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    Apart from that, I'm interested in creative writing, and I'm studying it at my university in Australia.

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  1. UPDATE: Okay, for some reason, after installing a K-Lite Codec Pack it started working just fine. Weird, it didn't seem like a problem caused by that. Anyway, feel free to close this thread.
  2. Seems fine according to that. Minus the minor window(s) that appear at 5:55 after starting the game.
  3. To be safe, I just reinstalled it again. Yet, even with the same files as you, it still doesn't run. In fact, even without the patch, it doesn't run. Which is weird. I was ready to dump this as a Windows 10 problem, but it's funny, I've managed to get the original Majikoi and it's A-1, A-2 to work on here. It's just S that's doing this. Yet, the difference between the programs is that Maji1 and the A discs manage to actually become active apps (as NeXAS), while S stays as a background process. Still, thanks for your help.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Yes to the first two points. No crack errors, and I confirmed that it's in the Japanese region. As for a photo. Here. Hopefully, the link works, Photobucket was acting like an ass. https://ibb.co/dgXrY6
  5. Unfortunately, anti-virus is fine with it, and I've allowed it through the firewall, but nothing still happens.
  6. So recently I wanted to visit a personal classic, Majikoi S, and finish some of the routes I didn't get to. So I installed it, got the crack, patch, and all that stuff. Yet, when I click the application to open it, nothing happens. No game nor window. But one strange thing, "NeXAS (32 bit)" appears in background processes. So something is happening, and something is blocking it. I feel that this is happening because of my recent new PC and it's Win 10 'upgrade'. So if anyone knows how to fix it, that would be awesome. ...It's just my luck that Windows 10 kills this and the Galaxy Angel series. EDIT: I should also mention that compatibility mode doesn't work too. EDIT 2: Also should mention that Majikoi (not s), Majikoi A-1/2 all work.
  7. That's Ben Stiller. Or, in case calling Ben Stiller "Jim Carrey" is a meme I'm not getting, I apologize. Back on topic: Looks like something by Key, so 4/10. Ah, yeah, my bad. I accidentally mixed the two, they're weirdly similar... at least in my mind. Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll give a 7.5 to your avatar. I like the style, and love the whole white/black side thing.
  8. Ben Stiller/Ben Stiller. Kidding, but I'll give a 5. I don't know who it is, and I can't see the face that well.
  9. Best girl/Best girl. Someone clearly knows who the best girl is in Kira*Kira. Did I mentioned that she's best girl?
  10. I just finished Onani Master Kurosawa. Yes, that title is pretty damn strange, and it fits it rather well, yet the actual manga is rather nice. Goes rather dark, still, I thought it was interesting for a short, little manga.
  11. StormShaun

    RIP []

    Well, that sucks. I hope other sites don't go down with it. As for myself, I use []. I have no idea how others view it, but I have been using it ever since I've started to watch anime (since my terrible To Love Ru days). Sure, it might be easier to torrent stuff, but I prefer streaming it. If you do plan to visit the site, do as the others say, use AdBlock.
  12. Hard to say. Most likely similar to Sunohara's ending in Clannad. No, not that one. The ending where they're basically best friends. It was the same for me, I got myself a best friend after many years of... hate. So it was all good, the annoying part is that I didn't get any girl's end, because I was in a all-boys school, and I'm not the person to get that kind of ending.
  13. I pledged for a physical copy, so I'm waiting on that. As for hype, sure, mostly for the physical edition and all the extras I bought along with it. When I want to play the VN again, I'm sure I'll be hyped. While I did prefer the anime, the VN has so many good moments that were never in the anime. Overall, as a huge Clannad fan, I am certainly hyped.
  14. A rather basic layout, but I think the actual wallpaper makes up for that. Girls with guns make everything cooler.
  15. I've had a couple of waifus over the years. There was Holo, and Kud. Funnily enough, those were my second and third waifu. Now I've realized the error of my ways, and that I've returned to my true waifu! Mint Blancmanche
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