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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Amethyst in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    Incest is wincest
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    DarkZedge reacted to hsmsful in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    Marry: @Zander, he seems like the kind of guy who I would never get bored of talking to.
    Fuck: @HMN, I am getting your good ending baby.
    Kill: @Zakamutt, as a revenge for my poor Mahmood.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Chewy in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    Essentially my joke but I see you like selfcest.. You have my approval
    Pick a time and place
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    DarkZedge reacted to Tyrael in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    Marry: @Rinima
    Fuck: @Chewy
    Kill: @Kawasumi
    Easy pickings. (also, Rinima quit posting here a long time ago so this is a safe pick as well.)
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    DarkZedge reacted to HMN in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    Marry: @Zakamutt
    Fuck: @Okami xD
    Kill: @myself because I actually fucked Okami
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    DarkZedge reacted to TexasDice in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    Fuck @TexasDice
    Marry @TexasDice 
    Kill @TexasDice
    In that order.  
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    DarkZedge reacted to Chewy in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    Marry: Zander followed by
    Kill: Zander followed by
    Fuck: Zander
    Did I do it right mum?
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from HMN in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    As the title clearly says this is the "Marry/Fuck/Kill" thread for Fuw0, for those of you who don't know it consists of each one picking a user to marry, one to fuck and one to kill from our lovely community and must also tag said person as well. (bonus for those who give reasons or more than just the list) 
    I'll post mine here :
    Marry: @HMN
    Fuck: @Kawasumi 
    Kill: @Dergonu (he'll enjoy it, trust me)
    Let the games begin!.

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    DarkZedge reacted to Kawasumi in M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~   
    L E W D
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from ittaku in ONE VN you should read before you die.   
    I thought it'd be a smart shit post about making people read ToHeart 
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    DarkZedge reacted to ittaku in ONE VN you should read before you die.   
    Heh well as much as To Heart 2 means to me, and how many years work I put into it, I'm not blind enough to consider it the best VN of all time. On the other hand, for anyone that enjoys moege and charage, I put it to them that they should all play To Heart 2 at some stage because it is one of the reference works that basically defined the genre in one fell swoop. VNs before it were nothing like it in scope and tropes became tropes as a result of its writing. They weren't tropes when it was written. It has dated in many ways but there are also still very likeable aspects to its story and characters, and the amount of meta references to this game in the most modern of charage still today make it an invaluable reference for jokes. Playing it is reading history in the making. Even if you don't plan to read it, check out its and its animes' list of (spoilers) tropes http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VisualNovel/ToHeart2
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from InitialRN in New Member   
    In any case, welcome to Fuwa. Hope you enjoy yourself.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from ShinRaikdou in ONE VN you should read before you die.   
    I thought it'd be a smart shit post about making people read ToHeart 
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    DarkZedge reacted to HMN in ~~~FAVORITES!!!~~~   
    Favorite vn: totono
    Favorite loli: Eru from hello, lady!
    Favorite kyonyuu: I can't pick between all the kyonyuus I like
    Favorite best girl: Sera
    Favorite art style: kkkk's art is dope
    Favorite genre of vn: chuuniges
    Favorite "dere" type: yandere
    Favorite waifu: Yumiko from grisaia
    Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? @DarkZedge
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from HMN in ~~~FAVORITES!!!~~~   
    Favorite vn: To this day it's still Comyu
    Favorite route: This is really hard since I have way too many that I like( given lots of thought probably I could come up with one.)
    Favorite loli: MayuMayu from Comyu
    Favorite kyonyuu: @HMN
    Favorite shota: @Chewy
    Favorite best girl: Megumin (but there are too many I love)
    Favorite art style: Kara no Shoujo
    Favorite genre of vn: Hm I play just about anything with some exceptions.
    Favorite "dere" type: Yandere
    Favorite yuri game: Flowers
    Favorite  non- canon pairing: Don't really have one.
    Favorite side character: Hanako & Azusa from Tsujidou-san
    Favorite otome game: I've only played some of the Amnesia ones so those
    Favorite best boy: Yamato from Majikoi
    Favorite translation: I don't really have one
    Favorite OELVN: VA-11 HALL-A
    Favorite trap: I don't have one (don't like traps)
    Favorite jrpg: Tales Of Berseria
    Favorite waifu: Kusakabe Asako from Grisaia but I have waay too many
    Favorite imouto: The one from Wagamama High Spec
    Favorite Kemonomimi animal type? Nekomimi / Ryumimi
    Favorite BL: None, I don't like BL or Yaoi
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Silvz in Hey, can you please   
    God damn weebs and their cancerous posts I tell you.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Zakamutt in Hey, can you please   
    whomst does this?
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    DarkZedge reacted to ittaku in What Anime are you watching now?   
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    DarkZedge reacted to Zakamutt in Top 10 VNs I'm totally going to read before I die, ok   
    People keep posting their top 10 lists but frankly I can't relate to all this shit. Like, actually reading visual novels before you blast your opinion of them to the skies? Holy shit it's like I'm in good practices central or something. Since that's way too much work and the only way to get me to read things is to literally bait me with stupid bets like "I'll read some of your recs if you finish this buggy totally not moege that you probably can't text hook lul", here's my list of things that I'm totally going to read, sometime next year or so, so I can finally actually talk about them without spewing uninformed bullshit.
    1. Muv Luv Series
    Widely respected, universally 7/10, porn patch never (but it'll probably be out in two years if we're lucky!). It even has a certified fresh translation, so maybe I won't feel like editing every single line. I suppose I should say something about the actual vn but I'll just assume you don't live under a rock instead tbh
    2. Dies Irae
    I was totally intending to read this when the porn patch came out, but then the porn patch took forever and was shite and also I stopped respecting half the translators as much after trying out their version of seabed. So now I'm too elitist to read the loc, and uhh it's kind of hard in Japanese so maybe in five years. However YOU are probably not as picky as me so you should probably read this thing in a year or two! I suppose I should say something about the actual vn but I'll just assume you don't live under a rock instead tbh... actually I'm not sure if anyone has explained it properly without spoilers anyway so whatever really.
    3. きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも、*ahem* uhh yeah Asairo blah blah blah it ends with a fucking comma who DOES THAT?
    I already put Dies Irae here so I guess I should continue the Kamige train. This VN apparently would be really annoying to translate because it depends a lot on kanji on multiple deep levels or some shit, also the writing is memed to be real good (have u heard of Shumon Yuu), also it apparently made otakus mad because of how it had too few h scenes or something. Since you're a proud western elite free of any silly otaku impulses you're bound to enjoy it. Too bad I'm probably too shit at Japanese to enjoy it. Maybe in four years!
    4. Mememasa
    TL out in 2030 if Peter Payne hasn't died from a cringe-induced heart attack looking at J-LIST ads before then, oniichan. Oh yeah, the ge. Uhh it's probably based on the idea that there are no true heroes, no weapon kills only the malevolent, and it's chuuni or something. Also it has only sad endings apparently. My edge boner is literally piercing the ceiling just thinking about it tbh. Maybe in 2.5 years!
    5. Danganronpa
    Okay so I realize that danganronpa is pleb but it seems to have a somewhat unique aesthetic and I want to at least be able to have an opinion on it, especially when it's popular with people who don't normally read VNs due to their completely reasonable dislike of typical forms of the medium inherent plebness (actually honest question do I even want to associate with these people oh well). But I'm too lazy to set up the fan tl and reading a NISA tl is beneath my dignity so I guess I'm fucked for now. Is there even a jp pc port? I'll do it one day, mum.
    6. Cross Channel
    Wow this one's actually translated, twice, too bad both the tls are terrible. YOU HAVE FAILED ME GEORGE HENRY SHAFT BUT I FORGIVE YOU BECAUSE YOU TRANSLATED THE MOEYURIKAMIGE HANAHIRA AT ACCEPTABLE TIER FOR MOE FLUFF. Written by the other highly memed vn writer after shumon yuu and ou jackson and masada and wait shit umm anyway tanaka romeo is like well known or something also he had an ln or two anime化'd so he's probably actually good (wait shit LNs get turned into anime all the time damn). Uhh so I hear cross channel is a comment on otaku and also the protagonist is insane or something and cool stuff happens or something, that sounds great, also the lolicons are diseased meme is good. Maybe in 3 years!
    7. Umineko
    I was waiting for this to get released by MG but I'm told the fan tl group was mostly holding the strings and they don't seem fully approved by the people I know. Anyway people say Ryuukishi レナ has an either shit or unique writing style in Fapanese and it would be great to be able to have an opinion on this, and if the tl isn't great why not harvest this additional benefit right? But otoh I'd be reading a mystery vn that's longer than the organ that ended the life of mr hands (do google that, very good tbh) at like half speed. Maybe in 1.5 years!
    8. Harukuru
    Ah yes, the vn that starts with like 13 h-scenes that are apparently funny and later goes sci-fi on you or something. Written by certified insane author Watanabe Ryouichi and consistently stema'd here and there, and possibly getting translated but there are no news and everyone's wondering wtf happened. The only real thing stopping me is that I should probably finish Subahibi in jp first tbh, so maybe in a year!
    9. Horobikuchiru Sekai ni Tsuioku no Hanataba wo
    (This is my "doujin cred" title for the list ok)
    I've thought for far too long about a tl to the title, which should probably be something along the lines of "A Bouquet of Memories in Remembrance of this [Broken, Decaying] World" where the broken, decaying part is what I'm not sure about because how do you even horobikuchiru (the vndb page has it as two words but that seems wrong to me, horobu is in -masu stem form which is commonly done if one wants to combine verbs like say 踏み込む). Uhh yeah so I actually read the prologue and I kind of want to tl it as a teaser one day because it's basically about this scientist that's like "SCIENCE IS AWESOME, BUT I'M GONNA DIE ONE DAY AND NOT SEE THE EVEN MORE AWESOME SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS OF THE FUTURE, WHICH IS VERY 悔しい (SORRY KUYASHII IS VERY HARD TO TRANSLATE), SO ILL LEAVE MY WIFE AND CHILDREN BEHIND AND GO IN THIS FORWARD-IN-TIME-ONLY TIME MACHINE, BECAUSE HOLY SHIT SCIENCE IS AWESOME AND I WANT EVEN MORE OF THE AWESOMENESS HUMANS ARE FUCKING GLORIOUS". And then you get six different stories from the future and it's like hard sci-fi and whew it's kinda annoying to read. Maybe in 2.1 years or something.
    10. Aiyoku no Eustia
    Idk what's even stopping me tbh. Oh yeah this one has a translation project in progress which looks merely meh tier rather than actively bad so to any eops that are still reading this (why?) there's hope for you too! If I like it I'll have something I actually disagree with Clephas on which would be good because he's sort of a meme among jops. Oh yeah it seemed to have edgy shit and philosophy and politics or something and a cool fantasy setting.
    You think I'm memeing, but this is actually my 本音
    Read lynne
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Kenshin_sama in Got an Extra Nekopara Vol. 1 Steam Code   
    I can only show you amusing magic tricks :3
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from PapaRabbi in Got an Extra Nekopara Vol. 1 Steam Code   
    I can only show you amusing magic tricks :3
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from mitchhamilton in Got an Extra Nekopara Vol. 1 Steam Code   
    I can only show you amusing magic tricks :3
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