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  1. 6 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    It reminds me the most of that Demon Lord anime from last year, with the protagonist being an OP player roleplaying a villain (rather than actually being one). But even that makes it sound way more fun than it actually is – it does nothing interesting with the premise, nor does it know how to implement the tropes in a fun way. :wafuu:

    Well, the LN/manga I mentioned is the only one with a somewhat similar premise that I'm aware of, but I'm not surprised if this is really a pretty common trope. Isekais quite often rely on reusing ideas from the earlier works over and over again, to the point that often nobody even knows who came up with that idea originally. On the other hand, many authors still manage to make creative and/or genuinely well written works using these tropes. This game is most likely neither of these. :meguface:

  2. On 7/4/2019 at 8:47 PM, littleshogun said:

    If we talk about it from the number of translation released, I think nowadays would be better. Although if you think that nowadays there's too much release so much that it become saturated, then yeah 2010 would be better because there's still few releases back then. Of course it's also interesting to note that some of the VNs from the list (6 out of 10) already have official rerelease, so maybe you can say that there's some demand for the rerelease here.

    I wasn't talking about the number of releases (it's not like that many VN readers read more than 10 every year on average), but about general quality of the games translated. I mean, looking through this list, there's a lot of very popular stuff. Compare it to the last year, for example.

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    Another is that more wasn't done to make Shun a better antagonist... to be frank, his twisted mentality is only poorly explained, even with the extra scenes at the beginning that pop up on your second playthrough.  Spending some time with him in the Empire would have helped greatly to illustrate his fall from a slightly twisted teenager into true madness. 







    Yeah, I agree. Personally I felt like the secondary antagonists were done a lot better. Especially Quedgin.



  4. 7 minutes ago, LemiusK said:

    Still, the interest just isn't there anyone, you know? I like that there's an option to skip past the main route and go straight for the new routes, but having moved on from Little Busters (not to mention all Key-produced games in general) for such a long time, to return to that world, that story just for two additional routes/heroines... I don't know. Just feels kinda awkward. It's just not the same feeling as going into a sequel for a VN like Grisaia no Meikyuu (which expands the story for five heroines + Yuuji, not just two). I didn't even like Sasasasasamigawa that much back then. :makina:

    Yeah, it's more or less the same for me. I don't know, I just don't care about traditional Key that much anymore.

    On the other hand, I read Planetarian last year, and it was still amazing. It was by a different author than the most other Key VNs and it actually doesn't have most flaws other Key VNs have. Rewrite is also pretty cool, but it's Key only in name. Summer Pockets, apparently, is also handled by completely new people, though I heard some mixed reactions about how it actually came out.

    6 minutes ago, LemiusK said:

    And frankly speaking, I think I've outgrown Key VNs. Not that they're childish or anything but... I don't know. Key VNs have gotten progressively worse over the years, and their themes of friendship and family are kinda too corny for me.

    To be honest, the problem with Maeda's writing is that he got used to one particular way of writing things (which got old years ago), and whenever he tries to even slightly go away from it, he fails. He failed in Moon., he failed the same way in Charlotte more than 15 years later.

  5. Quote

    Now that they have been translated, however, I'm still unaware of how these new routes are accessed, and whether if they would require me to replay the whole story or not.

    You would probably need to replay through the whole VN to reach them, yeah. The new routes spoil the true route, so originally they were supposed to be locked before you finish it. The Japanese version of EX gave you a choice at the very beginning to unlock them (in case you already played the original version), but I don't think you can do it in the official English version.

    OR you could just use a 100% save file. Or just skip the additional routes, like I did. I mean, I literally played this game more than five years ago. :makina: As if I would care anymore.

  6. Quote

    While Episicava claims to be inspired by classic chuunige, I think it would be much more accurate to think of it as a VN adaptation of some particularly trashy and bloody shounen anime.

    Well, it does sound like a very generic chuunige from the way you describe it. Even classics like Dies Irae has most of the same problems and overused tropes (and it's one of the reasons why I became kind of bored with it after just finishing one route). The reason why they are considered good VNs, on the other hand, is that they have some other very good points that make the whole overall experience worth it. This VN... probably doesn't have something like that, from what I understand. :yumiko:

  7. Quote

    This is a tremendous disappointment for me, as someone who was a fan of hers, because the ending to her route in "The Fruits of Grisaia" hinted that she might have broken past this facade and learned to appreciate herself more. Unfortunately, "Labyrinth" regresses her character for... comedic relief.


    Actually, this reminded me that the biggest problem with Michiru's AS I personally had is that I felt as if it completely disregarded her development from the original route.


    I mean, from what I recall, didn't it basically state in a plain text that Michiru got over her fake tsundere persona?

    Now I'm interested in what your reaction on Rakuen is going to be. :yumiko:

  8. Hmm. I don't know what happened to "graphics in games doesn't matter" me from the past, but in spite of all the bashing the screenshots still make me want to read it. And, like @littleshogun said, the isekai themes in VNs are actually pretty rare, and I wouldn't mind this changing just a bit (to a reasonable degree, of course :makina:). So, I don't know, considering the size of my backlog, most likely I will still skip this, but maybe I'll take a note and return to it at a point where I just want to read something stupid.

  9. Was it, I wonder? I'm not sure if relying on vndb in this case is reliable, because the highest rated titles are obviously going to be the ones that have English translations, and the localization studios seem to be focused more on the newer titles. I know that the otome game market was pretty big even prior to that, but I don't know whether those titles were actually as good as the ones released later.

    Well, I can't really add anything else, so I'm summoning @MaggieROBOT and @Mr Poltroon.

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    There’s only one conclusion: Saya no Uta has only one good ending, and it’s the one where humanity is turned into tentacle monsters from beyond the void. The two others are horrible losses of potential, and we can only hope that a world-conquering probe such as Saya will be summoned to Earth once more, this time to succeed.

    Technically, yeah, but this kind of reasoning still doesn't make this ending feel  good though.