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  1. Thank you for your information Down! Out of the informations on the front page, I imagine Imabi would be a pretty good cheat sheet for me I'm glad you decide to post that Shared Deck of yours on the front page of this thread as well. This thread has been immensely helpful! I wish I would've found this thread on it's conception 2 years ago Thanks for the help Deep Blue. Thank you for the warm welcome as well. My Kanji is not good, but I think my vocabulary is already past N5, and maybe slightly past N4. Which is why I seek Down's flashcard.
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome! This is going to sound crazy to some of you but, White Album 2. #It's_going_to_get_real!
  3. I stumbled upon this forum probably a couple days ago. I read one or three tutorials on this website so far regarding Japanese language. I decided to make an account here because I have some questions regarding some threads I've read. I live in a heavily-censored internet country so it's not easy finding an international forum from internet search result. Took me >a couple days on and off to gather clues and keywords from local search result to tailor-made a specific search results that circumvent the censorship and made me able to find this forum. I finished an anime a few weeks ag
  4. Hi Down! I cross-post this post of yours from another thread...
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