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  1. Ah just want to know something about this wonderful VN! Are the Hentai scenes voiced or decent enough?
  2. Use them then! Locale Emulator is the easiest to operate and what I mostly use to install/launch/run/play Japaneses Eroges since their software is designed to run under Japanese system Locale environment. And our default system Locale is not compatible with their games which is normally in English, unless you switch your locale to Japanese and fancy reading Japaneses unicodes whenever you open a program or something! I'm not really good on explaining the specifics however the link is here if you don't know where to find it. After installing Locale Emulator, right click on the
  3. Are you using AppLocale or Locale Emulator in playing or launching the game?
  4. Hmm... I'm pleasantly surprise that GOG.COM is giving Total Annihilation, a very wonder RTS game for FREE! Better grab it for anyone interested while its still free! https://www.gog.com/game/total_anihilation_commander_pack
  5. Trying creating a new user account in your PC and install it from there, see what happens. Usually works most of the time unless your OS is somehow damaged from within...
  6. I also have similar feelings like getting away from family and just live with myself without the hassle having to associated myself with others. However despite how crappy your situation might be, your pretty much stuck with the family fate has cast upon you. Its easier said than done and I know it's pretty HARD but you must learn to accept your current realities or situation and make the best of it. Happiness is your own responsibility and nobody can give it to you, not your family or your girlfriend/boyfriend. Nobody period except yourself... You won't be happy or achieve wholeness in the lo
  7. I see no point in being ashamed of liking hentai scenes or playing eroges in general. Its pretty human to be lustful and seek avenues to satisfy said lustful desires, as long no one is harmed along the way except you that is. In fact I like hentai animated scenes found on Imouto Paradise and eroges made by Zyx and softhouse-seal or anything that is animated! One primary why westerners are reluctant to express their interests in hentai or visual novels, eroges in general is because of their Judeo-Christian influences and doctrines. believing embracing sex or other sensual actives of
  8. You have fine taste in anime my friend! Aside from Gosick. The Book of Bantora is also a underrated and a anime that is almost unheard of... Its a story of people dying and turning into books instead of dead bodies... Pretty Interesting Story... And when you read someone's book, you'll able to witness someone else's memories.....
  9. Hmm... Why don't you try Sakura Sakura I think it has a built in sequel or after story of sorts on the routes that you played/chose... And it has 2 protagonist for different scenarios. Princess Evangile is mostly romance but tackles some issues on gender integration and it has a Fan Disc too! My Girlfriend is The President is more comedy oriented, a Parody of Obama and Putin in their Female versions. And it comes with a Fan Disc too! Fureraba is a pretty decent high school romance Eroge! Has its own Fan Disc as a DLC for the after story.
  10. Relevant plot and good characters: The Book Of Bantora Violet Evergarden Gosick OreGairu Durarara!! Fate/Zero Dramas like Key-based animes; animes that make you cry: All I can think of is: Anohana Psychological horror Monster Another Shiki Elfen Lied
  11. Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption and Bloodlines are basically one of my childhood games! Definitely going to give this game a try once it gets released! Glad to know this game is also available in GOG.COM as well!
  12. Thank you so much for the info! Really appreciate it!
  13. Greetings! About this Visual Novel... Does the hentai scenes has sounds or voice acting or does it just stay silent whenever the naughty stuff happens?
  14. I'm currently playing Sengoku Rance and having blast, its a kind of Eroge/Visual SRPG that I didn't expect to play but ended up loving it all the way! The gameplay is highly addictive although somehow hard and needs to be played with a walkthrough or guide of sorts to have any sense of whatever is it your doing in the game. The storyline is pretty hilarious as well! the only let down is the lack of voice acting in the game but its no big deal. its has a ton of reply value and it would take a while before I could really finish the game and all its routes! Hope to see all the Rance games makes i
  15. My Girlfriend Is The President Sanoba Witch Saku Saku Yumina The Ethereal SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy
  16. I've just recently finished reading/playing WORLD END ECONOMICA. The game is practically about the Stocks Market, getting flighty rich and second chances. Just my cup of tea since that's what I'm currently striving to reach insurmountable mountain called success or happiness. whichever names it was. Sometimes I forgot why I'm doing it in the first place lol I'm still thinking my own options to play/read for the next game. Should I play The Expression Amrilato or Serment-Contract with a Devil or something different? Hmm... Choices... Choices...
  17. Currently watching The Rising of the Shied Hero. Enjoying every moment of it...
  18. Happy birthday to me lol! And its raining hard here too huhuhu
  19. Aselia The Eternal Kara No Shoujo Steins;Gate Saya No Uta: The Song of Saya Hanachirasu Ever17: Out Of Infinity Cross Channel Sorcery Jokers ef The House in Fata Morgana
  20. Well even legends deserve some sense of respite from time to time... There will always be people willing to take the torch in continuing your noble work... Perhaps its finally time to let it go...
  21. Do not aim on eliminating or quitting an addiction of any kind since its impossible. You cannot force your system to changed instantly, you need to be gentle with it, give it some time. Instead of entirely not playing MMOs. try to minimize or limit the amount of time spend in playing these games, that's more realistic than attempting to stop playing it altogether, you'll only end up hating yourself for failing to achieve it... Anyways its not my place to judge... I'll send some ebooks both practical approach and or the more esoteric nature if your really desperate to get over your addiction Vi
  22. Hmm... Partly because I like anime and Japanese games in general. Also because of the wonderful cute art and the music as well. I suppose the Japanese has a why of telling narrative stories in a unique way. Heck there was a time when JRPG dominated the entire RPG Games Genre in ages past until games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment got into the scene and started the golden age of Western RPGs or CRPGS. Well one of other reasons that I've played Visual Novels is I desire "Variety" in playing games, I just get bored when I play too much first person shooter or RPGs. I
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