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  1. I cant believe im reading this post. When i just receive my 1st serious anal toy, Progasm jr. , 2 days ago. Plus the fact that I havent visit fuwa forum in many many months. Yea I just started, but the newbie advice offered arent as simple as OP said. Kawasumi is probably one of those lucky and fast adaptor.
  2. Just reminded me about mine. Havent go claim yet. Hope there's no problem here.
  3. Just started the game and just had to put this comment somewhere. They really have to make leave out Mari and Shiho route just to make a fan disc for these 'sub'-heroines'? (Ok...earns more that way. But still, hope their routes isn't terrible.)
  4. I watched a lot of anime in the past before reading VN. Could understand simple dialogue and make out the meaning from translation programs. Since you have some chinese knowledge like me, it is simpler. After learning Hiragana and Katakana, and tried to study a bit of the kanji started reading VN. Knowledge seems fine, but I was stuck up with trying to read correctly per phrase, that's why I tried study kanji. But it came naturally while playing with voices that read out loud for you. P.S Forgot to mention, I self study. Not yet find time to take up courses. And welcome. Not telling you to
  5. I do agree, i tend to go back and forth but lately i've played too many grim and gore/dramatic vn's hence i'm taking a lil break from them to play something more light and moe oriented I've started Monobeno recently, would want to start Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate once I've finish the other 3 on my desktop.
  6. Can only recommend Cross Channel. When you have enough of fun and bright VN, this kind should come in alternately. The only other I've read from this list is 'Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru'.
  7. Your mother has the right idea. Its expensive, so she's saving you money. I don't want to stay leecher forever. I want to support games I like
  8. I'm just jealous to not able to make a room like yours!! Thanks to mum, I don't even have a single figurine/poster on display QQ
  9. Koihime Musou The VN is much better, no, Karin's route SKM is much better.
  10. Have been a fan of Key ever since watching Clannad. Although Jun Maeda's involvement wasn't much, Rewrite is my favourite. Each heroine route are somewhat sad or tragic creates deeper impact than many VNs I've read, especially Kotori's route which makes you curious about the other routes. As always good music at right timing changes the mood. Fun and jokes from Keys' works makes me laugh quite often. I had a month plus school break when I read it, lots of time.
  11. yes I do have a sister let me tell you the writers of any plot regarding incest do not have siblings xD Yes, that is totally my logic I have thought of. I also asked a friend with a younger sister before and he's response relates to 'grandmother' kind of PoV to even start as a opposite sex target. But reading something like this or watch Oreimo. Might be glad that I don't have a sister or not. I'll just keep imagining I have a cute younger sister Q.Q
  12. Inseki or non-blood related incest is also a thing for those who cannot who cannot handle the real incest. Also we need more YURI wincest especially twins. Too bad there's not a lot of them in vns but more in doujins... Twin sisters in a 69 position = Mmmm Hgnnnngghhhhh!!!! *faints* non-blood related is the same for me i just dont like the idea of 2 persons that they know they have a family relation fucking each-other now if we talk about yuri im all in but that's prob because i just enjoy yuri regardless of anything Can I know if you have siblings? Especially sister?
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