! Other light stories that I familiar with are the Fault Series if your alright with Kinetic Visual Novels which does not require much interaction from the player and little to no decision making... More like just reading a book without expectations... Its the kind of VN you'll read if you just want to listen to a good story and relax.
  22. Been watching some of of his game reviews from awhile ago which is pretty comprehensive to say the least. It's such a sad moment that one of the finest game reviewers passed away... I hope he'll find peace in the afterlife...
  23. Honestly speaking. I don't expect much from out of a Visual Novel whenever I read them leisurely I just accept them for what they are at face value, if a certain title sucks, then it sucks balls, if the visual novel was compelling and epic in proportion, then lucky me I guess for not wasting my time and got a decent entertainment and learned something new in the process People get disappointed for setting high standards and expectations for certain things in life. To make life simple and easier, I consider stuffs such as videos games, Anime, books, and Visual Novels in particul
  24. Rejoice! The impossible actually happened! GOG.COM finally publishing Visual Novels for real! Never knew this day would come It's a good thing I have a account there! I can now now purchase VNs straight through GOG instead of going to the developers website or something! Hope to see more quality VNs to be published on GOG like RPG hybrids and all that wonderful stuffs!
  25. GOG.COM finally releases some of their few first visual novel titles!!!! I thought I was dreaming or something that GOG.com would ever consider publishing VNs on their store but here it is. The world is changing so fast Perhaps the situation isn't so bleak after all since this is GOG.com we are talking about!
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