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  1. I've only ever had two or three Maruyus, and I'm pretty sure I didn't give any of them to Kongou. :3
  2. I guess I'll post mine Kancolle style too. :3 No, it's not Yuudachi (the Poinu). O.o BURNING LOVE!!!!!
  3. A more formal welcome to Fuwa, I suppose, Yamihana. Hello. :3 I also spend most of my time in chat, so see you around there then. XD
  4. Hello, Zidan209, and welcome to Fuwa. You say that you've been very interested in VNs since you played your first one. What was your first one, if I may ask? :3
  5. Currently playing through Subarashiki Hibi and should have it done relatively soon. It'll be the first VN I've finished in a number of years now, so that's an accomplishment. After finishing that are choices: Dies irae, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Mahoutsukai no Yoru, or Sakura no Uta. Fun stuff.
  6. Welcome to Fuwa from a very new member. XD Yay for My Girlfriend is the President. I haven't played too much of it, but Puuchin yay~
  7. Thank you for the additional welcomes! Yay, a moe! As for how did I find out about VNs. A long time ago, a friend of mine (not Zealty :3) told me to play Tsukihime. So I did, and that became my first VN, and I've been a Type Moon fan ever since. It was interesting and it alerted me to the existence of VNs, but it wasn't like I wanted more of this particular medium or anything. As time went on, I watched more anime, many of which happened to have been based on VNs, which led to more curiosity about the medium, which then led to trying more VNs. =D
  8. Pretty much whenever he appeared and the topic turned to VNs, there was inevitably a "You should read SubaHibi" that came with it. It took a couple weeks or months or something, but yep, eventually he "kinda, sorta persuaded me" with that fateful, last "You should read SubaHibi." :3
  9. Wow, I think this is the largest amount of replies I've ever gotten for a forum introductory post. Thank you for all of the welcomes (and pois), and I will indeed enjoy my stay here, poi! I summon Zealtsy on the thread And I summon greeny on the thread Zealty is in fact the "friend of mine" who "kinda, sorta persuaded me" to join. XD Hello, Poinu! Welcome to the forums. I'm also the new kid around the block. (I also like to make visual novels for fun, so if you're ever interested in playing an English one, don't be afraid to let me know!) Also, in response to that poi... Kyun! Kyun! And I'll let you know, should I want to play one. :3 I found out about a translation in progress after I'd started, haha. I'll probably go through it again in translation when it finally comes out, but for now, why wait when I can just read it in Japanese? XD But I'm a poinu, poi. O.o
  10. Forum introductions again~ Hello everyone. I'm Poinu, poi! I was kinda, sorta persuaded to join this community by a friend of mine. Didn't really have any specific aims on where to start posting, if at all, so might as well go to the introductions section, I thought. In any case, I'm not exactly an avid VN player (I guess?), but I am working through Subarashiki Hibi at present and have a fair number lined up to read after that one. XD I read the majority of my VNs in Japanese, so it's fun times. So...yep. Poi! =D
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