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  1. Question about "Fruit of Grisaia"

    This route seems to be the most connected to the sequels. It's also (in my opinion) the best.
  2. Question about "Fruit of Grisaia"

    I'm pretty sure this VN doesn't have any hidden stories or CG. The author of the walkthrough might've thought that some route order provided more enjoyable overall experience than the others, so he listed it. I personally think that the order in this VN doesn't really matter, though I recommend leaving Amane route to the end.
  3. Has anyone tried The Shadows of Pygmalion?

    I've been reading through the demo, and so far my opinion is pretty mixed. I reached the scene were and the OP was shown. The first ~30 minutes were extremely weak, to the point that the VN seemed like some stupid fanfic made on a decent engine. It started with some weird exposition, which is pretty boring and pointless, because you won't be able to understand anything in it if you know nothing about the premise of the VN (like I did). Then it switched to a slice of life scene with 4 girls. Only 2 of them have sprites, but all are voiced. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like a weird way to introduce the characters. It took me quite some time just to understand which name corresponded to which girl, and this shouldn't have happened if the VN was better written and directed. Then it zoomed in on the face on one of the girls, and drawing of her face was clearly not meant to be seen in such a zoom. But then suddenly the VN became quite interesting. There's nothing amazing at this point, but the way they used mystery to lead to the main premise of the story was, I believe, done pretty well. I never felt like some scene dragged for two long, and I didn't feel like there were any pointless scenes. The part of the premise revealed at this point also seems quite interesting, though a bit cliche. I don't know, if the chuuni parts in the game are also done on a decent level, I'm definitely buying it.
  4. higurashi anime or vn

    I recommend the VN. Both the anime and the VN are pretty good, but for entirely different reasons. The anime (which I watched first) can be described as "OMG! Cute girls are torturing and murdering each other!" It leaves out quite a lot of little details, and the things that suffer the most are the character development and the mystery. For example, they turned the very first monologue from the VN, where the narrator describes how he feels as he has to kill someone he loved, into a 10-second long violent scene, and completely left out the second monologue. I understand that monologues don't transfer well into the anime format, but in this case both are essential. Actually, they created an entirely new arc at the beginning of the 2nd season to include some details which were left out earlier and actually important for the later arcs, but in the end it created quite a lot of mess. The VN however works worse as a horror, mostly because things are written and not shown.
  5. Strange line of thought if you ask me. Though, yeah, if you try to pander to the usual OELVN audience, A will most likely fit better. B however would look much more unique. Edit: On second thought, it mostly depends on the type of a visual novel you are trying to make.
  6. Well, if by the 'true ending' you mean the arc with this statement is technically true for me too. Mostly because I hated this part of the story, and kind of liked Mizuha route. The epilogue is great though.
  7. What are you playing?

    Good luck!You'll probably need it. I personally liked Clannad anime very much, and it was the main reason why I got into VNs in the first place. But when I tried reading the VN, it was so boring and unnecessarily long that I dropped it after finishing one route. I don't know, maybe it's a good idea to try it again.
  8. VN List: Kamige

    Well, isn't this still too subjective? Well, with my VN count I'm not really qualified to comment on this list, but even I can see that that there are some titles which include some major problems. Major enough to override all the artistic value they might have.
  9. What are you playing?

    Well, I kind of agree and disagree at the same time. As for the Vita additions... Well, it seems like a pretty bad idea. If the art is similar to what is shown on the cover, I'm not really looking forward to that. And also, Fata Morgana is a rare VN which would most likely lose quite a lot of its charm if it was voiced. (Another one IMO is Umineko, though it also gained a lot from them).
  10. What are you playing?

    Finished the main ending of Fata Morgana yesterday. In the end, this VN clearly exceeded my expectations. I expected a 6-7/10 VN when I purchased it, but in the end it became much more than that. I already praised it a lot, and I don't want to repeat my praises again. I just want to say, that this VN really shines through it's characters and their interactions, and if it weren't for that, all its other merits would be for naught. As for the flaws... Well, in the end, the only thing that really bothered me and remained valid to the end was that I often felt that the VN didn't try to maintain historical accuracy that much. I don't really know what to think of it, since history isn't really what this VN is about. On the other hand, I always thought that if you write about events that happened in the past of the world, clearly based of the real one, and not some generic fantasy world, you should try to make it as realistic as possible. Though I certainly don't know history that well, and maybe I'm finding flaws where there are none. In the end, I'm quite torn about how to rate this VN. It doesn't feel like it reached 10/10. On the other hand, I clearly enjoyed it more than some VNs I gave 9/10 to. So, for now I'll leave it at 9.5. I'll let this thought sink for a bit, and then decide either to move it down, together with some other VNs, or leave it at that level. Or, I don't know, maybe after so thought I start liking it even more, and then I'll move it up. Well, next I'm going to read some bad ends I missed, and then move to something else. I wanted to try Himawari after I finish it, but right now I'm probably going to hate whatever VN I try next, so maybe it's a good idea to stay away from VNs for a while.
  11. Google to save us from pixelation

    Why do I have a feeling that this turns out to be another Google Translate.
  12. What are you playing?

    So, in the end, even my craziest idea turned out to be not crazy enough. I just started the final door, by the way. And at this point I feel like I finally understand all the praise this VN gets. Characters are great, their interactions are even better. The overall plot and structure are great, and the mood, especially in the 6th and 7th chapters, is insane! Historical inaccuracies are, actually, noticeable sometimes, but I don't really care about them at this point, because this VN is certainly not about making the historical setting realistic as possible. Well, they even avoided directly mentioning countries' names, even though some of them are very guessable, and some others can be guessed after a bit of surfing on Wikipedia.
  13. What are you playing?

    So, Fata Morgana, again. I finished the fifth and started the sixth chapter and... it's great. I don't really read as many VNs as a lot of people on the forum, so it probably doesn't mean much, but I think it's the best VN I read... in a year, at least. There still are some minor problems that bug me, and maybe I'll properly write about them after I finish the game. But those problems are minor enough, so, I don't know, there still is a possibility that I decide to give it a 10/10 in the end. A bit of story spoilers. That's all I guess.
  14. Visual novel with voice

    Yeah, my story exactly. And after trying to read with voices for a bit, I returned to the unvoiced version, because voices of the main characters were very different from what I imagined them to be, and it really bugged me. ~~~~~ Back to the topic. I also recommend you to check several releases on VNDB, because there are often times, especially with older VNs, when some releases are voiced and some aren't. I think, it often happens, when the company didn't have the money to include the voices at first, but the VN got popular and sold very well. Some examples are Clannad and Fate/Stay Night. Also, sometimes voices get added only to releases on the platforms different from PC. In these cases you might want to check if there are any unofficial patches that add the voices to the PC version, like with the before-mentioned Umineko, or its sister series Higurashi. Note, however, that it is likely to happen only for the most popular VNs, as it requires a lot of work.
  15. Cross(insert cross) channel

    Also, you're on Kiri's route, did I understand that right? And the choice to start Miki's (see the spoiler below) doesn't appear? Well, I don't remember it that well since I finished the game several years ago, but I'm pretty sure that the game won't let you finish this route if you haven't finished Misato and Touko first. I recommend you to go through both of their routes once again and to make sure that you chose exactly the choices that are listed in the walkthough. If that still doesn't work, well, in case that the problem is something technical, uninstall the game, delete all your save data and try to do it again, using ctrl to skip through the parts you've already read. It would be much easier than trying to find the exact solution. Also, what exactly is your problem? Some choice doesn't appear, or what?
  16. Cross(insert cross) channel

    Are you sure you finished all the routes required before this one? I think, the order of the routes is more or less fixed in this VN.
  17. Root letter apparently sold 200k copies

    I don't know, is this information even reliable? Can this be a business trick to bust sales, or something like that?
  18. Spoil me - Tokyo Babel

    I think, you are actually only about 2 hours from the end, so it may be a good idea to actually finish it. I may be wrong though, I'm not sure I remember the order of events.
  19. What are you playing?

    How dare you, Fata Morgana!.. How dare you giving me hints, that my craziest idea might be correct!
  20. What are you playing?

    Thanks! I'll try them then.
  21. List of club-related VN

    Higurashi -- "playing games" club. Cross Channel -- radio club.
  22. What are you playing?

    Fata Morgana, finished chapter 4 and started chapter 5. Also, a small question to those who already finished the game. I managed to get the right option (well, I guess it was the right option) to the choice at the end of the 4th chapter on the first try, but I'm pretty curious about where other options lead. So, what do you think, should I finish the VN first, or try other options right now? Anyway, I'm finally completely hooked! I'm not sure about how much free time I have right now, but I am probably going to spend a bit more of it on this VN.
  23. 20% Off Coupon Shuffle Steam

    The same for me.
  24. Disappointing Endings

    Wait, what exactly didn't you like about it? Just curious.
  25. Disappointing Endings

    Well, other than Clannad (which I haven't finished btw, but saw the anime) we also have Little Busters, which also has a pretty shitty ending. It feels like Maeda just doesn't know how to end his stories. Well, recently I started to get a feeling that he doesn't even know how to write a proper story, without fully relying on 'feels'.