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    Yo o/

    Thanks VirginSmasher. I guess you're skilled at advertising. Welcome too Lady Bernkastel (collector username). I read Higurashi no Naku Koro ni / kai who got a french physical edition. \o/ However, don't know if Ryukishi wrote on other VNs than Umineko/Higurashi. :v
  2. Jayzu

    Yo o/

    Thanks guys ! And all hail 07th Expansion ! \o/
  3. Jayzu

    Yo o/

    To be brief: just another one addicted to reading these japanese wonders for about 6 months. I also play JRPG and japanese rythm games. I eat noodles. 07th Expansion is my religion. Danganronpa is my waifu. Hope to have fun here. (Btw, french people raise your hand !)
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