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    DarkZedge reacted to CeruleanGamer in Dracu Riot Tranlated?   
    100% translated Dracu-Riot or.... RIOT!!!
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in EroGame Industry declined by 6.4% to 19.1 billion yen, reported by YanoResearch   
    Lol, just now are we doing this?
    Yes that's a flawless one alright -Gets a straight jacket ready-
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    DarkZedge reacted to CeruleanGamer in EroGame Industry declined by 6.4% to 19.1 billion yen, reported by YanoResearch   
    Gimme a sec, I'll report @Dergonu to the nearest psychiatrist or maybe mental institution?
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Nightmare799 in EroGame Industry declined by 6.4% to 19.1 billion yen, reported by YanoResearch   
    What you say it's true, it really is despicable and they think that just because the product itself contains something that appeals to the target audience it makes it acceptable or any good to flood the market with low quality stories, shitty characters so on and so forth but then again sometimes comes a company or companies that actually do have some sense and respect as well as creativity hence why we have some of the greatest Vn's though it's getting more and more scarce these days to find great ones even if there are some...
    I just would like to see the market improve so there's more investment and there fore an overall improvement in quality and quantity...the solution for businessman is an easy one. Don't work? then get rid of it instead of trying to fix it...which is a senseless and despicable way to work around things that not only doesn't produce earnings but also pisses off the audience you target as a company, and in the end of the day we're the ones buying their products but we're not stupid and won't settle for low quality products when we know that there's actually good stuff out there.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in EroGame Industry declined by 6.4% to 19.1 billion yen, reported by YanoResearch   
    Hmm, maybe I'll just have to win the lottery and start forcing all the companies with my newfound wealth to make more yuri games! That would surely cause world peace make the market stabilize, because lets face it; everyone loves yuri, so everyone will buy the games!
    It's a flawless plan!
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    DarkZedge reacted to Nightmare799 in EroGame Industry declined by 6.4% to 19.1 billion yen, reported by YanoResearch   
    Japanese entertainment business? Learning? Improving?
    Those sentences...they...uh, you know...they do not go very well together. I mean, take a look at what happened to Dynasty warriors series and most of their PC releases. When they are finally willing to take risks, they usually fail to deliver the effort necessary, which leads to making excuses why their releases, be it games anime or VN's  are not getting good sales such as piracy, when in fact mostly their laziness and lack of presentation, along with their mentality that I can only comprehend as hatred towards west, are at play for their failures.
    I mean, I am enthusiastic about Japanese technological advancements and their achievements and integrity as nation, but the heads of their entertainment enterprises are among some of the most despicable people I can think of, not that it is any different in west mind you, but heck, at least we try sometimes.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Nightmare799 in EroGame Industry declined by 6.4% to 19.1 billion yen, reported by YanoResearch   
    I agree, the problem is that many of the ones coming out are not very good..they need to realize that they need to put a foot down and start making better products or else it will never improve
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    DarkZedge reacted to Fiddle in Hallo~   
    You shall succeed in life.
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    DarkZedge reacted to xToki in Hallo~   
    Hi there!
    So I've been lurking every now and then, and since it's new year, and we got a new theme, and I'm really bored, it's a perfect time to introduce myself!
    Toki here, your typical anime addict from Canada.  And I just found out that the name Toki is not taken, but I..
    ..pretend you didn't see anything.  I love anime, and manga, and lolis.  I also play games like Osu!, LoL and some MMOs, tho I'm pretty bad at all of them.  And I also draw some anime/game fanart, mostly lolis.
    Did I mention I really like lolis?
    Back on topic, I first found the term visual novels on BakaTsuki, right under light novels.  At that time I had no idea what it was, probably assumed it was like picture books like manga.  Later on, I stumbled onto the old fuwanovel site, around the time Little Busters! was airing, and downloaded that LB game out of curiosity.  Thus I found out that it was like anime in a game! except you don't have to wait! and you get to make choices!  How awesome is that?  I also really liked the Key feels train, the Air/Kanon/Clannad/Angel Beats series was really big to me back then.  By the time I finished LB, it was like one of the best things ever, that kinda feeling, ya know? ;D  After that I played Rewrite, and it left an impression on me, it's probably still my fav VN today.  After that I went back to fuwa to search for more good, and played a short yuri called Amaranto, it was nice.  The next one I played was Sharin no Kuni.  Now keep in mind that by either coincidence or fate, the previous titles were all All-Ages.  But this one is not, and I didn't see the 18+ tag, or maybe I did, but I was like one of those middle schoolers who sign up to become Mahou Shoujos without reading the terms and conditions first.  So in a perfectly normal classroom scene, I had a 18+ scene shoot out and hit my face.  I somehow muddled through it, past the end of the first act, or chapter, or whatever it is.  Then during the beginning of the second one...I have no recollection of what happened next, except that I closed the window, went to control panel, uninstalled the game, and ran off crying.
    After that, I played some of the other great titles like HoshiMemo and Konosora, Comyu, G-senjou and a bunch of others, but since I've rambled for quiet a bit already, ima just end it here.
    Nice to meetcha~
    Oh, and did I mention I really like lo- /slap
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in Dracu Riot Tranlated?   
    Thank you all for the information, it's close to what i had heard though i do hope they manage to finish it
    Lol xD
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    DarkZedge reacted to Nosebleed in Dracu Riot Tranlated?   
    Dracu Riot Translation Status: Meme
    Release Date: Soon™

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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Dracu Riot Tranlated?   
    From the translators homepage:
    ". If, by 1st December there are no active or meaningful attempts at translating Miu’s route, I may come out of retirement to work on her route. However, the likelihood of me finding time to work on the game will only decrease year by year. In light of this, if I am unable to give one last attempt at the end of the year, we will stop beating the dead horse, release the remaining routes, and announce the official death of the project."
    It was posted 2013, and there has been no updates that I can see, so I would guess this means the partial patch which contains: prologue, common, and Elina routes, is what you get, at least for the moment.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from VirginSmasher in Grisaia No Kijatsu - 3 days after Amanes good ending   
    I feel most of Grisaia's routes are just plenty satisfying and yeah Amane's Ends are quite the tearjerkers...i played this Vn in a short span because of how damn addicted i was to it and loved it and replayed the shit out of it aswell..The grisaia love is amazing

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    DarkZedge reacted to Decay in Grisaia No Kijatsu - 3 days after Amanes good ending   
    And I disagree with that. See my earlier post in this thread. I guess I never get invested enough in the characters to feel like I'm losing anything when I move on to a route, even a true route. I still experienced those stories, and nothing about how I felt towards them at the time will change by reading a true route.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Hakuoro in Grisaia no Kajitsu   
    Try with Grisaia.exe
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    DarkZedge reacted to Mr. Meogii in Koisuru Natsu No Last Resort   
    I didn't have those fonts installed. But I downloaded a new game and every thing is fine now. Downloaded those fonts too. Thanks.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in would you be embaressed to have these in your room?   
    Nothing else to add, whatever we put on our space is our damn business and if they don't like it then too damn bad ^^
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in would you be embaressed to have these in your room?   
    Not at all, its MY room I can put whatever the hell I want in there. What I do in my free time is not really anyone else's business.
    Also, that mothers against anime thing... what the hell? ... there was a post on there saying ISIS are otaku... Even for a joke, thats a little bit over the top.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Scorp in Mangagamer 2015 review   
    Gahkthun is niche in the niche, so I am rather pessimistic. Same for Kara no Shoujo 2 - which is superior to most of the top-rated novels in the list - but never sold any good.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Stanleys in Otoboku - Maidens Are Falling for Me!   
    Otoboku - Maidens Are Falling for Me!
    Licensed by MangaGamer
    One day, the heir to the prosperous Kaburagi Corporation, a soft-spoken yet cultured young man, received a visit from his family lawyer. He came to pass on the final wish of the boy's late grandfather: that he attends an all-girls school!   With his childhood friend Mariya - a talented fashionista - to help him with the "transition", Mizuho enrolls in his new school. It's not long before a series of strange misunderstandings leads to him being elected the school's "Elder Sister," the idol of the entire student body!   It's one wild event after another at this all-girls charm school! Can Mizuho make it through the year with his identity - and his dignity - intact?   Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order

    This VN consists of six routes, featuring Takako, Shion, Yukari, Mariya, Kana, and Ichiko. While there does not appear to be an enforced play order, it is suggested to have finished at least one route before reading either Kana's or Shion's route.

    Route Guideline

    Itsukushima Takako
    Good End

    Juujou Shion
    Good End

    Kamioka Yukari
    Good End

    Mikado Mariya
    Good End

    Suouin Kana
    Good End

    Takashima Ichiko
    Good End
    100% CG Collection
    You can get 100% of the CG by reading chapters 1-3 of the Bonus Scenarios in the extras menu on the main menu.

    This walkthrough is based on info attained on Gamefaqs.com with some adjustments made by me.
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in Your picks! One of each!   
    As the title says and even though i've seen the top 5 threads, i'm making it a bit different here and hope it's to everyone's liking:
    Basically you have to pick : Favorite Heroine, Favorite MC, Favorite Ost or song from a Vn and then their counterparts which are Most hated heroine, most hated MC and least favorite Ost (If you have any) and i hope everyone has a lovely time making their choices ^^ ( and as a bonus if you're confident enough you guys can pick your favorite Vn aswell ^^)
    Favorite Heroine:
    Hinamori Kagome (Coμ) : I recently placed her second on a top five list but after thinking it a bit i came to realize just how much i love this girl overall, her attitude, desing, personality...EVERYTHING

    Favorite MC:
    Naoe Yamato ( Majikoi, Majikoi S and the A series) : To me he's extremely likeable although not the most badass but he fits right in

    Favorite OST or Song:
    I just love it, nothing else to say about it haha
    Least Favorite Heroine:
    Aoi Isuzu (Hoshizora no Memoria): Pretty self explanatory, i won't go into detail...

    Least Favorite MC:
    Itou Makoto (School Days): Do you know him? if not well you're lucky, i just despise this dude completely..

    And i don't really have a least favorite Ost or song but that's because i haven't read those many Vn's yet as to have found some that are bad or dislikeable overall...
    Well and that's my list, i'm eager to see everyone else's lists and learn more about vn's ^^ hope you like the idea and thread
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Your picks! One of each!   
    A-Another one.  
    Dont really have a hated OST, so I´ll just stick with protagonist and heroine. 
    Alright, uhh just one, umm, ok favorite portagonist: 
    Kazami Yuuji. Not much to say other than he is the best MC ever. 

    Counterpart: Makoto from school days. Yeah, no one saw that coming  

    Most loved heroine: 
    Habane Kotori from Kono oozora, already explained her in one of the previous threads

    Counter part: Rika from Euphoria. UGH I hated that selfish little girl sometimes. Geez. Her selfishness in the games is seriously kind of scary at times. Screw Nemu, this chick is the true evil in Euphoria. 

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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Canicheslayer in Top 5 VN Heroines   
    I agree with those two and i'll add more, the positions don't really matter but ill re- organize them anyways:
    1 - Yumiko (Grisaia)

    2 - Kagome (Coμ)

    3 - Usami Haru (G-Senjou)

    4 - Tsubame (Majikoi S)

    5 - Ran (Edelweiss)

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    DarkZedge got a reaction from VirginSmasher in Top 5 VN Heroines   
    Well the positive side to this is that there are far too many great Heroines in VN's  which is awesome! and of course, the more we read the more characters we love or hate, a sad truth
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