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    bigfatround0 reacted to *anoyoruniyakusokushita for a blog entry, Offensive ableist expressions you are probably using on your daily life   
    So, as the poll doesn't seem to give me an answer any time soon, I decided to start with this one.
    For those who don't know, ableist means prejudice against those with disabilities. As most people in society are able-bodied, disabled people, as a minority, have to cope with toxic words and expressions that hurt them. By saying this words in a negative way, you are basically saying that disabled people are inferior. It's the same as using 'gay' as an insult. As those expressions are by no means necessary, we all can police ourselves in order to avoid them. 
    Also, when I say 'ableist expressions', I'm not saying those who use them are ableist. Most people aren't even aware of the ableist connotations, so they aren't the ones to fault, society is.
    Here are some of the expressions and why they are ableist:
    1. Blinded by ignorance, fear, etc. (offends blind people)
    2. Crazy (offends people with mental diseases)
    3. Cripple (a very offensive word for people with physical disabilities)
    4. Dumb (refers to deaf people, or individuals with communication disorders)
    5. Idiot (intellectual disabilities)
    6. Imbecile (same as 5)
    7. Lame (offends people who have mobility disabilities)
    8. Stupid (same as 5)
    9. Moron (same as 5)
    10. Nuts (same as 5)
    11. Psycho (same as 5)
    12. Retarded (same as 5)
    13. Special needs (an euphemism that is actually offensive. It's better to use the word "disabled")
    There are, of course, many other offensive expressions, unfortunately. But this list is just to give you an idea in hope to convince you be more careful with your words from now on.
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    bigfatround0 reacted to littleshogun for a blog entry, Rollback Review   
    Visual Novel Translation Status (07/02/2016)
    So my blogpost for last VNTS Review here was victim of rollback. Boooooooo...... (Better make my backup for next VNTS Review later, just in case something like this will happen again).
    Okay, for the title since we face rollback, the meaning should be obvious of course. I will not review the possibility of riot in here or why rollback could be happen (This is 2nd time I face it. The first time was at January), other than the fact that I lost 20 of my post here. And if we face rollback agan, I'll make the title VNTS Review '2nd Rollback', '3rd Rollback', and so on. Now this VNTS might be not accurate because I just try to recall it but here goes. For AX announcement, since my thread was also got hit by rollback, I'll write my thought on this blog instead later.
    There's nothing too exciting from Sekai progress, and right now I'm waiting for their AX announcement (For useless info, right now it's morning here). Anyway, for roundup we had 2236 at 87.83% translated, Nashville fully translated, Memory Dogma 66.34% translated, and Chrono Clock 24.19% translated (Slight update from 23.9% translation progress back at Saturday).
    For fan translation, first of all let me said congratulation once again to both of SupremeTentacle and Chuee for their completion at Astral Air translation, and thanks to both of you for giving stable translation progress (Before forgot, we also had Irotoridori 13% edited). Koiken Otome was at 96.77% QC right now, so hopefully it wouldn't be long for the release. We also had first progress from Witch Garden translation with the new team (Luna Translation), and for the progress it was 62% translated, 4% edited, and 5% TLC. And for other Luna project here (Majokoi) we had 21% translated and 11% edited. Bishoujo Mangekyou, we had 22.9% progress in editing. From Tsui Yuri we had 43% translation progress and 40% editing progress. We also had Hanasaki progress here with Hikari route 26% translated. For Tsuki no Yorisou (Tsukiyori) we had Luna route 16% translated.
    Finally, we also had surprise here. We had Daitoshokan translation became active again. Hopefully this time they will finish it and break August Curse (The August Curse mean that all August game will be not fully translated). For the progress, it was also surprisingly quite big, and almost complete (89.82% translation and 77.07% edited).
    That's all for my first emergency VNTS Review because of rollback. If I miss some progress here I'm sorry and let me know here. See you in Saturday (Or Sunday) again.
    Edit (7/7) - VNTS Page already aback, so I'll give the link above as usual. And I forgot to said that there's 3 release for this week VNTS (KARAKARA, Tomoyo After, and SoniComi).
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