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  1. False. At least, I hope not. XD The next person likes antique sepia photos.
  2. I have not watched all of these, but I have had people recommended them to me. (Some may be too "girly" for certain tastes.) Kanojo X Kanojo X Kanojo (My favorite) Spocon! The story of 15 beautiful girls I trust my girlfriend Princess Marriage Feud Princess Limited Fiancé Quartet Celeb Kano Maki-chan Now: Girl Fainting in Agony If you're looking for more of a erotica type (focused on emotions) then I'd recommend something like Nozoki Ana. Also, I saw these on another site recommended, mostly borderline H with plot: My Balls Sakuranbo Syndrome Virgin Na Kankei Virgin Na Kankei R Nozoki Ana My Lovely Ghost KANA Leona Explosion Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto desu. Velvet Kiss Toshiue no Hito Sense. Pink de Pink My Doll House Momoiro Sango Kono S wo, Mi yo! Koibana Onsen Honeymoon Salad Aki-Sora My Lovely Ghost KANA Yomeiro Choice Yuria 100 Styles Hope this helps. ^_^'
  3. I probably got the "True End" or something equivalent. I met my high school sweetheart at 16, went through some trials, had a strict father, father eventually became more lax after we wouldn't stop seeing each other, married at 21, everyone is happy. (Okay, married life isn't all fun and games haha.) When we first met, he was actually going out with my friend, but I REALLY liked him and wrote him letters. She ended up cheating on him. I sneaked out of my house and crawled through my woods to meet up with him at the end of the driveway. (To comfort him, of course. :p) The moon was full. We didn't kiss, but we talked until five in the morning. There are many cliches in this story. XD
  4. Very true! Even so, many students at my university are berated for writing anything but literary fiction. It's unfortunate. One time I attempted writing a story about a relationship between a robot and a human and for an hour straight I was criticized on how unrealistic it was. "I respect you as a writer," my prof said, "but this is garbage and won't get you anywhere in the literary world." So I went back to writing what they deemed correct and it has brought me to graduation. (Even though I want to write commercial fiction.) I miss the fun aspect of VNs and am very happy to be here. Thank you for the welcomes.
  5. Thank you so much for letting me know! I am not used to this sort of thing, so I'm sorry for mentioning a taboo! I've edited my post. Thank you for the welcomes everyone. I cannot think of any VNs that are my favorite at the moment, because it has been several years. I do see Hakuoki sitting below my TV though, and I remember really enjoying the historical aspects of it. I moved on from VNs to choice based video games, so it's difficult not to get those out of my head. I remember playing The Second Reproduction and If My Heart Had Wings. I know I played others, but my memory is so bad. XD Also, I am not sure how I stumbled upon VNs in the first place. I remember being a little girl and playing those frilly flash games with cliche stories. So maybe that's it haha.
  6. Hello everyone, my name is Kayleana. I am an English/Creative Writing major (Eng. Education minor) who secretly loves visual novels. Okay, it's not a huge secret, but in my department they can be quite frowned upon. ^_^' I have three cats and a husband. (Married a year now.) I am the president of the fencing club at my university. I enjoy video games, reading, and writing. I hope to someday write stories for video games, but that will probably be a long way away. Dragon Age is my favorite series, following with The Legend of Zelda. Next year I plan on writing a young adult novel, so we shall see how that goes in the future. If anyone likes the Tamaki Suoh page on Facebook, well, I'm the admin of that page and I run the host club on there. It is fun, but it can also be a bit challenging. I hope to make a YouTube video on role-play etiquette soon. (We get a lot of kids who want to be vampire cat princesses in the Ouran world.) I used to visit this site all the time, but I was never apart of the forums. I've been away from VNs for awhile, having to read lots and lots of literature, but here I am again. If you have any advice for this newbie, that would be fantastic. If you have any recommendations, fire away. I enjoy anything with a great story, no matter the genre. I am very shy and a bit scatterbrained, so bear with me!
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