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  1. Learning Japanese for VN reading?

    What you said sort of reminded me of "If they have no bread, let them eat cake" "If they have no [patches], let them [read Japanese]" Even though it might seem like learning something new only takes motivation and dedication, I think it also depends on other factors like your prior experience, your environment, your current place in life, amount of free time and resources at your disposal. For example, say there was a person who knows Chinese (prior experience with Chinese characters), with reasonable free time and lives in an area where Japanese classes are being offered. Compare this to someone else with no background in Japanese aside from watching anime, lives in an area where there are no classes for Japanese and is still a student who needs to spend time on his other studies. Do you think it would be easy for the second person to learn Japanese? I agree that the second person would eventually learn Japanese but that person clearly lacks a lot of the resources to do so efficiently and I think it's because of some of these factors that other people shy away from learning Japanese. However, at the end of the day, I would have to say it all comes down to how much you love visual novels/animes/manga/Japanese otaku culture in general. Because all of those factors are secondary to motivation for learning. Imagine it like this, learning Japanese is like climbing a mountain and it is those secondary factors that decide the height of that mountain. Some people have a nice gentle climb to reach the top but others have a steep, intimidating climb ahead of them. And it all depends on how much you want to see the view at the top. Some people are satisfied with photos (patches), some people are satisfied with trying to take a car (machine translation lol), but some people want to see the view magnificent view at the top with their own effort. For me, anime/visual novels have been a great part of my life and since they are a part of what makes me myself, I decided to learn Japanese so that I could enjoy it just a bit more.
  2. Japanese rap music

    Not really if this type of music was what you were looking for but it's the closest thing to japanese rap that I listen to. And I'm not sure what Korean rap you listened to but its not all bad.
  3. Lol is that how you saw that picture. I mean just because it's a picture of little girls doesn't mean that it has to be branded that way. It's because of descriptions like those that make people like me who only like to watch the innocent smiles of children be branded as trash of society. God damn
  4. Hello~

    Nice to meet you~ Lol, favorite H-game is Saya no Uta... Well I loved the game too so its alright I guess xD
  5. Hello everyone

    Nice to meet you~ Baldr Sky and Dies Irae! Definitely two visual novels to be excited about
  6. Newer Rom-Com Translated VN

    Well, you could probably play Majikoi S, if you ended up enjoying the first game. And also Osananajimi wa Daitouryou would probably fit in even though it was a 2009 release.
  7. https://twitter.com/leafwow/status/765405991072436224 Rem in Wonderland
  8. What Anime are you watching now?

    I loved the music and also the Shakespeare quotes from that anime. So much so that I even ended up learning how to play some of the music. Lol but marathoning 13 episodes , I remember having to wait for each episode to come out. Aside from that, I've started to watch the second season of Re:zero. I must say, aside from Subaru, I like it.
  9. Japanese Help Thread

    And I am so stupid... Extracted the text to look at the Kanji, accidentally changed 流決 into 流失. Be confused about what is eroding and also be confused overall... Anyways, I see where I made my mistakes in understanding the passage. This is actually really good! Lol forget what I said before Also, the passage seems to come from 武に身を捧げて百と余年。エルフでやり直す武者修行. It would have helped if I knew that earlier.....
  10. Muv Luv Unlimited Crash Meiya Ending

    Not sure what you mean? The save file should be there.
  11. Japanese Help Thread

    So without the context, I was confused at first but I'm guessing this was in the middle of a fight scene or something similar to that. Anyways, here what I think it means. Seemingly like one stroke, with full force, the first stroke of the swordsman, seems to deceptively come back, and change and transform into the second and third strikes. Zai(In) is the essence of "prime fighting jutsu" (The name of the technique that is being used)
  12. Lol, exactly how I felt. I think episode 8 seemed to contain the comedy that was really missing in some of the previous episodes. Also, Kagari-Chan seems to have a bubbly personality in the anime, which is polar opposite from the visual novel but I ended up liking it.
  13. Muv Luv Unlimited Crash Meiya Ending

    As for the solution to your problem, I think deleting the plugin folder and running the game worked for me. Make sure you have another copy of the plugin folder somewhere else so that you can copy it to where you installed your game after getting past where the error occurs. And in case that doesn't work, the 100% save file can be found here.
  14. Fuwanovel League of Legends Thread

    I usually never watch openings to games but this was just incredible. LCK Summer Final, entrance of the players that happened today.