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  1. @Zalor I'll be going back home by then. In terms of trip duration, if you're going to Japan for one week, then I think it's better to just visit Tokyo and also visit the area near Mount Fuji.
  2. I'm in Tokyo this week for holidays and regarding some of your questions such as electronics,food and trains; They said that Akihabara had alot of electronics, personally it was meh and just standard stuff you find everywhere. There's alot of nice otaku stuff though. There's a nice VR demo by Bandai in Odaiba, you should give it a go, unfortunately I didn't get to try it out because you had to book reservations in advance! http://project-ican.com/ Foodwise try eating barbecue beef (yakiniku) and sushi. Public transport is very accessible but it's pretty complicated so i
  3. Steam is important because there's an existing audience for visual novels. If your game doesn't get on Steam, your audience will be much smaller unless the developer group is already well-known already.
  4. Now live on kickstarter and steam greenlight! Kickstarter Link Greenlight Link
  5. So recently Team viewer got compromised and now this?
  6. I have no idea why they aren't moving on to modern forums such as Discourse or Flarum
  7. Haven't got a clue as to what features to update or add. I only updated the advanced search feature. Feeling a real itch to do some work on the site but can't figure out much.
  8. Anime Studio Simulator (Simulation / Management) Well I decided to make a visual novel after playing around with Ren'py last month and also after reading up some of Diamonit's posts so here goes my first project! Kickstarter Link Greenlight Link About Anime Studio Simulator is a visual novel with simulation elements in the game involving the player managing a team. Throughout the game, the player must battle deadlines, stress, motivation and other resources like budgets to make their own anime. (Inspired by Shirobako ofc) The Story Yukari recently graduated f
  9. I really liked Squealer in Shinsekai Yori as a villian. He had a well fleshed out backstory with clear motivations and his actions are subjective. http://shinsekaiyori.wikia.com/wiki/Squealer
  10. There is a database underneath the application and it's using postgresql. I think you are confused about the whole thing. What I am describing about is Web Frameworks and also here. I also updated Musumaker here VNTLS status here.
  11. You do know that both websites are developed using totally different frameworks? It isn't as simple as just making a fork and editing stuff. VNDB is designed to be a database while Visualnoveler is designed more as a webapp. As for the translation status, most of the updates are coming from the reddit translation status update threads. I did a search for musumaker in VNTLS and I didn't see any results.
  12. I finally finished implementing all the translation data from 2008 to the present time. It should have a look similar to what VNTLS had in the past before they went inactive Visual Novel Translation Status Here's a sample of how a visual novel translation page looks like (Astral Air)
  13. Mayoiga is a pleasant surprise for this season.
  14. The review number is very important and should be put at the top of the page for users to have a rough idea of how the review's been written. Anybody who feels discouraged/lazy to read through the entry wouldn't just change their mind because the number was omitted. People are lazy and hiding the number won't change anything. To fix the indie / publisher / company issues. You can use tags! Add a big noticeable tag at the top of the review to show that it's a review at a specific category, i.e indie/etc etc
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