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  1. People can be so petty and unfair when others don't measure up to their unreal expectations.

    Wake up, not everyone will be like you are or how you'd want them to be, how selfish can you be to force your standards on everyone else.

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    2. DarkZedge


      Easy lad, I don't know why you'd think I would dedicate an status update to someone I don't know but if I were you I wouldn't go into other people's pages to cause trouble simply because you thought it might be about you (which is not by the way).


      Have a good day.

    3. Lucius


      Well, considering that you visited my profile page during the period I was banned recently, and posted this update also around the time I was banned, excuse me for misunderstanding just a little. :rolleyes:

      But alright. If you say so. Have a charmed day... or whatever it is you say to others at departure.

    4. DarkZedge


      Sounds like you're just a tad paranoid lad.


      Have a good one :sachi: 

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