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    Dreamysyu got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in What Anime are you watching now?   
    So, retsu batoru!
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Shaun in Aiyoku no Eustia Translation Project (Partial Patch is Out!)   
    There is no chance that would happen since the developer of this visual novel has no intention of releasing it to the west.  There hasn't been a single official translation to any of the developers visual novels.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    I just finished Muramasa, and, well, it was a worthwhile experience, but not much more than that. It's definitely on the good end of the spectrum; it simply fell short of my, admittedly high, expectations. To say it in clearer terms, I wouldn't place it among my top 10 VNs, as suggested on VNDb; maybe not even my top 30.
    To name a few things I disliked about it:
    - The protagonist. Yeah, he's pretty much the definition of an antihero and he's expected to grow on you over time, but I still think you'd need to be able to symphathize with him somewhat from the getgo to truly immerse yourself in the story. Sadly, that is something I was unable to do for a good part of the game. I realized there was probably some reason for his actions, but not knowing those, I could only judge him based on the information I had been fed. This made me not really care one way or another whether he lived or died, which made battles, among other things, lose a lot of impact. Speaking of...
    - The fight scenes. They're probably my biggest issue with Muramasa, considering the fact that they make up such a large part of the game. Basically, I found them too long and over the top for my tastes. I could accept the premise of "Okay, foe, in order to beat you, I will unleash my ultimate attack, which cannot be avoided. <1 second later> Damn, he avoided it. Let's boost my power although I was already at the maximum and try again. Rinse and repeat." back in the days when I was watching Dragonball or Naruto, but I've kinda grown past that by now and don't find it nearly as entertaining or exciting as I used to. (This also happens to be one of the reasons I haven't read Dies Irae yet.)
    - The rape scenes. I can't recall a single one that was actually relevant to story progression in the grand scheme of things, meaning they were all just there either for cheap shock value or to cater to the tastes of the people who actually enjoy that stuff.
    - The info-dumping. I realize that many people might want to know every little detail about every little thing, but to me, it just felt tedious and bothersome. At one point, it caused me to literally start nodding off on the couch, so I ended up skipping past that part of the game just so I wouldn't get completely bored out of my mind. I think this is actually the first VN where I've skipped something that wasn't an h-scene, which should speak volumes about how disinterested I was.
    - The true ending. This came so out of the blue, I had to take a moment just to realize what had happened. I was entirely convinced I was on one of the regular routes and would later end up on some true route revolving around
    but then it just ended and all I was left with were a few missing CGs from earlier choices and the knowledge that all the stuff I thought were just a bunch of sidenotes in pursuit of something greater were actually what canonically happened in the story. It was a cocktail of confusion and unfulfillment.
    To not end this post on a negative note, I'd like to mention that one thing that Muramsa deserves praise for is its translation. I remember seeing one person making a comment about this being the new golden standard for localizations, and while I can't attest to the accuracy compared to the Japanese original, which I haven't read, this is without a doubt one of the best VNs I've read in terms of prose.
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    Dreamysyu got a reaction from Silvz in What are you playing?   
    Honestly, if you don't like it in the beginning, I doubt you'll like the rest of the common route. If you don't like this kind of humor, you will probably hate it. It stays more or less the same to the end. As for the heroine routes, for some reason there are some very polarizing opinions about them. I personally found Amane's route to be really good, and Makina's route to be quite decent, while the other routes were a bit lacking (though all of them had their moments).
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Zalor in Looking for good short vns   
    If you don't mind horror, you should definitely check out Saya no Uta. Other short VNs I highly recommend are Planetarian and Narcissu. Be warned though, both are really sad. And Saya no Uta isn't exactly a mood lifter either. But they are definitely 3 excellent VNs
    Regarding stuff that's less on the depressing side I would recommend Juniper's Knot and The Dandelion Girl. Both of these are really short though. Each only take slightly more than an hour to read. I also would recommend checking out Katawa Shoujo, as while it isn't exactly a "short" VN (it isn't a long one either), it's split up into parts. Act 1, which is the first part only takes like 3 or 4 hours to read. If you complete Act 1 and you're liking it you should continue with it, and if not, feel free to drop it.
    Lastly, while I can't personally recommend it since I haven't read it myself (honestly, shame on me). Phenomeno is a short VN that a lot of people I know liked. 
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Clephas in 10 Difficulties and Frustrations related to Visual Novel Localization   
    1) JVNs are generally priced high in Japan and over here have greatly reduced pricing.  
    2) Localization speed can be anywhere from three months to seven years depending on the company doing the job and any legal issues involved.  
    3) My advice?  Don't until you have it done and ready for release, then announce it a month before you release it with plenty of community outreach.
    4)  The balance between Westernization and translation.  An eternal dilemma for people doing anything related to bringing JVNs over here.  
    5)  Who cares about censorship?  Mosaic is sexy *Clephas's eyes go blank and he gives an eerie smile*
    6) Digital availability?  Well, preferably, it should be available on Steam at the very least, since a lot of people don't want to trust their credit cards to small net shops run by individual localization companies.
    7) Pay for localization staff sucks, end of story.
    8 ) Kickstarters were great for the first iteration of the larger localization industry (as opposed to the 'old version' where there were precisely three companies doing localization and spent years on each one), but now they are just an excuse to defray costs in advance with no guarantee of an actual release.
    9) No need for physical versions of the localized games, unless the game becomes popular enough to justify a commemorative edition.
    10) VNs are less niche than they used to be, but any genre where reading is a significant part of the experience will always be niche, as most people are too stupid to be truly literate.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Social Scum in Hello i'am come Việt Nam   
    Hi everyone
  8. Love
    Dreamysyu got a reaction from Fiddle in Birthday thread   
    @Fiddle, I thought you were turning 6 this year.
    PS. Happy birthday.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to ChaosRaven in First OELVN kamige? The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass   
    So, the recent release of The Sekimeiya: Spun Glass went pretty unnoticed so far, but currently seems to get some attention thanks to a comment on VNDB. It actually has a rating above 8.5 with over 60 votes there, which is unusually high for an OELVN. There aren't even that many JVN's that high. It's a scifi mystery thriller that actually looks pretty professional. It uses NVL style, which I personally don't like that much, but if the story is good it might not matter that much.
    So, for everyone who isn't already jumping on Muramasa and looking more for a SciFi mystery VN in the spirit of the infinity series titles like Ever 17, this might actually be worth a look.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Fujoneko in What are you playing?   
    I just finished Higurashi's seventh chapter: Minagoroshi. This one hit me hard in the feels and left me so damn angry, ugh!! 
    Chapter 9:
    Chapter 10:
    Chapter 11:
    Chapter 12:
    Oh wow, I can't wait for the next chapter, what the hell!
    This might just be my favorite chapter of them all, deserving a 9,5/10!!! Holy shit, that might be one of my highest scores so far!! 
    For the next two weeks, I'll be finally finishing Higurashi aaaa so excited!!
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Silvz in What VN do you wish you could play for the first time again?   
    Umineko but paying more attention to the mystery. I think I missed too much the first time I read it because I was focused on the narrative only. The same applies to the Infinity series, but those I'd just like to not remember the truth behind the mysteries so I could appreciate the story more.
    Clannad for the feels. I still want to rewatch the anime but I know the impact of the drama will be weaker. Planetarian too, but for a different reason: I didn't like it :< I wanted to not have this opinion about the game so I could really enjoy it.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Vekili in How do you find the time to read so much?   
    I have not left my home for one and a half years now so I have time for everything...yay😃
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Zoxell in Not the Target Audience   
    Howdy, all! As the title suggests, I'm somewhat far from center of the target audience for most visual novels. I'm an oldtimer D&D pen and paper RPGer turned MMO junkie, FPS practitioner, Sims3 storytelling blogger and, now, avid visual novel consumer. I'm also now rediscovering anime for the first time since Ronald Reagan was president. I'm an imperfect but striving  husband, dad, programmer, teacher, and outdoorsman who seems to always find and hike the rocky trails. Those are the most fun! But it's murder on the knees...
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    Dreamysyu reacted to littleshogun in Will Anyone From America or Europe Make a Quality Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist ?   
    I see that you now used emoticon of anime character crying, which to say is very fantastic on it's own.
    Seriously though, at this rate you'll going in circle by your request (If not command) in regard of creating black skinned MC in a VN. I'm not saying that it's not possible to have black skinned MC in a VN, but I afraid I must say that your point here might be taken as an insult to even black skinned people because you just directly assume that what black skinned people need to be happy is just to self insert with the same skin colored MC, while actually there's a lot of factor that can make black skinned people to be happy just like any other people. As for your real life situation, while I can see that your issue is understandable I think it shouldn't be used as the reason for keep futilely begging and crying asking for a VN with dark skinned MC just for you to self insert (I don't think that it's usual for the people to self insert just because of the same skin color), although if you just want to entertain us like a clown then I have nothing to say other than keep at it until you get what you want.
    PS - From your past posts I know that you're willing to work hard to get the VN with black skinned MC and has very big production value only to have lack on resources problem, but considering that you said that you've been depressed because of that perhaps it's about time you took some time to rest and recuperation from VNs for some times.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Nenor5VB in Will Anyone From America or Europe Make a Quality Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist ?   
    Do you think anyone from USA or Europe would make a Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist ?
     We really need a VN like that fast and pronto. Because so far, there has been almost zero depictions of Black Male MCs being in a romantic relationship with any anime-style girl except for Bob Makihara in a very old anime ( Tenjou Tenge ), so I would very much like to play at least ONE VN with an MC like that.
    I may not be African IRL, but just a dark-skinned Asian from SEA, but I can relate and self-insert as any character that is either brown or darker(like Black people) because whenever I see characters that share my skin color get some love in anime-style fictional works, I feel comforted and satisfied, since I don't have a GF IRL and can't get one due to very complicated reasons.
    So, do you think anyone will make it so that I and other people of darker skin complexions can enjoy a lot ? Lighter guys already have so much representation, so can't you give us our turn for a Self-Insert Protagonist just for this one or few times for us to buy and play, pretty please ? Please pass this thread to the relevant companies that can help make this goal be accomplished. Onegai Shimasu !
     I myself have enjoyed countless stories with a lighter-skinned protagonist, so can't you guys do the same in reverse, pwease~~? 
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    Dreamysyu got a reaction from Silvz in What are you playing?   
    I personally played the Steam version for the first Grisaia, with the exception of one route which everyone said was ruined in that version, and I never played the full 18+ version, though I skipped through some routes of the other version, and I've seen some skipped scenes. So, take everything I say with a grain of salt. That said, I personally believe that the 18+ version is superior, though not to the point that I recommend going for it if you absolutely despise h-scenes. Lots of changes are pretty minor: some jokes are missing, and some foreshadowing is skipped. The protagonist in the all-ages version appears as a lot more decent person, and it will probably make him a lot more bearable for some people, but you can also argue that it breaks his characterisation. On the other hand, there are some changes in Michiru's route that I personally find really nonsensical. The route is pretty much big mess to begin with, but I personally believe I could enjoy it if I came with a right mindset, though the changes in the Steam version certainly didn't help.
    Ironically, I probably should've gone for the Steam version for the third game.
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    Dreamysyu got a reaction from Templarseeker in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    Started the final chapter in Trails in the Sky... First Chapter. This naming sure is weird.
    Anyway, the story started getting pretty interesting. I can't say I were particularly mindblown by it so far, but who knows, there's still time. The gameplay is fun. At this point I can say that I was absolutely right that I chose to play in the hard mode, since the normal mode would get very easy eventually. At the start I had some trouble playing in the hard mode and even had to grind for a bit, then it got to the point where it was still challenging, but not obnoxious, but right now, I feel, the game started to get a bit easy. Maybe I overleveled everyone a bit, lol. But I generally try to explore whole maps when I have a chance and complete as many quests as possible (though I still missed a few). Or maybe right now I have a lot of skills to choose from, so I can deal with the enemies more effectively.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to bakauchuujin in List of VNs with official english release   
    I made this list almost 3 and a half years ago, making this list and maintaining it has taken a fair amount of effort, but for the most part I thought it wasn't too bad and updating it gave me a good insight into how scores on vndb would change after english releases and in general just a good overview of the official publishers of visual novels in english. However the last few months I really kind of stopped caring that much for this list and updating it became more of a chore. 
    One reason is probably that I have been at this for quite a while about 3 and a half year is a fairly long time, the other being improvements to the visual novel database search functions, I recently made a video about these search functions and honestly I don't see the point in this list anymore. Especially now that you can search for producer/publisher on vndb and get things properly sorted rather than before where you could just get a chronological order of what they released.
    Because of this I plan to stop updating this list, I will do my last updates for it this weekend, but after that I probably won't do further updates. I still see a point in the one for physical releases though and that takes way less effort so I will maintain that one.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Eclipsed in What are you playing?   
    Fatal Twelve. It popped up randomly in the Switch store the other day, jeez y'all gotta market better!
    Fatal Twelve is a, uh... battle of wits style battle royale death game? Except there's no hard violence- no epic Fate/Stay battles to the death. At the other end of the spectrum, there's no glorified verbal debates like Danganronpa's Class Trials. That's probably my biggest first impression disappointment going into this VN lol.
    The basic premise is that 12 people died, and through an enigmatic process called Divine Selection they are put through a 12 week altered reality where none of them actually died. The goal? To eliminate all other participants via weekly Elections in the Court of Fate. Other than that they are relatively free to do as they please with their newfound time. In order to Elect someone, a participant must have their opponents' 1) Name 2) Cause of Death 3) Life Regret. An eliminated participant will have their death become reality once again, and any physical actions or influence they made between their original death and the current present is erased. The sole survivor of the Divine Selection gets the privilege to defy fate and live on while the rest perish as fate originally intended.
    The whole process is supervised by none other than Parca, a snarky self proclaimed Goddess of Destiny.

    Yo you're cute and all, but, I mean, wtf kind of name is Parca?
    The 12 participants all have different backgrounds and circumstances ranging from mafioso, wealthy businessman, housewife, single old man, smuggler, rich indian prince, female child, and of course, our protagonist, your every day ordinary high school male high school female with a delinquent appearance: Rinka. She really is just a high school kid, as she mainly spends the first half of the Divine Selection just mulling about her school's upcoming culture festival and friendships, with her research into the other participants being limited to really amateur attempts such as trying to Google them on the internet. The adults do all of the heavy lifting, forming alliances and long con betrayals. 

    Who looks more out of place here, the handsome Nigerian Prince or the delinquent schoolgirl lol.
    The story plays episodic/weekly, with the first few weeks being easily forgetful since they were used to eliminate the fodder cast and establish the mechanics of the Divine Selection as well as give you a feel for how the other participants are going about their days. Might as well have called this VN Fatal Six, since that's when the remaining cast get to have some better interactions and scenarios with each other. As I said earlier, the weekly eliminations in the Court of Fate also leave much to be desired, as those segments really lack any climax feel. No oomph. One person just Elects someone, calls out their name, cause of death, and regret, and that's it. Moving onto the next week.

    Pretty curious to see how this can end, like if there'll be any jaw dropping twists or if it'll just end straightforwardly.

    Another VN err otome that just came out today that I've been waiting for is Bustafellows. For some reason I thought this was made by the same devs IdeaFactory/Otomate who made the blockbusters Code;Realize and CollarXMalice, but apparently not. Still looks like it has the potential to be included in the list of high quality otome VNs that everyone who gets into otomes should read though.
    You play as Teuta, a cheerful 21yo freelance journalist living in modern fictional U.S. New Sieg. Looking for her next scoop she happened upon one of the heroes, Limbo, a famous skilled arrogant lawyer on the side of justice. Hoping to catch an interview she calls out to him, but much to her shock he just collapses and dies, blood pouring out of his chest.
    So what does she do?

    She timeleaps one hour into the past into the body of another in order to warn Limbo about his impending doom.

    ...Oh yeah, this should be good.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    Currently enjoying Kinkoi, but the following dialogue went completely over my head. Does anyone have any idea what it's a reference to?

    In any case, it's one of the better VNs I've read lately, although there's a weird (and somewhat creepy) bug that causes face sprites to show up separated from the heads, but it doesn't happen too often. Here's an example:

    (I might've added some additional text. *cough*)

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    Dreamysyu reacted to Fujoneko in What are you playing?   
    So, I finally finished reading the fifth chapter of Higurashi (aka Meakashi) and man, does it feel amazing to read it for the first time! The previous ones were all rereads so I kinda knew what to expect (although I didn't remember a lot) but this one, even tho it's related to the Watanagashi chapter, it had a completely different feeling~
    My comments (spoilers, obviously)
    So far, this is my rank:
    #1 Tatarigoroshi
    #2 Watanagashi
    #3 Onikakushi
    #4 Meakashi
    #5 Himatsubushi
    Anyways, I'll give this one a 7,8/10! Next will be Tsumihoroboshi (chapter 6)! 
    I can't wait to be with my boi Keiichi again~
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    Dreamysyu got a reaction from Fujoneko in What are you playing?   
    So, after a long break with VNs I'm finally back. I'm currently reading Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning, and I'm loving it so far! Right now I've finished 3 chapters, and I'll try to write a more extensive reaction after I finish the whole VN.
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    Dreamysyu reacted to rax in Hello Everyone introducing me   
    Hello Everyone,you can call me rax.
    I'm new here and i really likes Visual Novel.I found this forum because of the user called Zalor playing his novel called Digital Seclusion and  ended up making me want to create an account on this forum.
    i am playing Visual Novels since 2017 and these days i can say that i really like Visual Novels.i have a Youtube Channel too that i do videos of gameplay of Visual Novels and some times Speedrun of Visual Novels just for hobby and passion in my channel called "corner of the caatinga"-Cantodocatinga (its a portuguese-Brazilian Youtube channel.)
    i hope i can enjoy in this forum because i am very reserved and not very talkative.
    My Favorite Visual Novels are Muv Luv Alternative (i read all trilogy and some spin-offs but i prefer Muv Luv Alternative),Fate/Stay Night,Clannad,Steins;Gate,Tsukihime,Sengoku Rance and some other Visual Novels.
    i like the Visual Novels of Key too.
    Well i guess thats it.Good day to all ^^/
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    Dreamysyu reacted to rax in 50 translated VNs you should read before you die   
    i only finished 7/50 of this list.This will be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG journey Man...
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    Dreamysyu got a reaction from ChaosRaven in What are you playing?   
    So, after a long break with VNs I'm finally back. I'm currently reading Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning, and I'm loving it so far! Right now I've finished 3 chapters, and I'll try to write a more extensive reaction after I finish the whole VN.
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