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  1. Just curious, why do you have to explain Deadpool to yer mum?
  2. Only trope I actually hate is the good old "Oblivious to love". Sure you gotta wade through the common route somehow. Sure there might be a harem and you can't exactly lock after three scenes. It's justified in some cases, but I found these to be on the slim side. Say yes, say no, but don't pussyfoot around things for too long. Bottom line, I don't like half-assed characters.
  3. https://vndb.org/v10793 So there I was. Sitting on the bus, coming home from work, thinking about various things. Normal things. Like VNs featuring sisters exclusively, for whatever reason. (Let us not get bogged down in the nuances of morality and such.) So for whatever reason, I made a little roll call in my head, just passing the time, when it hit me. Here are the siblings' names, from oldest to youngest: Izumi - Mikoto - Tomoka - Kazuya - Yae - Ema So there you have it, better buy some tinfoil next time you visit the mall. Better not poke your
  4. The memories come flooding back. Started using a walkthrough after my third death tho.
  5. Ooookay so they managed to ship me the actual worst keychain out of 20 or so variants. (One page of the artbook lists them.) Yamagata. Why.
  6. THIS. OST. HNNNGH. The Way Home by Magic Sword is my personal fav.
  7. Time to necro this up. So the game is out, anyone had a chance to feel the waters? I'm tempted to buy it, not on release cost though. ...we won't be getting Gold localized huh?
  8. Everything in moderation please, no shrines. Also, creepy monitor-feeding. Unless it's Analogue 2.
  9. First one I've seen and knew that it was a VN? Yosuga no Sora. First one read? Tsukihime. ...and that's how my dark journey began.
  10. Some pretty good tunes right there. Still prefer This Illusion myself, for sheer feel values. One of the Vita UBW openings had some really nice music too, but I can't seem to find it.
  11. dreams.exe has stopped working. you can laugh this off, or be a man and actually translate it right now.
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