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  1. Nop, this will only lead to exhausting yourself and losing motivation for any kind of workout.
  2. I have feeling Aselia was way more balanced in terms of story/combat. Seinarukana has way too much combat and it really starts to become boring and repetitive also I'm currently in chapter 5 and it's I don't know but it's starting to feel like chore I might stall this one or drop it altogether.
  3. Try to make folder and copy files from disc/image. Then try to start installation from folder?
  4. I finished ep. 1, I know I'm little due to the party but I have to say this ep. is pretty solid. But there ARE 'some' problem's with translation, ending was pretty easy to predict and there are no voices. How is ep. 2 compared to ep. 1 storywise? I mean as I see translation is definitely worse (Maybe they are following some path and ep. 3. will be in giberish?)
  5. OP probably didn't imagine conversation going this way. lol
  6. I'm not saying he is best example, he acted like ass at first but he mostly helped them with their problems. My free opinion you don't have to agree.
  7. I consider kajitsu a good game.. It has one of the wittiest comedy I have seen in VN medium. Also it seems like author took inspiration from Golgo 13 they are almost identical except Yuuyi shows emotions through his interaction with girls.
  8. It's hard to pick only 3 because there are many of the good ones.. But if I really had to choose. 1. Kamidori Alchemy Meister 2. Ace Attorney 3 3. Daibanchou
  9. So full game will be 15GB? That's some high resolutions/plenty of artwork.. Anyway I really enjoyed Ayakashibito(from the same writer) so hype is real..
  10. Chaos;Head , I enjoyed it much more than 999.
  11. Having lot's of time on my hands I'm currently playing two VN's(or you could say stalling) Noble Works - It was pretty fun at beginning(had similar feel to princess evangile) but it started to fail when entering routes maybe it was because I was expecting high dose of comedy and drama like in PE. Hanachirasu - Had similar vibe compared to Kikokugai but I'm not sure action scenes currently don't feel so intense compared to Kikokugai also it feels like it's production values were a bit low.
  12. Probably official release but there is already patch with PS3 graphics.
  13. It's pretty much similar except VN has more SoL stuff. Umineko is in same universe as higurashi but they don't have any connections except one or two lines makes reference to it so you are good to go.
  14. Chaos;Head, Umineko, Higurashi, Phenomeno? You should probably check these, I read same stuff you read and I enjoyed the ones mentioned.
  15. 1. Grisaia no Kajitsu 2. Chaos;Head 3. Rewrite 4. G-senjou no Maou 5. Ayakashibito
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