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  1. Visual novel with a depressed protagonist

    Well, from what I recall from The Crooked Man let's play I watched about 6 or 7 years ago, it as still pretty much an adventure game. But I digress.
  2. Summer Anime List of 2020 (UPDATED)

    Well, i may watch Re Zero. Eventually. I don't know, I enjoyed the first season, but I was never a particularly big fan of it, and it's been so long ago that I don't really care about it anymore. I wonder what they are going to do with the new Higurashi anime. Are they really going to make a complete remake, or is this going to be some new content? Complete remake would be interesting to see, considering that there were some problems with how things were adapted from the original VN, but it would be way too big of a project. Modern anime producers don't do something so ambitious unless they expect things to pay back. Though, I guess Higurashi already has its following, so who knows? Other than that, nothing seems even remotely interesting. I hope I just missed something.
  3. Visual novel with a depressed protagonist

    Well, Ame no Marginal kind of fits, perhaps? At least, the male protagonist is suicidal, and Rin also has some clear mental issues (not sure if she's actually depressed though). I guess there's also the very beginning of Memory's Dogma where the MC is suicidal after death of his lover, but it quickly gets forgotten (and the novel is quite a trash that tries to copy the Sci;Adv series, so I wouldn't really recommend it to begin with). Is this really a visual novel though? I haven't played it, but RPG Maker games of this kind are typically closer to classical adventure games. Admittedly, some of them may have little to no gameplay other than just walking, so they may be pretty similar.
  4. I'd say for me it's Erased. The first 3 episodes weer very atmospheric and pretty good overall, but after that it just turned bland. People say that it's a great show with an awful and predictable ending, but for me the meh part started way before the ending. Fushigi no Kuni no Shounen Alice is a manga that nobody ever talks about, and it has some awfully low rating on Mangaupdates, but I personally found it strangely fun. There isn't really any coherent story in it, neither there is any obvious hidden meaning, and it feels like some kind of a high trip. According to the last chapter, it looks like it's supposed to represent mental illness in some way. Still, somehow, it was really fun to read. I guess, my tastes are just that awful. Well, here's my personal unpopular opinion: there are quite a lot of really good isekais out there, especially comedies, but they rarely get noticed because, due to the abundance of awfully written escapist fantasies, they rarely ever get noticed by the general public.
  5. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    Well, I guess I actually have something to add. To elaborate, I agree with the points you make, and I thought about most of these things when I was reading, I can't really say my reactions about them were 100% the same. Well, that's it, I guess.
  6. What are you playing?

    Incidentally, I also tried reading this VN quite recently, and I effectively dropped after a few hours. The reason why I became interested in it in the first place is that I accidentally found an ending song on youtube and quite liked it, and after I looked it up on vndb, I liked the art and was intrigued by the story synopsis, so I decided to purchase it. Sadly, like you said, the game is just extremely boring. And I feel like the MC and all the heroes are just a combination of every annoying otome trope possible. Honestly, instead of continuing with this trash, I should probably just try reading Hakuoki. If I don't like it, I'll just assume that the otome genre is not for me and stop even considering playing them.
  7. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    Well, the description sounds pretty intriguing, and it's currently available for free, so I don't see why I shouldn't check this out! Also, The Twelve Kingdoms anime made me want to give more attention to older series, so I guess it's a good chance to start. As for Arifureta, actually, I think I agree with almost everything you wrote in your post, to the point where I have nothing to add. I guess, the only exception is that I more or less liked the action scenes. Also, I'm pretty sure you're also at volume 10, since some things you discuss only happen there. Yeah, I'm really glad they started to localize these types of stories! I personally don't really like weakling female MCs (which is probably the main reasons why I don't really enjoy actual otome games), but I definitely enjoy the stories where they are hardworking, even if they aren't that successful, actually. Well, otome stories tend to be pretty short in general, so you may want to wait before they are finished. Soap will only have 3 volumes, from what I've heard, and Shini Yasui will finish at 6, though the translation will most likely stop at volume 2 (doesn't really sound like your type of story anyway). I Refuse to Be Your Enemy has a similar length, and I don't know for sure, but I doubt the other stories I mentioned are much longer. Well, I hope they don't stop localizing these types o novels since there are still a lot of great and untouched ones! By the way, here's a picture from reddit, where the green triangles are the series that I really liked (and wish to see localized if it's possible), yellow rectangles are the series that I didn't really liked that much and dropped pretty early, but I thought about giving them another try at some point, and the red ellipses are the series that I didn't like, though, considering what you wrote, you might enjoy them a lot more than I did. Overall though, I feel like recently the LN publishers in general started to localize a lot more titles that cater to my tastes. When I just started about 2 years ago, I mostly just read fan-translations, despite many awful translations, simply because it was much easier to find a story I really liked. I'm glad that the situation changed, and now many of the stories I picked up back then are also getting translated! Actually, they also localized The Wild Last Boss Appears Again. I don't think I mentioned it in this thread, since I didn't get very far in the previous translation, but it seemed like a really interesting subversion of the "transferred into a MMO" genre.
  8. What Light Novel are you reading right now?

    Well, looks like it's time for a new update. Recently I've been looking through some shoujo novels published by J-novel club, and I had some pretty mixed reactions about them. I Refuse to Be Your Enemy. I've already read this novel as a fan-translation, but I dropped it back then because of some reasons unrelated to the quality of the novel itself. Overall though my impressions about it didn't change. It looks like a rather well-written fantasy story with good characters. There isn't really much else to say about this story from just one volume, but it definitely shows some good potential and may become one of my favorites. Tearmoon Empire. To be honest, I wasn't able to finish even the first volume, but it isn't really the fault of this novel. The problem is that it is a comedy of misunderstandings, and I feel like this type of comedy needs some very specific tastes to be enjoyed. I read a few other novels like that, but the problem is that I simply can't help but be irritated when due to some impossible odds every character ends up completely misinterpreting the MC's actions and believe that she is some kind of a genius saint, while in reality she's anything but. The White Cat's Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King's Lap. Well, I guess this works as a guilty pleasure, and I may even read the second volume. The story is cute and all... But, honestly, how this kind of trash even managed to get an official release, let alone the English translation? It's full of plot holes, all characters act like overgrown kids who create problems from nothing, and the MC is confirmed to be ridiculously OP early on (I mean, she can literally switch off magic in an entire country if she really wishes for it), but the next moment she is completely powerless. What the hell? I mean, if you make you characters OP, at least make them consistently OP. The Extraordinary, the Ordinary, and SOAP! Lol. Overall, it's basically just a cute shoujo fantasy story. There's nothing really amazing in it, but it's just consistently good, and the MC is pretty hardworking, which I always like. I personally enjoy this type of stories a lot and definitely going to finish it. Can Someone Please Explain What’s Going On?! Another cute shoujo with a hardworking MC. It started extremely boring, but got pretty okay by the middle of the volume. The only thing that I dislike, and which kind of makes me wonder if I really want to continue reading it, is the fact that the male lead is a bit of an asshole. Other than that, I've been following a few ongoing series, but I've already wrote about them in my earlier posts. Also, I just learned that one of my favorite web novels, Shini Yasui, also got picked up by J-novel by the name of Deathbound Duke's Daughter. Which is pretty crazy, considering that the light novel release in Japan has been on hiatus since 2017, but who knows, maybe this English release will give it enough momentum to continue. I've probably already mentioned these in some other posts, but I think it makes sense to repeat the main reasons why I love this novel. Putting it in the spoiler box for convenience.
  9. What Anime are you watching now?

    And so, I'm done with The Twelve Kingdoms. Well, that was definitely something. Actually, I don't think I've seen many fantasy anime inspired by the East Asian rather than Western culture. I think, so far this anime and Yona of the Dawn are the only ones. Well, the world where it takes place is really interesting. I mean, it's the first time when I see in fiction than children aren't born from a woman's womb, but grow on a tree. Overall, the world-building is rather vast, and the plot is interesting. While some of the characters, including the main protagonist, Youko, may seem a bit off-putting at first, all of them get a chance to develop. Sure, it's a bit overly dramatic, but it fits this type of setting quite well. There are four main arcs, and while there is an overarching story, each arc is more or less standalone. I only wish that they had replaced the fourth and the third arcs, since the ending of the third arc would be the ideal place to finish the anime. Ironically, my suggested order seems to be how it was in the original novel. I don't know why they decided to change the order, but it's seems like there were some plans to continue the anime, so maybe the reason is somehow related to that. Sadly, but it didn't happen. I'd say, it is a good 9/10. I guess, I should give more older fantasy anime a try, there may be some other gems among them. And maybe I should finally watch Shiki since it's by the same original author.
  10. any VN about world war?

    Aselia the Eternal
  11. Spring 2020 Anime Discussion

    Of course. It's an ongoing translation. And it's popular, so it's unlikely that they will drop it. Actually, I'm not even sure if the Japanese version of the LN is already finished. Otome isekais tend to be shorter than regular isekais, that usually continue before authors run out of ideas, but who knows. Edit. I looked it up a bit. Looks like there are currently 8 volumes in Japan. The translation of the 5th volume will be available on April 26th, and the 6th volume is already being translated. The original WN is complete, but since it has only 46 chapters, I'm pretty sure that the LN doesn't follow it directly. Otherwise it would already be finished after 2 to 4 volumes, depending on how long the chapters are.
  12. Fortune Arterial OP Plays as Black Screen

    When the same problem happened to me with a different VN, switching from the full screen to the windowed mode helped. That's a pretty common problem with running older games on new systems, and anything can cause that. You may try updating your graphics card driver or try reinstalling the video codecs, but there's no guarantee that it will help.
  13. Most obscure VN you'd like to see translated?

    There's this one, but, from what I know, it's pretty popular and far from being obscure. I don't know, there may be some other VN like that.
  14. Sakura no Mori Dreamer Release

    Sounds like a genius move. Now I can just ctrl-skip all h-scenes without it being paused to make some weird choice I don't even care about.
  15. 1080P Vns

    Fault Milestone 1 is in 4K iirc.
  16. Spring Anime List of 2020

    I personally have pretty mixed feelings about this one. It seems to be a pretty popular comedy with the protagonist too dumb to be alive, but when I gave the first few chapters of the WN a try (before it was officially localized), for some reason it just somehow didn't grab my attention, and it was the same with the first chapter of the manga. I thought about giving this story another try eventually, because a few chapters is hardly enough to give any story justice, and I guess, now is a good time for it. Still, I'm keeping my expectations low. On the other hand, I'm actually happy that these vilainess isekais started to get anime adaptations, because, even if most of them are just the same set of cliches repeated over and over again, I generally enjoy these types of stories more than you general RPG world isekais, because they are more focused on characters and their interactions, and there are quite a few genuinely good stories in this subgenre.
  17. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday to @Dergonu!
  18. What Anime are you watching now?

    So, I started watching The Twelve Kingdoms, a 2002 isekai anime, based on a light novel with the same name from 1992. You know, based on the first two episodes, so far it seems pretty amazing! It's strange that I had never heard about this anime until recently. You know, one of the interesting things when you watch old anime like that is how you recognize some tropes that still appear in the modern media, but are often handled a lot worse and turn into irritating cliches.
  19. Not much really changed for me since I mostly work from home anyway, but the lack of fresh air and physical activity is kind of negatively affecting my productivity. In the free time I'm mostly watching youtube and fantasizing about where I will travel after everything goes back to normal. Not really in the mood for anime or VNs right now, but I'll probably switch to them next week.
  20. Apparently I hate myself. Looking for more Nakige.

    Katahane fault series
  21. Summer Pockets is here!

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/897220/Summer_Pockets/ It's a bit later than they promised originally, but not by much. So, enjoy your time playing this!
  22. What are you playing?

    You really should. Chapters 5 to 7 are, imo, the best in the game, but they only work due to buildup of the first 4 chapters. The answer arcs only work if you still remember what questions are being answered. Incidentally, chapter 8 is currently in beta, so it's probably going to be released relatively soon. I hope they localize Rei too. From what I remember, their initial plans included Rei and Hou, but it was so, so long ago.
  23. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    I don't really need to look for new VNs at all anymore, since with my reading speed I will probably never be able to finish my huge backlog anyway. But, overall, I just find VNs on vndb or through a word of mouth, and read a few reviews or look through vndb tags to decide if I want to read them. Or I just buy them randomly and then start reading them in a few years.
  24. What are you playing?

    This sucks, but, in case you don't know, there are some companies that specialize in restoring data from broken hard drives. This might get pretty expensive though, depending on what exactly stopped working, and of course there's no guarantee that they will manage to restore everything. For example, they may not be able to restore the names of the files, which will make VNs unplayable. I tried to apply for their services once, but there was nothing really important on my broken hard drive, so the price just wasn't worth it.