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  1. You guys don't know how much all these replies I've gotten will encourage me in the future. Thank you so so much guys! I'll hang in there. :')
  2. I’m so very sorry in advance for this incredibly long wall of text I’m in my last semester, and am about to graduate soon. You know how things are when you’re about to graduate: hectic, tons of exams and tons of stuffs that you need to sort out. For a background, I’m not exactly the brightest person in my class – I’m a loner, and I’m just not exactly the best in engaging with any form of face-to-face communication. I have anxiety disorder and I get panic attacks at school sometimes thanks to the overwhelming anxiety and how I’m paranoid 24/7. Thanks to this, I’m perceived as
  3. This would happen everytime I open the game. Anyone have a solution for this? Would be very much appreciated ><
  4. Doesn't seem like those two titles, but thanks though haha
  5. So there was this really old manga that I read like years ago... almost a decade ago I think. It was about detective and stuffs, so the main character is this young innocent boy called Leo iirc and also an oneesan with big boobs...and black, long hair I think. This young boy actually had a split personality or smth?? Like he somehow goes batshit, and it somehow activates whenever he sees this oneesan's boobs when being exposed. I just can't remember the title somehow... does anyone know? That's pretty much all I could remember lol.
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