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    monsterlady08 reacted to Rose in Sakura Angels Casting Audition   
    Go wild, boys. 
    Link to the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q_M1JVYGYfMqTThxle7nJbmCCptkccg31kykkKEMJZY/edit 
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    monsterlady08 reacted to Overlord87 in Who plans on playing Kara No Shoujo 2?   
    Since Innocent Grey is my favorite VN studio (the misteries, the atmosphere, the art style, the beautiful soundtrack), I'm definitely going to get this before the end of the year and play it during the Christmas holidays. I need something to balance all those good feelings and happiness
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    monsterlady08 reacted to Scorp in Who plans on playing Kara No Shoujo 2?   
    I completed it on japanese with machine translator year ago, got maybe 40% of the text, but plot I understood entirely. It is different from original KnS, so it is like Decay said, less thriller, more mystery and tricks. I plan to play the game, but did not decided, what I want to do first - finish remaining routes in Cartagra at last or play KnS2 (KnS2 works SO SLOW, especially intro movie, on my PC, so most probably I would play Cartagra first...).
    IIRC Sugina told that they will not work on KnS3 before they finish all 4 Flowers seasons... And as there is only 2 seasons completed... Well, I think would be not before 2020 (if would be at all, seeing the problems in japanese industry...).
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