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  1. Try Sorcery Joker Perhaps you'll like it since you played Tsukihime and Fate Stay Night which are action oriented Visual Novels... Also for games similar for Oreimo, try Love Sweets and Uchi no Kanojo That's the only stuff which comes to mind.... There might be others which are better but I don't know... Welcome to the Fuwanovel Club by the way!
  2. Started playing VenusBlood Hollow International which is my first Venusblood game to play in the series. for an Visual Novel SRPG, the gameplay aspects of it is pretty deep and engaging! It even rival in terms of greatness to that of Rance Games! Took 2 weeks for me in clearing the chaos route of the game and now playing on my second playthrough! One of the best Visual Novel SPRG I ever played! Such a blast to play despite its difficulty hahahah!
  3. Pretty nice artwork! The girls looks gorgeous! Wish you the best in your endeavors in creating your dream VN!
  4. Hmm... Trying checking out Little Witch Romanesque. It has a high fantasy settings with magicks and swords. The protagonist is a ArchMage or ArchWizard of sorts... Tasked with raising 2 troublesome cute girls into full fledged wizards. No Magic Academy sadly. Only a Ancient Tower...
  5. Sorry couldn't provide one, its was a very long time ago I stumble upon it by accident while reading some dozen of articles about Chris Avellone scattering in the Internet. I tried finding it but all I can find nowadays are articles of Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Assault about Chris Avellone. Well I don't really care if Chris Avellone is a womanizer or something as long as he still writes RPG games and stuff. Creatives like him tend to be crazy one way or the other...
  6. Heh.... if only life were easy... You cannot have everything in life, its the same to games. that's why we play many different games to fill that gap Western game Writers like Chris Avellone excel in World Building and actual game lore, Whereas Eastern/Japanese game Writers shines on characterization, that's the reason why they always include cute girls in their games, each with unique varying personalities. heck even Chris Avellone admits at some point that he incorporates some eastern writing style in creating his characters on a RPG. try playing king of dragon pass, the
  7. Yeah an VN RPG hybrid maybe. I think he won't go out of his way to make a VN, what do you like most in a VN anyways? the setting or the characters?
  8. Planescape Torment in VNDB?! The Hell?! Really?! Is that for real?! Never heard of that until now lol! And here I though most VN/Eroge readers/players are anime weebs who just transitioned to playing/reading anime games. Glad to know I was wrong lol! Anyways... Planescape Torment, despite being a RPG, it has less combat and you'll spend most of the time reading. I think Planescape Torment is the game that solidified Chris Avellone being a great writer in the CRPG community making himself a name. It's one of the few games in its time that is narrative heavy. It even rivals Baldur's Gate
  9. Whoa! While I might not recognized the other writers, You mentioned just Chris Avellone among them. That guy usually only write stuffs for RPGs! Have you played the Infinity Engine games, Pillars of Eternity, Or Pathfinder Kingmaker by any chance?
  10. Little Witch Romanesque It's one of the best raising VN sims out there in English and this is where Long Live The Queen got the idea in addition to the Princess Maker Series. Some people say its even better than Princess Maker but you'll be the judge of that! Shining Song Starnova Shining Song Starnova: Idol Empire Since they are all about idols and stuffs Beat Blades Haruka Beat Angel Escalayer R They kinda feel like a simulation of sorts and an raising sim when you play them despite being an RPG... You can also find other t
  11. I also chose Moonstone in the survey as I kinda hoping for them to localized Sakuranomori Dreamers 2 then also added Innocent Grey since I want Mangagamer to localized the third Kara No Shoujo title. these are the titles that I've choose. Sakuranomori Dreamers 2 Caucasus ~Nanatsuki no Nie~ Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode As for a particular developer... Hmm... maybe Ricotta
  12. Well I suppose their 18+ VNs are nothing special... Remember playing the original Fate/Stay Night centuries ago and the H scenes was kinda dull and voiceless... The art was okay... Here's hoping they'll released a PC version somewhere along the lines.
  13. Hmm... So no PC version which kinda sucks and this is going to be all ages since its going to be released on consoles right?
  14. Hmm... If you want Comedywise VNs/Eroges, I could list a few although I'm not sure if they're decent in the Storywise department. All I can say for certain (in my case) that is you'll surely laugh a lot once you get to play these VNs/Eroges Lamunation! My Girlfriend is the President and the Fan Disc too! Manken! Riddle Joker is also kinda entertaining to read and the story is decent enough I suppose...
  15. Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai Yume Miru Kusuri Caucasus ~Nanatsuki no Nie~
  16. I’ve Just Finished Watched Oregairu Season 3. One of the finest anime series I had the pleasure of watching for quite a long time. The anime’s title My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected is very deceiving. I remember a long time ago I watched the anime’s first season somewhere around in 2014 expecting it’s a generic high school comedy romance. Instead I got something else… Social Commentary about life in general, youth, ideals, expectations of society, superficiality, codependent, social suicide, and many more. Perhaps words are not even enough to describe what this anime is all abo
  17. Littlewitch Romanesque: It's about raising two witch apprentices, it has many routes and how you trained you're 2 apprentices greatly affects their future whether they fail in life or succeed... That's Impactful enough I suppose... Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Well... This VN is popular for a reason. why don't you go check it out!
  18. Say what you will regarding the leaker's motives, for good or ill. Thanks to his actions, we get to see the inner working of Mangagamer Staffs on what they really think about the Visual Novels/Eroges they translate and their fans in general. So what if it is a private matter? The fact still stands that Mangagamer Staffs despises their own fanbase. Period... I'll think twice of supporting a company with this kind of mindset. Are you alright with that or are you somewhat condoning their actions? Perhaps you only care about the Visual Novels/Eroges they published?
  19. Hmm... I see no point participating in their so called "Licensing Survey Sideshow" as they just mostly at best ignore the voices of the people since Mangagamer Hate Their Own Fans Why do they even bother keeping with the illusion that they care about their fans by having them take part in these surveys of sorts. Also I'm not so sure whether we can see other Rance games since Arunaru left magangamer. His reason behind leaving the company reveals enough what kind of company Mangagamer really is. And they say JAST USA was bad lol...
  20. Happy Birthday! @MaggieROBOT Wish you all the best! And also happy birthday @Kenshin_sama May he find happiness wherever he is....
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