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  1. What are you playing?

    Hmmm. Maybe I should just reread that part.
  2. Ooops, I guess, I just didn't understand your post, lol. But whatever. It wasn't very fitting counterexample to begin with.
  3. What are you playing?

    I mean, it would definitely be cool if they actually addressed the possibility. But I kind of understand why they didn't.
  4. I know, and I even mentioned that Higuirashi does fit his definition in my post (I still don't think Umineko does), but then, is this even a correct definition? Because I thought that this term generally means the classic route system: there's a male protagonist and several female romance options, and each of them has a separate route. Though, I guess, indeed, this doesn't really make sense in the context of this thread. I guess I'll just delete that part of my post.
  5. What are you playing?

    Or guys who just don't care about sexual content. Which kind of makes sense, since it's an eroge and is aimed at the male audience, but it's also one of the main reasons why it'll never become as popular in the West as a certain other VN everyone compares it to.
  6. I watched this specifically to see if you mentioned kusoge. Though you also missed yurige, I think. I'm not so sure if it's an established term, lol.
  7. What are you playing?

    On Totono
  8. Doki Doki Literature Cure Review

    Doki Doki Wonderful Cow.
  9. And, well, I guess I'm done with this VN. My thoughts: 1. 2. I need more denpa. 3. You fight like a cow. 4. I guess, while it may indeed be a bit better than that-one-vn, but the problem is that it's also a lot worse, if you know what I mean. 5. I'm pretty sure you'll hate it, @GXOALMD. Some heavy spoilers: 6. Eroge are dead. Long live otomege! 7. I hate 99% of all h-scenes in eroge, and I often skip them completely even when I'm playing an 18+ version, but somehow I actually liked the very first h-scene in Miyuki's route. But, well, it was the only h-scene in this entire VN that I liked. Seriously though, it was quite an interesting experience. It actually addressed some of my distaste towards certain VN/eroge tropes, which I had ever since I started playing my first VN in 2013. It's not really a "kamige" or anything like that, but interesting and novel enough for me to rate it as 9/10. I may lower this rating in the future after I think things through, but right now I think this VN deserves it. I hope I didn't spoil anything with my post (I tried to be as vague as possible), but in case you are still not spoiled on certain twists, which is pretty much impossible at this point, I recommend going in as blind as possible, since some of the well-known spoilers actually detract a lot from experience. PS. Though I actually agree that it probably needs content warning about certain content, maybe like Mangagamer did with Fata Morgana, where you have to open a separate webpage to read them. PPS.
  10. Well, I'm reading this right now, and it's pretty sick. I like it though. It's a shame that the fact that it constantly gets compared to the certain popular VN kills a lot of suspense. Admittedly, otherwise I doubt I would play it so soon after the translation came out.
  11. What are you playing?

    I personally haven't read the console exclusive arcs, but it seems to be common knowledge that most of them are pretty bad and aren't really worth reading. And they aren't really written by the same author anyway. The only real exceptions are the arcs based on manga-original arcs, written by Ryukishi: Onisarashi-hen and Yoigoshi-hen . (Here are the links to MU pages, but don't click on them before you finish chapter 3, there are SPOILERS in the description: 1 2). Onisarashi was heavily rewritten and split into two parts for the console release: Someutsushi-hen (the question arc) and Kageboushi-hen (the answer arc). From what I understand, Yoigoshi was included in the game as is. I don't really follow the fan-translation, so I don't know if these are already translated or not. I can't really talk about how they are in the game, but as for how my experience with the manga goes, Onisarashi is totally worth reading, while Yoigoshi is skippable. And I personally read them after I already finished the main game, and it was totally fine this way. Though I definitely wouldn't recommend reading them before chapter 6, for spoiler reasons. Someutsushi should be fine right after you finish chapter 3, since it was included with the first three chapters in the first part of the DS version.
  12. What are you playing?

    If my memory serves me right, each chapter is about 10-15 hours, with the exception of chapter 4, which is a lot shorter. Also, good luck with Higurashi! It's been years since I read it, but I think it's still one of my favorite VNs. Actually, I read it soon after I finished the anime, which was okay, but I can't say I liked it that much, but the fact that I already knew the story made me realize just how well constructed the story in Higurashi is. Everything makes sense in the end, and even small details in the beginning may hint to the bigger picture in the end. I will probably replay it myself at some point, now that the new translation is almost finished.
  13. What are you playing?

    I finished Enigma. It was okay, but not really as good as I expected. To be honest, I feel like this VN would be better if it had fewer endings. The way it is now, the route system is just way too confusing. From what I understand, it would probably be better if I skipped some of the endings, and technically, according to the walkthrough, only three are required to reach the true end. The problem is, there's no real indication in the game itself of what to play and what to skip. Usually when it comes to this type of mystery VNs it's better to read every single ending, because otherwise you may miss some crucial information. The problem is that the choice system is pretty complex, and it's easy to forget where you are in the story and what choice leads to what result. In the end, it just messes up the flow of the story. And it doesn't help that you can skip the ending credits, so I had to watch them 18 times for every non-true ending. As for the story itself, I guess, it was okay. There isn't anything amazing in it, but it's not a bad way to waste your time. The mystery is overall not very interesting, but the characters are pretty nice, with the exception of a certain annoying and, I guess, a musclehead who is there only to mess things up when the plot requires. I don't like that some aspects of the mystery were left unanswered, but, well, it's just personal preference. Also, nice troll: I'm giving it 6/10. Now, let's start Totono. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it, I've heard that there are some elements in the story that I'm not a fan of, but I hope they are done well.
  14. And there goes my dedication not to buy new games before I clear my backlog. As if I ever followed that dedication to begin with. Well, I'm already spoiled on this game due to a very old thread in this very forum, but I don't really care about spoilers that much as long as the actual buildup is good. Yeah, it's already available for me, even if it still says "pre-order".
  15. Mizuchi 白蛇心傳 (Yuri VN Review)

    Looks interesting. Wishlisted. Thank you for the review!
  16. From what I recall, previous games released by Frontwing in a similar fashion mentioned nothing. Though pretty much all Steam reviews did.
  17. VN with Twincest

    That's not what the OP asked for though...
  18. Not my type of VN, but it nice to see that Frontwing USA isn't completely dead.
  19. Need help changing game files for visual novels?

    Well, I think it should be allowed by the local rules if you purchase both copies of the game... Just do this: 1. Buy the 18+ version of the game and install it. 2. Open your Steam library. Install the game if it isn't installed. 3. Right click on the game in your Steam library. Choose manage->Browse files. This makes the Steam game folder open. 4. Make a backup copy of the exe. file in the folder you've opened. You may make the backup of the whole folder if you don't want to reinstall the whole game if nothing woks. 5. Find the folder where you installed the 18+ version of the game. Open the game folder, and copy ALL files and folders inside of it into the your Steam version game folder (the one that you opened in 3). Choose to replace all the files that have the same names, there should be a lot of them. 6. Try to start the Steam copy of the game. If everything works okay, then you've finished. Just uninstall the 18+ copy of the game, you don't need it anymore. 7. If it doesn't work, try copying the name of the game's exe. file, then delete the file and rename the backup file from 4 to match the name. If it still doesn't work, then it probably just doesn't work this way. Just reinstall the Steam copy if you want to make it work again.
  20. List of Single Heroine Visual Novels

    Eden (edit: actually, I think, the 18+ version has sex scenes with other girls, just for the sake of having them, but I don't know, the all ages version that I played clearly has only a single heroine) Gogatsu no Sora Ame no Marginal (borderline, there isn't really any romance, and the "heroine" quickly becomes the main protagonist) Overall though, I think having just a single heroine is pretty standard for smaller-scale doujin titles (I've seen a lot of them on vndb), so there should be quite a lot of untranslated VNs like that.
  21. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday, @Ranzo!
  22. Stuck inside my home and bored

    Well, if you liked Little Busters, you probably should play Clannad by the same developer, if you are okay with reading through this behemoth of the novel. Also, Air, but it's unavailable officially, you need to install the fan patch. Also, it's not really what you're asking for, but since you rated both Fault games highly, I'm adding a recommendation for the latest game from the same developers, Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell. It's a short fairy-tale-like story about the meaning of growing up. It's a lot shorter than the previous two games, and it but I personally found it pretty interesting, and also pretty impressive in a technical sense.
  23. This game doesn't have an English translation, you can only play it in Japanese. Just for the record, the Japanese digital edition is available, for example, here:
  24. I may be wrong, but, to be honest, this project seems way too ambitious for a starter project. Are you sure you do not want to start with some smaller and more easy to make project, simply to see how things work and to build some experience? As for your ideas. I have some trouble understanding how it will look in a complete project, but, overall, it depends on how exactly you are going to implement all of your ideas rather than what these ideas are. So far from I get the impression from your explanation that the first half of your game is going to be mostly raising sim-like, with little text and a lot of choices and interaction, and with the story introduced more in adventure game-style (through environment and dialogue), while the second part of your story is going to be more VN-like, with a lot less choices and a lot more narration, and entirely story-focused. That's not a very good structure, in my opinion, because such genre shift would alienate a lot of players. It would be a lot better if the second part also used some modification of the UI from the first part, and/or, rather than just introducing the characters, if the first part also included some long story segments, probably connected to the characters' backstories and why they were chosen to attend that university (or something like that). Anyway, I hope my criticism doesn't discourage you. Good luck!