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  1. I only read one route at a time. I personally get better immersed in the story and characters that way. For a VN I'm deeply engrossed in, I'll finish all routes one by one until I've read through the entire thing. Otherwise, I may have 2-3 VNs that I'll alternate between. For example, I'll finish one route in one, then finish one route in another etc.. I never read two routes at once.
  2. Playing Dragon Quest Builders atm, it's so addicting. I feel like I'm spending more time building my town than advancing the story.
  3. Funny thing is, the completed chinese patch for WA2 is full of translation mistakes. I did a comparison in the past, looking at the chinese and japanese scripts side by side (they're not mistakes that influence the overall story much, they're things here and there). Yet, it's still one of the most loved VNs in their VN community. I believe someone here mentioned it before, but it just goes to show that as long as some people enjoyed the translation, it's not worthless.
  4. Doesn't only apply for VNs, usually for all games I buy. I buy them the moment they're out (most of the time I pre-order them though), and then leave them sitting there until like a month or two later. Cuz I'm usually occupied with a game at any time, and I usually only play one game at a time. So my backlog ends up a bit long...
  5. The more you see japanese words, the more natural it'll become. You won't even have to think to recognize the kana or kanji. It's like the ABCs. It just takes time and lots of exposure to the language. I remember when I first started learning it in high school, it took me a couple of weeks to not have trouble telling the kana apart (things like め and ぬ). Over the years, it'll become like second nature and you'll be able to read japanese as fast as your native language. By the end of your learning, it's mostly just vocab you'll be working on once you get down the grammar. But first, most impor
  6. I hope either Dies Irae or Muramasa wins out in the end. I'm really interested in how he will translate those.
  7. Backlog with voices Skip to next option / Fast forward text Easy to use interface that doesn't take up too much space on the screen Fullscreen I think as long as there are those features, I'm happy.
  8. I laugh when I see things like this in official translations and then look at people bashing fan translations (and hoping for official translation by "professionals"). Obviously doesn't apply for all official translations, but whenever I see something like this, it's pretty disappointing.
  9. Going to start Subarashiki Hibi soon. I hear it's not for everyone, like you either love it or hate it. Here's hoping it'll fit my taste
  10. I pretty much always use a guide. Simply because I don't want to waste time getting into the bad ends over and over again. Especially if it's a 50+hr long VN with tons of routes. Reading 100% of a story in the least amount of time is my goal.
  11. Oh what I meant was you could tell those lines were from WA2 ^^ since there's no name or anything in those lines of text
  12. wow you guessed it from a few sentences XD but yes it's from white album 2
  13. いきなり拡がる街の景色に視界が追いつかず、少し頭がふらつく。 * 情けなくもふらつく頭を、無理やり逆療法で立て直し、明るくなった部屋の中をゆっくりと見回す。 あいつが脱ぎ捨てたのをぶつぶつ言いつつ、俺が畳んで枕元に置いたはずの着替え。 * あいつが全然嫌がらないのを罵りつつ、俺が洗って部屋の中に干したはずの下着類。 Need help with sentences with asterisk. Thanks much for all the help m(_ _)m I actually learn quite a bit seeing how other people translate certain sentences and express certain things.
  14. Please help again... this sentence is so long, I'm having trouble translating it without it becoming a run-on sentence. もう一人の寝ぼすけは、俺という暖房器具を引き剥がされたせいか、しばらくむずがっていたけれど、毛布をかぶるとすぐに安らかな寝息を立て始める this line came before the one above: 俺の体は、お互いの体温で温めあっていたせいか、ベッドの外の冷たい空気が気持ちよく感じるくらいに火照っていた。 thanks again!
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