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  1. Thanks for the recommendations I'll be looking into all of these. Most of these characters seem to shy or antisocial and I guess you can't really avoid that since being shy and insecure seems to go hand in hand, but what I am really looking for is a character whos outgoing but only is insecure about what she looks like. (If there isn't anything like it; are there any heroines who are considered ugly by the other heroines or the main character?)
  2. Hello, I'm not sure how to describe this lol but I'm looking for a insecure heroine who thinks she's ugly. Like a big part of her story and personality has to be about what she thinks of her looks. Anything like it? Doesn't have to be translated. Thank you and sorry if this has been asked before!
  3. Corpse party or Phenomeno might fit
  4. I actually got Duette, Duette 2 and Eien when i bought some key games off Yahoo auctions, with a bunch of other stuff. I still haven't gotten around playing them though, since they're all sealed.
  5. Thanks, I'll look into all of these! I've read saya, A lot of people seem to like Fata morgana so I guess I'll give it a shot.
  6. I'm looking for a (mindscrew) psychological horror vn, maybe like さよならを教えて~comment te dire adieu~? Is Moon. or 雫 any good? I started Chaos;Head a while ago but it's pretty boring so far... Both translated and japanese works.
  7. I've read both yurirei and the first two in flowers series, but i guess i'll continue with aki-hen. Tsukiyori looks quite interesting too... Thank you for the recommendations!
  8. Ah well I'm looking for the all girls/ojou school feel. Preferably not too much drama, I don't mind it though, I'm mostly looking for the all girls school/ojou setting. I don't really mind if it's trap or yuri or whatever. Translated or not, doesn't matter. I hope that helps at least a little? I've already read the sonohana series and Princess Evangile but Otoiro looks pretty good tho, so I'll check it out
  9. I'm looking for a vn similar to strawberry panic or maria sama ga miteru. It doesn't necessary need to be yuri. I guess maybe like otoboku? I haven't played it but it looks kinda similar! Thanks
  10. oh really? it looks pretty cute so i'll add it to my list :') the artstyle is quite decent too
  11. i've played kodoyuri! it is indeed cute. kindred spirits is on steam but i'm not sure if they removed the H scenes???
  12. Aoishiro looks good too, it's been on my wishlist for a while.
  13. Remembering how we met. looks good, i'll definitely play it, thanks!
  14. I'm looking for a lighthearted shoujo-ai visual novel, similar to Flowers Preferably non-H Both translated and japanese are ok! thanks!
  15. Hello Does anyone have any save files for Muv Luv Unlimited? I have finished Sumikas route in Extra (I got past the annoying crashes on the date :'P ) but it crashes on Meiyas ending credits. I've searched around a bit but all of the save files I've found aren't working.
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